Week 6 Recap

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Hot Buttered Moose Nuts (73) at Elvis Impersonators (76)

Le’Veon Bell
(MyFantasyLeague.com Fantasy Times Sources – Oct 16, 2017) In a week 6 UFFLE rivalry, Elvis Impersonators squeaked by a tough Hot Buttered Moose Nuts team by a score of 76 to 73, extending the losing streak for Hot Buttered Moose Nuts to 4 games.

Elvis Impersonators were led to their 3 point victory by a 24 point effort from Le’Veon Bell, who tore apart the Kansas City Chiefs defense for 179 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD in addition to 12 receiving yards. With this performance, Bell was the number 4 ranked running back for week 6. They also got help from a 15 point effort from the Detroit Lions Defensive Team.

“It was a hard-fought contest,” Elvis Impersonators coach Brandon Mannie said.

Hot Buttered Moose Nuts were helped out in a losing cause by a 22 point effort from Carson Wentz, who got by the Carolina Panthers defense for 222 passing yards and 3 passing TDs in addition to 25 rushing yards. They also got help from a 15 point effort from the Houston Texans Defensive Team.

“We didn’t match their intensity,” Hot Buttered Moose Nuts coach Jeremy Griffith said.

Compounding the issue, Hot Buttered Moose Nuts could have scored 96 points and earned the win with their best lineup, but Jeremy Griffith left key players like Jerick McKinnon and his corresponding 21 points on the bench.

This brings the record for Elvis Impersonators to 4-2, and drops Hot Buttered Moose Nuts to a record of 1-5.

Coming up in week 7, Hot Buttered Moose Nuts are at the 2-4 October Hunters, where October Hunters are an early 9.5-point underdog, while Elvis Impersonators are at the 4-2 The Hellfish, where The Hellfish are an early 30.5-point underdog.

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