Hot Buttered Moose Nuts

Owner Info
Owner: Jeremy Griffith
From: Moorhead, MN
Phone #: 218-287-2559

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Franchise History
1999The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts joined the league. With a record of 7-6, the Hot Buttered Moose Nuts finished third place in the Central Division and failed to make the playoffs.
2000The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts had a record of 9-4 which was good enough for second in the Eastern Division. They made the playoffs for the first time, but got beat by The Undergarments 97-112.
2001The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts finished 7-6, third place in the Central Division, and failed to make the playoffs.
2002The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts had a good year. They finished second in the Central Division with a 10-6 record. They got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by the Elvis Impersonators 104-53.
2003The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts finished second in the Central Division with a 9-6-1 record. They made the playoffs, but were unable to make it past the first round yet again. They lost in the first round to Vinny's Gang 86-94.
2004The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts had their worst year to date. They finished last in the Central Division with a 1-15 record.
2005The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts had another bad year. It was their second 1 win season in a row. They finished last in the Central Division with a 1-14-1 record.
2006It was another terrible season for the Hot Buttered Moose Nuts. It was their third straight season with only one win. They finished last in the Central Division with a 1-15 record.
2007It was the best season ever for the Hot Buttered Moose Nuts. They did get more wins in their 2002 season, but they won their first playoff game this year. After winning three games in three years, they finished with a 9-7 record and were second in the Central Division. They beat Vinny's Gang in the first round of the playoffs, but then lost to the Greasy Weasels 92-40 in the second round.
2008After winning their first playoff game last season, the Hot Buttered Moose Nuts fell back into their one win a year pattern of their three previous seasons. They finished in last place in the Central Division with a record of 1-14-1.
2009The Hot Buttered Moose Nuts made a vast improvement on last season, but still finished last in the Central Division with a 5-11 record.
2010Hot Buttered Moose Nuts finished in last place in the South Division with a 5-11 record.

Franchise Stats



YearKeeper 1 (pick given up)Keeper 2 (pick given up)Keeper 3 (pick given up)
2016Rashad Jennings (6th)Alex Smith (8th)
2014Peyton Manning (1st)Matt Forte (1st)
2012Peyton Manning (1st)
2011Peyton Manning (1st)Chad Ochocinco (3rd)
2010Peyton Manning (1st)Chad Ochocinco (4th)Mike Sims-Walker (8th)
2009Chester Taylor (3rd)Eli Manning (6th)
2008Joseph Addai (1st)Chester Taylor (4th)
2007Joseph Addai (2nd)
2006Ben Roethlisberger (1st)Randy McMichael (5th)
2004Daunte Culpepper (1st)
2003Daunte CulpepperTorry Holt
2002Daunte Culpepper

Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
*13 game season. 16 game seasons started in 2002. 13 game seasons started again in 2012.
Most points for team (season)12982002
Least points for team (season)6962015
Most points against (season)13572008
Least points against (season)859*1999
Most wins (season)102002
Least wins (season)1'04,'05,'06,'08,'11

Individual Season Records

Most points for a QB (season)
330Peyton Manning2013
299Daunte Culpepper2004
290Peyton Manning2014
285Daunte Culpepper2000
259Carson Wentz2017
Most points for a RB (season)
202Travis Henry2002
183Matt Forte2013
179LeSean McCoy2010
178Joseph Addai2007
174LeSean McCoy2016
Most points for a WR (season)
194Torry Holt2003
183Randy Moss2000
172Cris Carter1999
154Derrick Alexander2000
153Tim Brown2001
Most points for a TE (season)
110Wesley Walls1999
107Antonio Gates2014
101Dallas Clark2007
98Shannon Sharpe2000
91Brent Celek2009
Most points for a K (season)
131Matt Bryant2016
123David Akers2009
121Matt Prater2017
120Adam Vinatieri2013
118Rob Bironas2008
Most points for a C (season)
30IND Coach2007
30MIN Coach2017
27NE Coach2014
24BAL Coach2001
24DAL Coach2003
24SF Coach2013
24MIN Coach2015
24DET Coach2016
Most points for a Def (season)
112TB Def2000
87PHI Def2008
83DEN Def2013
83SEA Def2015
81PHI Def2002

