Evil Petting Zoo

Evil Petting Zoo

Owner Info
Owner: Joe Mueller & Patrick Duffy


Franchise History
1999Evil Petting Zoo joined the league. With a record of 11-2, the Evil Petting Zoo were Eastern Division Champions. They had a bye in the first round of the playoffs, but lost in the second round to the Greasy Weasels 103-92.

Franchise Stats


Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
Most points for team (season)10061999
Least points for team (season)10061999
Most points against (season)8111999
Least points against (season)8111999
Most wins (season)111999
Least wins (season)111999

Individual Season Records

Season RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points for a QB (season)209Doug Flutie1999
Most points for a RB (season)152Duce Staley1999
Most points for a WR (season)116Terry Glenn1999
Most points for a TE (season)77Rickey Dudley1999
Most points for a K (season)101Jason Elam1999
Most points for a C (season)24BUF Coach1999
Most points for a Def (season)75MIA Def1999

Weekly Records

Weekly RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points scored team (game)92 week 5/1999
Least points scored team (game)57 week 6/1999
Most points scored by QB (game)25Doug Flutieweek 5/1999
Most points scored by RB (game)25James Stewartweek 11/1999
Most points scored by WR (game)27Terry Glennweek 4/1999
Most points scored by TE (game)18Rickey Dudleyweek 12/1999
Most points scored by K (game)15Jason Elamweek 11/1999
Most points scored by Def (game)9MIA Defweek 1/1999
 9CHI Defweek 3/1999

Postseason Records

Postseason RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points scored team (playoff game)92 1999
Least points scored team (playoff game)92 1999
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)19Doug Flutie1999
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)20Fred Taylor1999
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)17Qadry Ismail1999
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)3Rickey Dudley1999
Most points scored by K (playoff game)13Jason Elam1999
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)6MIA Def1999

Record vs. Other Teams

Greasy Weasels1-00-1
Elvis Impersonators1-0 
Squishy Fuzz1-0 
Vinny's Gang1-0 
The Something Stupids1-0 
The Wondrful Gazonks0-1 
Skittle Burn1-0 
Sizzlin' Sluts1-0 
Tainted Twizzlers1-0 
Hot Buttered Moose Nuts1-0 
The Undergarments1-0 
Caped Crusaders0-1 

1999 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDoug FlutieBUFDrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
QBRob JohnsonBUFDrafted 13th round, 171st overall.
QBJeff GarciaSFDrafted 19th round, 254th overall.
QBJim HarbaughSDPicked up week 3, Waived week 8.
QBEric ZeierTBPicked up week 8, Waived week 9.
RBTerry AllenNEDrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
RBTravis JerveySFDrafted 8th round, 110th overall. Waived week 3.
RBDavid PalmerMINDrafted 12th round, 166th overall. Waived week 1.
RBJames StewartJACDrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
RBFred TaylorJACDrafted 1st round, 3rd overall.
RBDuce StaleyPHIDrafted 4th round, 54th overall.
WRTerry GlennNEDrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
WRCharles JohnsonPHIDrafted 10th round, 138th overall.
WRPat JohnsonBALDrafted 18th round, 249th overall. Waived week 4.
WRTerance MathisATLDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
WRPeerless PriceBUFDrafted 15th round, 199th overall.
WRKeith PooleNOPicked up week 4.
TERickey DudleyOAKDrafted 6th round, 82nd overall.
TEIrv SmithCLEDrafted 16th round, 222nd overall. On IR week 4.
KJason ElamDENDrafted 7th round, 87th overall.
KKris BrownPITPicked up week 4.
DefMiami DefMIADrafted 9th round, 115th overall.
DefChicago DefCHIPicked up week 1.
CBuffalo CoachBUFDrafted 17th round, 227th overall.

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