League Info

League Info

The UFFLE was formed in 1992. It consisted of two team, Greasy Weasels, owned by Mason Mannie, and Elvis Impersonators, owned by Brandon Mannie. The two teams would compete weekly against each other. Stats from those games no longer exist. Those games were like weekly all-star games, but the early wrinkles in the league were being ironed out.

1993 was another year of Greasy Weasels and Elvis Impersonators playing each other. After this year the league was looking to expand.

In 1994 the league added four teams, The The, owned by Mike, Top Scorers, owned by Chad, Mighty Ballcrushers, owned by Paul, and Savage Cannibals owned by Corey. The first Fantasy Bowl was also held that year won by the Greasy Weasels.

The same six teams were in the league for another year. The Fantasy Bowl II winner was the Greasy Weasels. They were the first team to win back-to-back Fantasy Bowls.

Many changes took place in the 1996 season. The Top Scorers and The The dropped out of the league. Then the league added four teams to make it an eight-team league consisting of two divisions of four. The four teams it added were, Squishy Fuzz, owned by Scott Stanina, Flaming Moogles, owned by Mark “Shaggy” Olson, Terry’s Team, owned by yep you guessed it, Terry, and #1 Super Guys, owned by Mike Notsch. Fantasy Bowl III was won by the Savage Cannibals.

Three more teams were added in 1997, and Terry’s team dropped out, to make it a ten-team league with two division of five. The three teams added were the Broncos, owned by Scott H, Lobos De Trasero, owned by Mike P, and Vinny’s Gang, owned by, nope you didn’t guess it this time, Jon Steffan (Vinny is his middle name in case you were wondering). Stats from this season are still around, so from this point on extensive records of the league exist. The Flaming Moogles changed their name to the Flaming Bastards and it must have brought them good luck. The Flaming Bastards won Fantasy Bowl IV 79-70 vs. the Greasy Weasels.

The league had it biggest change in 1998. Five teams dropped out, but seven teams were added. The league was up to twelve teams with two divisions of six. The five teams that dropped out were the Broncos, Lobos De Trasero, #1 Super Guys, Mighty Ballcrushers, and the Savage Cannibals. The seven teams added were the Tainted Twizzlers, owned by Bobby “Flip” Filipy, Sizzlin’ Sluts, owned my Josh Newman, Skittle Burn, owned by Brian Stangl, The Wondrful Gazonks, owned my Josh “Hosh” Vadnais, Z-Squad, owned by Mike Grosz, The Something Stupids, owned by Kelly Johnson, and the Raging Alcoholics, owned by Jamie Kringlie. The quote of the season was from Brian Stangl, the owner of Skittle Burn. After the draft was through he said “I have the best team in the league”. He later would regret it after his team finished with a record of 5-8. He still to this day denies ever saying it. The Flaming Bastards also had a disappointing season. After winning Fantasy Bowl IV the year before, and drafting Randy Moss, it looked like the Flaming Bastards would repeat as champions. After winning their fist game it was all downhill from there and the Flaming Bastards finished with a dismal record of 2-11. This was also the first year a team went unbeaten throughout the regular season. The Elvis Impersonators finished with a record of 12-0-1, but they were beat by The Wondrful Gazonks in Fantasy Bowl V 80-42.

Two teams dropped out and four teams were added. The league is up to fourteen teams and at its max. There are three divisions, two of five teams and one of four. The teams that dropped out were the Raging Alcoholics, and the Flaming Bastards. The four teams that were added were, Hot Buttered Moose Nuts, owned by Jeremy Griffith, The Undergarments, owned by Eric Overgaard, Evil Petting Zoo, owned by Joe Mueller & Patrick Duffy, and the Caped Crusaders, owned by Rory Tieman. Fantasy Bowl VI winner was The Wondrful Gazonks. They beat the Greasy Weasels 117-64 to be the second team to win back-to-back Fantasy Bowls. After the season the Skittle Burn changed their name to the Spam Bandits.

Five teams dropped out this year and we got five more to replace them. Spam Bandits, Caped Crusaders, Evil Petting Zoo, Sizzlin’ Sluts, and The Something Stupids all dropped out. The Something Stupids say they will be back next year. Bad Attitudes owned by Steve Spickenreuther, Trent’s Coat Mafia owned by Craig Branby, Tubby Bitches owned by Brandon Dahl, Biznatchers owned by Eddie Perret, and The Slim Shaggys owned by Mark “Shaggy” Olson all joined the league. The Slim Shaggys were previous known as the Flaming Bastards and are back in the league after a one year absence. Fantasy Bowl VII winner was Elvis Impersonators with an 82-63 win over Squishy Fuzz. It was the first Fantasy Bowl win for Elvis Impersonators and their second appearance. It was the first Fantasy Bowl appearance for Squishy Fuzz.