Weekly Records

Most points scored team (game)
119 Week 9/2000
115 Week 10/2000
112 Week 5/2012
108 Week 13/2000
108 Week 2/2010
Least points scored team (game)
16 Week 4/2004
16 Week 4/2005
24 Week 10/2007
29 Week 8/2011
32 Week 11/1999
Most points scored by QB (game)
44Peyton ManningWeek 1/2013
38Peyton ManningWeek 5/2013
37Daunte CulpepperWeek 5/2004
37Daunte CulpepperWeek 6/2004
35Daunte CulpepperWeek 5/2001
35Peyton ManningWeek 13/2013
35Peyton ManningWeek 5/2014
Most points scored by RB (game)
44Joseph AddaiWeek 12/2006
37Chester TaylorWeek 11/2007
34Travis HenryWeek 1/2002
32LeSean McCoyWeek 6/2016
30LeSean McCoyWeek 2/2010
Most points scored by WR (game)
36Amani ToomerWeek 13/1999
34Randy MossWeek 5/2000
32Cris CarterWeek 10/1999
32Plaxico BurressWeek 1/2007
31Marques ColstonWeek 5/2012
Most points scored by TE (game)
33Shannon SharpeWeek 7/2002
19Ed DicksonWeek 10/2011
18Shannon SharpeWeek 10/2000
18Dallas ClarkWeek 13/2007
18Kyle RudolphWeek 12/2017
Most points scored by K (game)
24Kai ForbathWeek 7/2017
23Sebastian JanikowskiWeek 12/2011
20Sebastian JanikowskiWeek 5/2011
20Adam VinatieriWeek 13/2013
20Justin TuckerWeek 8/2015
Most points scored by Def (game)
25Min DefWeek 10/2005
23NE DefWeek 6/1999
21TB DefWeek 2/2000
19PHI DefWeek 13/2002
17PIT DefWeek 2/2010
17SEA DefWeek 1/2015

Postseason Records

Most points scored team (playoff game)
97 Round 1/2000
96Round 1/2007
86 Round 1/2003
80 Round 2/2013
53Round 1/2002
Least points scored team (playoff game)
40Round 2/2007
53 Round 1/2002
86 Round 1/2003
80 Round 2/2013
96Round 1/2007
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)
22Daunte CulpepperRound 1/2003
20Peyton ManningRound 2/2013
17Daunte CulpepperRound 1/2002
17Philip RiversRound 1/2007
13Daunte CulpepperRound 1/2000
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)
34Warrick DunnRound 1/2000
25Joseph AddaiRound 1/2007
23Kevan BarlowRound 1/2003
18Chester TaylorRound 1/2007
12Matt ForteRound 2/2013
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)
20Derrick AlexanderRound 1/2000
19Plaxico Burress Round 1/2007
17Marty BookerRound 1/2003
10Marty BookerRound 1/2002
6Torrey SmithRound 2/2013
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)
14Tim WrightRound 2/2013
3Christian FauriaRound 1/2002
1Dallas ClarkRound 1/2007
Most points scored by K (playoff game)
13Adam VinatieriRound 2/2013
11Ryan LongwellRound 1/2007
9Martin GramaticaRound 1/2000
8Ryan LongwellRound 2/2007
4Jay FeelyRound 1/2002
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)
12TB DefRound 1/2000
12MIN DefRound 1/2003
7PHI DefRound 1/2002
2DEN DefRound 2/2013
1PIT DefRound 2/2007

Record vs. Other Teams

Greasy Weasels6-130-1
Elvis Impersonators7-100-2
Squishy Fuzz5-12-1
Vinny's Gang7-121-1
The Undergarments5-150-1
The Wondrful Gazonks12-17
Bad Attitudes7-12-1
The Slim Shaggys8-9
Twee Twerps / Tainted Twizzlers6-17
The Hellfish5-11
Grid Iron Bullies6-12
October Hunters4-1
San Quentin Saints4-10
Skittle Burn/The Helper Monkeys1-1
Palolo Valley Tide2-2
Sizzlin' Sluts0-1
The Something Stupids1-0
Trent's Coat Mafia2-0
Evil Petting Zoo0-1
Caped Crusaders1-0

