Week 8 Recap

Fantasy Recap – Game of the Week

The Slim Shaggys (58) at The Wondrful Gazonks (60)

Russell Wilson
(MyFantasyLeague.com Fantasy Times Sources – Oct 30, 2017) In a week 8 UFFLE intra-divisional classic, The Wondrful Gazonks squeaked by a tough The Slim Shaggys team by a score of 60 to 58, behind the support of 67,032 faithful fans.

The Wondrful Gazonks were led to their 2 point victory by a 37 point effort from Russell Wilson, who tore apart the Houston Texans defense for 452 passing yards and 4 passing TDs in addition to 30 rushing yards. With this performance, Wilson was the number 2 ranked overall fantasy scorer for week 8. They also got help from a 7 point effort from Julio Jones, who snuck past the New York Jets defense for 74 receiving yards.

“This team shows a lot of heart,” The Wondrful Gazonks coach Josh Vadnais said.

The Slim Shaggys were helped out in a losing cause by a 14 point effort from Cam Newton, who snuck past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense for 154 passing yards and 1 passing TD in addition to 44 rushing yards. They also got help from a 11 point effort from Rob Gronkowski, who snuck past the Los Angeles Chargers defense for 57 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD.

“There were too many defensive lapses,” The Slim Shaggys coach Mark Olson said.

Compounding the issue, The Slim Shaggys could have scored 70 points and earned the win with their best lineup, but Mark Olson left key players like Jeremy Maclin and his corresponding 11 points on the bench.

The Wondrful Gazonks took advantage of their schedule this week, as their point total would have gone for a loss against 10 out of 12 other potential opponents in week 8.

This brings the record for The Wondrful Gazonks to 1-7, and drops The Slim Shaggys to a record of 4-4.

Coming up in week 9, the 4-4 Squishy Fuzz are at The Slim Shaggys, where The Slim Shaggys are an early 18.3-point underdog, while the 3-5 Z-Squad are at The Wondrful Gazonks, where The Wondrful Gazonks are an early 1.9-point underdog.

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