This is the first year of the keeper league and permanent divisions. Four teams dropped out and we got four more team to replace them. Biznatchers, Tainted Twizzlers, Tubby Bitches, and Trent’s Coat Mafia all dropped out. They were replaced by The Hellfish owned by Wade Iverson, Palolo Valley Tide, owned by Andy Hansen, San Quentin Saints owned by Sean Boggess, and The Helper Monkeys owned by Brian Stangl. Fantasy Bowl VIII winner was The Undergarments with an 85-70 win over The Helper Monkeys. It was the first Fantasy Bowl appearance for both teams.

Just lost one team this year. The Helper Monkeys dropped out and were replaced by the Grid Iron Bullies owned by Eric Bell. Fantasy Bowl IX was won by Z-squad with a 76-72 win over the San Quentin Saints. It was the first Fantasy Bowl appearance for both teams.

Palolo Valley Tide dropped out this year and was replaced by the Twee Twerps who were formerly the Tainted Twizzlers. After a two-year absence from the league, the Twee Twerps went all the way. They won Fantasy Bowl X with a 110-77 win over Vinny’s gang. It was the first Fantasy Bowl appearance for both teams.

There were no new teams this year. Z-Squad won Fantasy Bowl IX. It was their second Fantasy Bowl win in three years. They beat The Slim Shaggys 93-54. It was Shags first Fantasy Bowl appearance since 1997 when his team was known as the Flaming Bastards.

The Hellfish won Fantasy Bowl XII. It was the first Fantasy Bowl win for The Hellfish, in Fact it was the first playoff appearance for The Hellfish. They beat The Undergarments 90-67.

Vinny’s Gang won Fantasy Bowl XIII. They beat The Undergarments 97-57. It was Vinng’s Gang second Fantasy Bowl appearance and their first win. It was The Undergarments third Fantasy Bowl appearance as they fall to 1-2 in Fantasy Bowl games.

The Undergarments won Fantasy Bowl XIV. They beat the Greasy Weasels 78-68. It was the third straight Fantasy Bowl appearance for The Undergarments. After losing the last two, they finally won one. It was the second Fantasy Bowl win for The Undergarments. Their first came back in 2001. It was the fifth Fantasy Bowl appearance for the Greasy Weasels. They have lost the last three appearance, and haven’t won the Fantasy Bowl since 1995.

The Elvis Impersonators won Fantasy Bowl XV. They beat the Squishy Fuzz 85-67. It was the third Fantasy Bowl appearance for the Elvis Impersonators, and their second win. Both of their Fantasy Bowl wins have came against the Squishy Fuzz. In the 12 years that the Squishy Fuzz have been in the league they have only made the playoffs three time. Two of those three time they have gotten to the Fantasy Bowl though.

The Greasy Weasels won Fantasy Bowl XVI. They beat the San Quentin Saints 85 to 78. It was the first Fantasy Bowl win since Fantasy Bowl II back in 1995 for the Greasy Weasels. They have lost three Fantasy Bowls between the wins, and are now 3-3 in Fantasy Bowl games. It was the second Fantasy Bowl appearance and loss for the San Quentin Saints.

Vinny’s Gang won Fantasy Bowl XVII. They beat Z-Squad in a nail biter 95-92. It was the second Fantasy Bowl win for Vinny’s Gang. They are now 2-1 in Fantasy Bowl games. It was Z-Squad’s first Fantasy Bowl loss. They were previously 2-0 in Fantasy Bowls, so they are now 2-1 in Fantasy Bowls also.

Vinny’s Gang won Fantasy Bowl XVIII. They beat the San Quentin Saints 63-46. Vinny’s Gang became the third team to repeat as Fantasy Bowl Champs. The other two teams to accomplish that were the Greasy Weasels, and The Wondrful Gazonks. Will they win three in a row? Vinny’s Gang is now 3-1 in Fantasy Bowl games. The San Quentin Saints have won four divisional titles, but have yet to win the big game. They are now 0-3 in Fantasy Bowl games.

The Undergarments won Fantasy Bowl XIX. They prevented a Vinny’s Gang three-peat by beating them 132-92 in Fantasy Bowl XIX. Both The Undergarments and Vinny’s gang are now 3-2 in Fantasy Bowl games.

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