2016 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBStafford, MatthewDETDrafted 3rd round, 41st overall.
QBSmith, AlexKCKeeper. Picked up week 8 in 2015.
RBMcCoy, LeSeanBUFDrafted 1st round, 13th overall.
RBJennings, RashadNYGKeeper. Drafted 7th round, 86th overall in 2015.
RBWhite, JamesNEDrafted 9th round, 125th overall.
RBHightower, TimNODrafted 15th round, 209th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRNelson, JordyGBDrafted 2nd round, 16th overall.
WRTate, GoldenDETDrafted 4th round, 44th overall.
WRJackson, VincentTBDrafted 7th round, 97th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRMatthews, RishardTENDrafted 13th round, 181st overall. Dropped week 4.
WRWright, JariusMINDrafted 16th round, 212th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRRoyal, EddieCHIPicked up week 4.
TEThomas, JuliusJACDrafted 5th round, 69th overall.
TETye, WillNYGDrafted 11th round, 153rd overall.
KBoswell, ChrisPITDrafted 10th round, 128th overall.
KBryant, MattATLDrafted 17th round, 237th overall.
DefColts, IndianapolisINDDrafted 12th round, 156th overall.
DefSteelers, PittsburghPITDrafted 18th round, 240th overall.
CZimmer, MikeMINDrafted 14th round, 184th overall.
CCaldwell, JimDETDrafted 19th round, 265th overall.

2015 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBManning, PeytonDENDrafted 2nd round, 27th overall.
QBGriffin III, RobertWASDrafted 13th round, 170th overall. Dropped week 4.
QBMallett, RyanHOU-BALPicked up week 4. Dropped week 8.
QBSmith, AlexKCPicked up week 8.
RBLynch, MarshawnSEADrafted 1st round, 2nd overall.
RBBell, JoiqueDETDrafted 3rd round, 30th overall. Dropped week 10.
RBJennings, RashadNYGDrafted 7th round, 86th overall.
RBSmith, Antone CHIDrafted 8th round, 111th overall. Dropped week 4.
RBReece, MarcelOALPicked up week 10.
WRWhite, RoddyATLDrafted 5th round, 58th overall.
WRJackson, DeSeanWASDrafted 6th round, 83rd overall. Dropped week 6.
WRWright, JariusMINDrafted 10th round, 139th overall. Dropped week 6.
WRLee, MarqiseJACDrafted 15th round, 198th overall. Dropped week 6.
WRHardy, Justin (R)ATLDrafted 18th round, 251st overall. Dropped week 4.
WRKearse, JermaineSEAPicked up week 6.
WRRandle, RuebenNYGPicked up week 6.
TEThomas, JuliusJACDrafted 4th round, 55th overall. On IR week 4. Off IR week 5.
TEEbron, EricDETDrafted 11th round, 142nd overall. On IR week 5. Off IR week 6.
KTucker, JustinBALDrafted 12th round, 167th overall.
KCarpenter, DanBUFDrafted 16th round, 223rd overall.
DefSeahawks, SeattleSEADrafted 9th round, 114th overall.
DefBengals, CincinnatiCINDrafted 17th round, 226th overall.
CZimmer, MikeMINDrafted 14th round, 195th overall.
CHarbaugh, JohnBALDrafted 19th round, 254th overall. Dropped week 4.

2014 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBManning, PeytonDENKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 14th overall in 2013.
QBCassel, MattMINDrafted 12th round, 168th overall. Dropped week 4.
QBFitzpatrick, RyanHOUPicked up week 4.
RBForte, MattCHIKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 15th overall in 2013. To Bad Attitudes week 9.
RBWoodhead, DannySDDrafted 4th round, 56th overall. On IR week 6.
RBJones-Drew, MauriceOAKDrafted 7th round, 85th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBRodgers, JacquizzATLDrafted 14th round, 196th overall.
RBThomas, DanielMIADrafted 19th round, 253rd overall. Dropped week 3.
RBAsiata, MattMINPicked up week 9.
RBHelu, RoyWASPicked up week 9. Dropped week 10.
RBReaves, DarrinCARFrom Bad Attitudes week 9. Dropped week 10.
RBGerhart, TobyJACPicked up week 10.
WRBoldin, AnquanSFDrafted 3rd round, 29th overall.
WRWayne, ReggieINDDrafted 6th round, 84th overall.
WRHunter, JustinTENDrafted 8th round, 112th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRHawkins, AndrewCLEDrafted 13th round, 169th overall.
WRMarshall, BrandonCHIFrom Elvis Impersonators week 6.
TEWitten, JasonDALDrafted 5th round, 57th overall.
TEBennett, MartellusCHIDrafted 9th round, 113th overall. To Elvis Impersonators week 6.
TERudolph, KyleMINFrom Elvis Impersonators week 6. On IR week 10. Dropped week 11.
TEGates, AntonioSDFrom Bad Attitudes week 9.
KWalsh, BlairMINDrafted 10th round, 140th overall.
KSuccop, RyanTENDrafted 16th round, 224th overall. Dropped week 9.
KGano, GrahamCARPicked up week 10.
CBelichick, BillNEDrafted 17th round, 225th overall.
CTomlin, MikePITDrafted 18th round, 252nd overall.
Def49ers, San FranciscoSFDrafted 11th round, 141st overall.
DefBuccaneers, Tampa BayTBDrafted 15th round, 197th overall. Dropped week 9.

