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The Undergarments (82) at Elvis Impersonators (110)

Le’Veon Bell
( Fantasy Times Sources – Dec 11, 2017) In a week 14 UFFLE matchup, Elvis Impersonators beat a strong The Undergarments team by a score of 110 to 82, silencing a partisan crowd of 73,810.

Elvis Impersonators were led to their 28 point victory by a 29 point effort from Le’Veon Bell, who snuck past the Baltimore Ravens defense for 48 rushing yards and 2 rushing TDs in addition to 77 receiving yards. With this performance, Bell was the number 2 ranked overall fantasy scorer for week 14. They also got help from a 19 point effort from Drew Brees, who got by the Atlanta Falcons defense for 271 passing yards and 2 passing TDs in addition to 2 rushing yards.

“This was a good win for us,” Elvis Impersonators coach Brandon Mannie said.

The Undergarments were helped out in a losing cause by a 19 point effort from Kareem Hunt, who beat the Oakland Raiders defense for 116 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD in addition to 22 receiving yards. They also got help from a 16 point effort from Adam Thielen, who beat the Carolina Panthers defense for 105 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD.

“We only have to look in the mirror,” The Undergarments coach Eric Overgaard said.

Compounding the issue, The Undergarments could have scored 111 points and earned the win with their best lineup, but Eric Overgaard left key players like Jonathan Stewart and his corresponding 28 points on the bench.

This brings the record for Elvis Impersonators to 9-4, and drops The Undergarments to a record of 7-6.

Coming up in week 15, Elvis Impersonators are at the 9-4 Grid Iron Bullies, where Grid Iron Bullies are an early 1.6-point underdog.

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