Week 2 matchups


Bad Attitudes vs. Vinny’s Gang
Bad Attitudes missed out on their chance at beating a Western Division team. They get another chance at a Western Division team this week. Vinny’s Gang got a nice win last week and are hoping to keep that streak alive to defend their title. The series between these teams is tied 2-2.

Elvis Impersonators vs. The Hellfish
Elvis Impersonators had a disappointing week one loss. This is a big game for them. They don’t want to be down two games in the Western Division. The Hellfish need this win to remain at the top of the Western Division. Elvis Impersonators lead the series 6-5-1.

The Slim Shaggys vs. Z-Squad
The Slim Shaggys had a tough divisional loss last week. They are going to have another tough game this week. Z-Squad were the second highest scoring team last week and hope to score that much again to remain at the top of the Central Division. Z-Squad dominates the series 7-1-1.

Greasy Weasels vs. Hot Buttered Moose Nuts
Greasy Weasels got a nice win last week. Hot Buttered Moose Nuts also pulled out an upset win. Can the Moose Nuts win more than one game in a season for the first time in three years? They have fifteen chances starting with this game. Greasy Weasels lead the series 5-2.

Grid Iron Bullies vs. The Wondrful Gazonks
Both of these teams had tough losses last week. They are both looking for their first win this week. Grid Iron Bullies lead the series 3-2.

San Quentin Saints vs. Twee Twerps
These two teams are both historically pretty good. They both got off to a rough start. They are both trying not to start 0-2. The Twee Twerps have never beaten the San Quentin Saints. The Saints lead the series 4-0.

Squishy Fuzz vs. The Undergarments

This is big Eastern Division matchup. Both teams started 1-0. The winner of this game will have sole lead in the Eastern Division. The Undergarments lead the series 7-5-1.

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Week 1 Results

tromo.pngSquishy Fuzz 95 Elvis Impersonators 68
Squishy Fuzz had a big game from Jon Kitna and company and pulled out the upset against the Elvis Impersonators. Elvis Impersonators just didn’t get much production out of anybody.

Bad Attitudes 73 Greasy Weasels 92
Both teams had decent games. The Greasy Weasels we just a little better this week.

The Hellfish 75 The Slim Shaggys 60
Tom Brady and Shaun Alexander were hot, Drew Brees and Maurice Jones-Drew were not. The Hellfish win this divisional matchup.

Vinny’s Gang 85 Twee Twerps 55
Vinny’s Gang get their first win on their way to defend their Fantasy Bowl championship. The rookie Adrian Peterson looks like the real deal and Peyton Manning put up his usual numbers. Twee Twerps had a disappointing game and couldn’t get anything going.

Z-Squad 99 Grid Iron Bullies 69

Four TD passes from Ben Roethlisberger and big games from both wide receivers got Z-Squad just one point shy of the century mark. Pretty much everybody but the tight end had tough games for the Grid Iron Bullies.

Hot Buttered Moose Nuts 92 San Quentin Saints 72
I said this game was a blowout on paper, but that is why they play the games. Both teams had pretty good games, but Plaxico Burress’ three TDs and 144 yards put the Moose Nuts over the top.

The Undergarments 105 The Wondrful Gazonks 52
Tony Romo lit it up and led The Undergarments to being the high scoring team of the week. The Gazonks were the lowest scoring team of the week.

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Week 1 Matchups

rwayne.pngElvis Impersonators vs. Squishy Fuzz
This is a non-divisional game between two long time teams. Squishy Fuzz lead the series 4-3-1.

Bad Attitudes vs. Greasy Weasels
Greasy Weasels dominate this series 6-1. It’s a brand new season though.

The Hellfish vs. The Slim Shaggys
This game is a divisional matchup between two teams who had disappointing seasons last year. Which one will get off to a good start this season? The Hellfish lead the series 7-5.

Vinny’s Gang vs. Twee Twerps
This is a non-divisional game between two wild card teams from last season. It should be a good game. Twee Twerps lead the series 6-2.

Grid Iron Bullies vs. Z-Squad
The Grid Iron Bullies are still looking for their first regular season win against Z-Squad. Z-Squad lead the series 5-0.

San Quentin Saints vs. Hot Buttered Moose Nuts
This one looks like a blowout on paper. It a matchup between the always good San Quentin Saints and the struggling of late Hot Buttered Moose Nuts. San Quentin Saints lead the series 4-2.

The Undergarments vs. The Wondrful Gazonks
The Undergarments have been very good the past few years, and The Wondrful Gazonks haven’t. Will this season be any different? The Undergarments lead the series 6-2.

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Are You Ready For Some Football?


It was yet another relatively smooth draft. I hope you all like your team. I just thought I would remind everybody of the new rules for this season.

We are cutting the rosters down to 16 players after week 2. Your rosters must be cut down to 16 by kickoff on September 23rd.

Players now may be able to be put on IR if they are listed at “out” or “doubtful” on the NFL weekly injury list.

Dropped players are now only locked for 24 hours instead of a week like that have in the past.

Also, the New MyFantasyLeague.com GameDay 2007 software is now available for download. If you haven’t used this software in the past, it provides quicker updates and many more different views of each weeks matchup. You can download it here. Just run the software and enter our league id 26959 and you should be good to go.

I have also added a link in the sidebar to the knockout pool that Undergarment Eric is running. You have probably already gotten his email about joining.

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Twee Twerps’ Keepers

Twee Twerps will be keeping DeAngelo Williams, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Marc Bulger. They will be giving up their 3rd, 7th, and 8th round picks.

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Greasy Weasels’ Keepers

The Greasy Weasels will be keeping Edgerrin James, Ronnie Brown, and Antonio Gates. They will be giving up their 1st, 3rd, and 6th round picks.

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