2013 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPeyton ManningDENDrafted 1st round, 14th overall.
QBJoe FlaccoBALDrafted 8th round, 99th overall.
QBVince YoungGBDrafted 19th round, 266th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBMatt ForteCHIDrafted 2nd round, 15th overall.
RBDarren McFaddenOAKDrafted 3rd round, 42nd overall.
RBBen TateHOUDrafted 9th round, 126th overall.
RBPierre ThomasNODrafted 15th round, 210th overall.
RBDuJuan HarrisGBDrafted 17th round, 238th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRTorrey SmithBALDrafted 4th round, 43rd overall.
WRMike WilliamsTBDrafted 5th round, 70th overall. On IR week 12.
WRSteve SmithCARDrafted 7th round, 98th overall.
WRKendall WrightTENDrafted 13th round, 182nd overall.
WRDarrius Heyward-BeyINDDrafted 16th round, 211th overall. Dropped week 9.
TEKyle RudolphMINDrafted 6th round, 71st overall. On IR week 12.
TEBrandon PettigrewDETDrafted 11th round, 154th overall.
TEJake BallardNEDrafted 18th round, 239th overall. Dropped week 3.
TETim Wright (R)TBPicked up week 12.
KSebastian JanikowskiOAKDrafted 10th round, 127th overall.
KAdam VinatieriINDPicked up week 12.
CSF CoachSFDrafted 14th round, 183rd overall.
DefDEN DefDENDrafted 12th round, 155th overall.
DefCLE DefCLEPicked up week 9.

2012 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPeyton ManningDENKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 5th overall in 2009.
QBKevin KolbARIDrafted 12th round, 165th overall. Dropped week 8.
QBBrandon Weeden (R)CLEPicked up week 7.
RBAhmad BradshawNYGDrafted 2nd round, 25th overall.
RBKevin SmithDETDrafted 5th round, 60th overall.
RBCedric BensonGBDrafted 7th round, 88th overall. On IR week 7.
RBJordan TodmanJACDrafted 19th round, 256th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJackie BattleSDPicked up week 9.
WRMarques ColstonNODrafted 3rd round, 32nd overall.
WRDeSean JacksonPHIDrafted 6th round, 81st overall.
WRGreg LittleCLEDrafted 8th round, 109th overall.
WRNate BurlesonDETDrafted 17th round, 228th overall. On IR week 8.
TEBrent CelekPHIDrafted 4th round, 53rd overall.
TECoby Fleener (R)INDDrafted 10th round, 137th overall.
TETony MoeakiKCDrafted 16th round, 221st overall. Dropped week 3.
KStephen GostkowskiNEDrafted 9th round, 116th overall.
KOlindo MareCHIDrafted 14th round, 193rd overall. Dropped week 3.
KPhil DawsonCLEPicked up week 9.
CNE CoachNEDrafted 13th round, 172nd overall.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 18th round, 249th overall.
DefCLE DefCLEDrafted 11th round, 144th overall.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 15th round, 200th overall.

2011 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPeyton ManningINDKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 5th overall in 2009.
QBMark SanchezNYJDrafted 8th round, 102nd overall.
QBJoe WebbMINDrafted 19th round, 263rd overall. Dropped week 6.
QBRex GrossmanWASPicked up week 4.
QBJay CutlerCHIFrom Elvis Impersonators week 6.
RBMatt ForteCHIDrafted 2nd round, 18th overall. To Elvis Impersonators week 6.
RBC.J. SpillerBUFDrafted 6th round, 74th overall.
RBRashad JenningsJACDrafted 12th round, 158th overall. Dropped week 4.
RBToby GerhartMINDrafted 14th round, 186th overall.
RBPeyton HillisCLEFrom Elvis Impersonators week 6.
WRChad OchocincoNEKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 61st overall in 2009. Dropped week 6.
WRSidney RiceSEADrafted 4th round, 46th overall.
WRJacoby FordOAKDrafted 7th round, 95th overall. Dropped week 4.
WRTorrey Smith (R)BALDrafted 13th round, 179th overall.
WRSteve JohnsonBUFFrom Elvis Impersonators week 6.
TEVisanthe ShiancoeMINDrafted 5th round, 67th overall.
TEZach MillerJACDrafted 9th round, 123rd overall. Dropped week 6.
TEEd DicksonBALFrom Elvis Impersonators week 6.
KSebastian JanikowskiOAKDrafted 10th round, 130th overall.
KJosh ScobeeJACDrafted 16th round, 214th overall.
CLeslie FrazierMINDrafted 15th round, 207th overall.
CLovie SmithCHIDrafted 18th round, 242nd overall. Dropped week 7.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 11th round, 151st overall.
DefTB DefTBDrafted 17th round, 235th overall. Dropped week 4.
DefCAR DefCARPicked up week 7.

2010 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPeyton ManningINDKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 5th overall in 2009.
QBDonovan McNabbWASDrafted 7th round, 94th overall.
QBJoe Webb (R)MINDrafted 17th round, 234th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBLeSean McCoyPHIDrafted 2nd round, 19th overall.
RBChester TaylorCHIDrafted 5th round, 66th overall.
RBWillis McGaheeBALDrafted 9th round, 122nd overall.
RBKevin SmithDETDrafted 10th round, 131st overall. Dropped week 3.
RBMewelde MoorePITDrafted 15th round, 206th overall.
WRChad OchocincoCINKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 61st overall in 2009.
WRRobert MeachemNODrafted 6th round, 75th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRMike Sims-WalkerJACKeeper. Drafted 15th round, 201st overall in 2009.
WRDeion BranchNEDrafted 16th round, 215th overall.
TEVisanthe ShiancoeMINDrafted 3rd round, 38th overall.
TEHeath MillerPITDrafted 11th round, 150th overall.
KGarrett HartleyNODrafted 12th round, 159th overall.
KJason HansonDETDrafted 18th round, 243rd overall.
CBrad ChildressMINDrafted 14th round, 187th overall. Dropped week 12.
CLeslie FrazierMINPicked up week 12.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 13th round, 178th overall.
DefIND DefINDDrafted 19th round, 262nd overall.

2009 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPeyton ManningINDDrafted 1st round 5th overall.
QBEli ManningNYGKeeper. Drafted 7th round, 91st overall in 2008.
QBTarvaris JacksonMINDrafted 19th round, 257th overall. Dropped week 3.
QBJosh JohnsonTBPicked up week 6. Dropped week 8.
RBChester TaylorMINKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 64th overall in 2007.
RBJamal LewisCLEDrafted 4th round, 52nd overall.
RBFred TaylorNEDrafted 9th round, 117th overall. On IR week 6.
RBLadell BettsWASDrafted 14th round, 192nd overall.
RBLamont JordanDENDrafted 18th round, 248th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJason SnellingATLPicked up week 8. Dropped week 9.
RBMewelde MoorePITPicked up week 9.
WRT.J. HoushmandzadehSEADrafted 2nd round, 24th overall.
WRChad OchocincoCINDrafted 5th round, 61st overall.
WRMuhsin MuhammadCARDrafted 10th round, 136th overall.
WRMike Sims-WalkerJACDrafted 15th round, 201st overall.
WRDeion BranchSEADrafted 17th round, 229th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEBrent CelekPHIDrafted 8th round, 108th overall.
TEMarcedes LewisJACDrafted 13th round, 173rd overall.
KDavid AkersPHIDrafted 7th round, 89th overall.
KMatt BryantATLDrafted 16th round, 220th overall. Dropped week 3.
KMatt PraterDENPicked up week 4. Dropped week 10.
CBill BelichickNEDrafted 12th round, 164th overall.
DefNYG DefNYGDrafted 11th round, 145th overall.
DefCIN DefCINPicked up week 10.

2008 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBCarson PalmerCINDrafted 2nd round, 22nd overall. Dropped week 8.
QBEli ManningNYGDrafted 7th round, 91st overall.
QBJohn David Booty (R)MINDrafted 17th round, 231st overall. Dropped week 3.
QBJoe Flacco (R)BALPicked up week 8.
RBJoseph AddaiINDKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 37th overall in 2006. Traded to San Quentin Saints week 2.
RBChester TaylorMINKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 64th overall in 2007.
RBMichael BushOAKDrafted 8th round, 106th overall. Dropped week 8.
RBMarcus ThomasSDDrafted 15th round, 203rd overall. Dropped week 3.
RBEdgerrin JamesARIFrom San Quentin Saints week 2.
RBPatrick CobbsMIAPicked up week 8.
WRWes WelkerNEDrafted 3rd round, 35th overall.
WRHines WardPITDrafted 5th round, 63rd overall.
WRSidney RIceMINDrafted 9th round, 119th overall.
WRDerek AbneyFADrafted 16th round, 218th overall. Dropped week 2.
WRDwayne BoweKCFrom San Quentin Saints week 2.
TETodd HeapBALDrafted 6th round, 78th overall.
TEBen WatsonNEDrafted 13th round, 175th overall. Dropped week 9.
TEAnthony FasanoMIAPicked up week 9.
KRob BironasTENDrafted 10th round, 134th overall.
KDavid AkersPHIDrafted 14th round, 190th overall.
CNE CoachNEDrafted 12th round, 162nd overall.
CCHI CoachCHIDrafted 19th round, 259th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 11th round, 147th overall.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 18th round, 246th overall.

2007 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTarvaris JacksonMINDrafted 1st round, 8th overall.
QBPhilip RiversSDDrafted 7th round, 92nd overall.
QBDamon HuardKCDrafted 18th round, 245th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJoseph AddaiINDKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 37th overall in 2006.
RBChester TaylorMINDrafted 5th round, 64th overall.
RBLorenzo Booker (R)MIADrafted 9th round, 120th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBMusa SmithBALDrafted 15th round, 204th overall.
WRPlaxico BurressNYGDrafted 3rd round, 36th overall.
WRDarrell JacksonSFDrafted 6th round, 77th overall. Dropped week 7.
WRJerry PorterOAKDrafted 8th round, 105th overall.
WRSidney Rice (R)MINDrafted 14th round, 189th overall. Dropped week 3. Picked up week 7.
TEAlge CrumplerATLDrafted 4th round, 49th overall.
TEDallas ClarkINDDrafted 10th round, 133rd overall.
KJoe NedneySFDrafted 11th round, 148th overall.
KRyan LongwellMINDrafted 16th round, 217th overall.
CIND CoachINDDrafted 13th round, 176th overall.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 19th round, 260th overall.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 12th round, 161st overall.
DefCIN DefCINDrafted 17th round, 232nd overall.

2006 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBen RoethlisbergerPITKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 6th overall 2005.
QBDrew BreesNODrafted 9th round, 121st overall.
RBJoseph Addai (R)INDDrafted 3rd round, 37th overall.
RBChris BrownTENDrafted 6th round, 76th overall.
RBMike AndersonBALDrafted 8th round, 104th overall.
RBSammy MorrisMIADrafted 14th round, 188th overall.
RBMack StrongSEADrafted 19th round, 261st overall.
WRAnquan BoldinARIDrafted 2nd round, 20th overall.
WRRod SmithDENDrafted 4th round, 48th overall.
WREddie KennisonKCDrafted 7th round, 93rd overall.
WRDante HallKCDrafted 13th round, 177th overall.
WRTravis TaylorMINDrafted 16th round, 216th overall.
TERandy McMichaelMIAKeeper. Drafted 6th round, 79th overall 2005.
TEBen TroupeTENDrafted 10th round, 132nd overall.
KJay FeelyNYGDrafted 11th round, 149th overall.
KMartin GramaticaDALDrafted 17th round, 233rd overall.
DefTB DefTBDrafted 12th round, 160th overall.
DefCIN DefCINDrafted 18th round, 244th overall.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 15th round, 205th overall.

2005 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBen RoethlisbergerPITDrafted 1st round, 6th overall.
QBJoey HarringtonDETDrafted 8th round, 107th overall.
RBTatum BellDENDrafted 2nd round, 23rd overall. To Bad Attitudes week 9.
RBDuce StaleyPITDrafted 7th round, 90th overall.
RBCorrell BuckhalterPHIDrafted 11th round, 146th overall.
RBWilliam GreenCLEDrafted 15th round, 202nd overall.
RBLadell BettsWASDrafted 19th round, 258th overall.
RBJerome BettisPITFrom Bad Attitudes week 9.
RBMarcel ShippARIFrom Bad Attitudes week 9.
WRHines WardPITDrafted 3rd round, 34th overall. To Bad Attitudes week 9.
WRIsaac BruceSTLDrafted 4th round, 51st overall.
WRDerrick MasonBALDrafted 5th round, 62nd overall.
WRMarty BookerMIADrafted 13th round, 174th overall.
WRAz-zahir HakimDETFrom Bad Attitudes week 9.
TERandy McMichaelMIADrafted 6th round, 79th overall.
TEBen TroupeTENDrafted 14th round, 191st overall.
KJason ElamDENDrafted 10th round, 135th overall.
KOlindo MareMIADrafted 17th round, 230rd overall.
CCLE CoachCLEDrafted 12th round, 163rd overall.
DefMIN DefMINDrafted 9th round, 118th overall.
DefDEN DefDENDrafted 16th round, 219th overall.

2004 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDaunte CulpepperMINKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 2nd overall 2001.
QBTommy MaddoxPITDrafted 8th round, 79th overall. Dropped week 4.
QBA.J. FeeleyMIAPicked up week 4.
RBMoe WilliamsMINDrafted 2nd round, 10th overall.
RBCorrell BuckhalterPHIDrafted 6th round, 60th overall. On IR week 4.
RBMike AlstottTBDrafted 9th round, 83rd overall.
RBMack StrongSEADrafted 16th round, 188th overall.
WRKeenan McCardellTB/SDDrafted 3rd round, 15th overall.
WRSteve SmithCARDrafted 4th round, 33rd overall.
WRMarty BookerMIADrafted 10th round, 104th overall.
WRMarcus RobinsonMINDrafted 14th round, 160th overall.
WRJohnnie MorantOAKDrafted 19th round, 223rd overall.
TEJim KleinsasserMINDrafted 5th round, 40th overall. On IR week 4. Dropped week 4.
TEDaniel GrahamNEDrafted 12th round, 132nd overall.
TEDesmond ClarkCHIDrafted 17th round, 195th overall.
TEGeorge WrighsterJACPicked up week 4.
KMike VanderjagtINDDrafted 7th round, 64th overall.
KPaul EdingerCHIDrafted 13th round, 139th overall.
CDET CoachDETDrafted 15th round, 167th overall.
DefMIN DefMINDrafted 11th round, 111th overall.
DefSD DefSDDrafted 18th round, 216th overall.

2003 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDaunte CulpepperMINKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 2nd overall 2001.
QBJake PlummerDENDrafted 5th round, 67th overall.
RBMoe WilliamsMINDrafted 1st round, 11th overall.
RBKevan BarlowSFDrafted 2nd round, 18th overall.
RBRobert HolcombeTENDrafted 8th round, 102nd overall.
WRTorry HoltSTLKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 13th overall 2002.
WRMarty BookerCHIDrafted 3rd round, 39th overall.
WRTim BrownOAKDrafted 6th round, 74th overall.
WRJoe JureviciusTBDrafted 12th round, 158th overall.
WRKeenan McCardellTBDrafted 13th round, 179th overall.
WRMarcus RobinsonBALDrafted 16th round, 214th overall.
TEDoug JolleyOAKDrafted 4th round, 46th overall.
TEJim KleinsasserMINDrafted 9th round, 123rd overall.
KMartin GramaticaTBDrafted 7th round, 95th overall.
KSteve ChristieSDDrafted 11th round, 150th overall.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 10th round, 130th overall.
DefMIN DefMINDrafted 14th round, 186th overall.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 15th round, 207th overall.
CDAL CoachDALDrafted 17th round, 235th overall.

2002 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDaunte CulpepperMINKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 2nd overall 2001.
QBChris WeinkeCARDrafted 7th round, 97th overall.
QBSpergon WynnMINDrafted 16th round, 212th overall. Dropped week 4.
QBRodney PeeteCARPicked up week 4.
RBTravis HenryBUFDrafted 2nd round, 16th overall.
RBMike AndersonDENDrafted 5th round, 69th overall.
RBTony RichardsonKCDrafted 9th round, 125th overall.
RBLuke StaleyDETDrafted 15th round, 209th overall. Dropped week 9.
RBKenny WatsonWASPicked up week 9.
WRTorry HoltSTLDrafted 1st round, 13th overall.
WRMarty BookerCHIDrafted 3rd round, 41st overall.
WRKevin DysonTENDrafted 8th round, 100th overall.
WRWayne ChrebetNYJDrafted 10th round, 128th overall.
WRRaghib IsmailDALDrafted 18th round, 240th overall.
TEShannon SharpeDENDrafted 4th round, 44th overall.
TEDavid SloanNODrafted 6th round, 72nd overall. Dropped week 9.
TEChristian FauriaNEPicked up week 9.
KKris BrownHOUDrafted 12th round, 156th overall.
KJay FeelyATLDrafted 14th round, 184th overall.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 11th round, 153rd overall.
DefMIN DefMINDrafted 17th round, 237th overall.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 13th round, 181st overall.

2001 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDaunte CulpepperMINDrafted 1st round, 2nd overall.
QBJay FiedlerMIADrafted 11th round, 142nd overall.
RBMike AlstottTBDrafted 4th round, 55th overall.
RBKevan BarlowSFDrafted 6th round, 83rd overall.
RBMoe WilliamsMIN/BALDrafted 9th round, 114th overall.
RBJ.J. JohnsonMIADrafted 14th round, 195th overall.
RBBarry SandersFADrafted 19th round, 254th overall. Waived week 3.
WRCris CarterMINDrafted 2nd round, 27th overall.
WRTim BrownOAKDrafted 5th round, 58th overall.
WRCurtis ConwaySDDrafted 8th round, 111th overall.
WRPeerless PriceBUFDrafted 12th round, 167th overall.
WRQuincy MorganCLEDrafted 15th round, 198th overall.
WRSean DawkinsJACDrafted 17th round, 226th overall.
TEShannon SharpeBALDrafted 3rd round, 30th overall.
TERickey DudleyCLEDrafted 10th round, 139th overall.
KJason ElamDENDrafted 7th round, 86th overall.
KJohn MarkhamNYGDrafted 18th round, 251st overall.
DefTEN DefTENDrafted 13th round, 170th overall.
DefMIN DefMINPicked up week 3.
CBAL CoachBALDrafted 16th round, 223rd overall.

2000 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDaunte CulpepperMINDrafted 3rd round, 37th overall.
QBCharlie BatchDETDrafted 8th round, 104th overall.
QBTodd BoumanMINDrafted 17th round, 233rd overall.
RBJamal AndersonATLDrafted 2nd round, 20th overall.
RBWarrick DunnTBDrafted 6th round, 76th overall.
RBTerry KirbyCLEDrafted 11th round, 149th overall.
RBMike CloudKCDrafted 13th round, 177th overall.
RBBarry SandersFADrafted 19th round, 261st overall.
WRRandy MossMINDrafted 1st round, 9th overall.
WRDerrick MayesSEADrafted 4th round, 48th overall.
WRDerrick AlexanderKCDrafted 9th round, 121st overall.
WRJaquez GreenTBDrafted 14th round, 188th overall.
TEShannon SharpeBALDrafted 5th round, 65th overall.
TEKyle BradyJACDrafted 12th round, 160th overall.
KMartin GramaticaTBDrafted 7th round, 93rd overall.
KJohn CarneySDDrafted 15th round, 205th overall.
DefTB DefTBDrafted 10th round, 132nd overall.
DefDAL DefDALDrafted 18th round, 244th overall.
CTB CoachTBDrafted 16th round, 216th overall.

1999 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBRandall CunninghamMINDrafted 1st round, 11th overall.
QBTrent DilferTBDrafted 9th round, 123rd overall.
RBKarim Abdul-JabbarMIA/CLEDrafted 6th round, 74th overall.
RBMike AlstottTBDrafted 3rd round, 39th overall.
RBRashaan SalaamOAK/CLEDrafted 11th round, 151st overall.
RBThurman ThomasBUFDrafted 15th round, 207th overall.
WRReggie BarlowJACDrafted 19th round, 262nd overall.
WRCris CarterMINDrafted 2nd round, 18th overall.
WRHerman MooreDETDrafted 4th round, 46th overall.
WRJerome PathonINDDrafted 16th round, 214th overall.
WRAndre RisonKCDrafted 7th round, 95th overall.
WRAmani ToomerNYGDrafted 10th round, 130th overall.
TEAndrew GloverMINDrafted 8th round, 102nd overall.
TEWesley WallsCARDrafted 5th round, 67th overall.
KSteve ChristieBUFDrafted 12th round, 158th overall.
KJeff JaegerCHIDrafted 17th round, 235th overall.
DefNE DefNEDrafted 13th round, 179th overall.
CNO CoachNODrafted 18th round, 242nd overall.
CNYJ CoachNYJDrafted 14th round, 186th overall.

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