Palolo Valley Tide

Palolo Valley Tide

Owner Info
Owner: Andy Hansen

Franchise History
2001Palolo Valley Tide did pretty good for their first year in the league. They finished 7-5-1 and in second place in the Central Division, but got beat in the first round of the playoffs by Z-Squad 86-57.
2002Palolo Valley Tide finished third in the Central Division with an 8-8 record and failed to make the playoffs.

Franchise Stats



YearKeeper 1 (pts)Keeper 2 (pts)Keeper 3 (pts)Total Points
2003Ahman Green (174)Randy Moss (119)Anthony Bechet (46)339
2002Ahman Green (197)Jerome Bettis (133)Drew Brees* (15)345

Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
*13 game season. 16 game seasons started in 2002.
Most points for team (season)11032002
Least points for team (season)980*2001
Most points against (season)12092002
Least points against (season)958*2001
Most wins (season)82002
Least wins (season)72001

Individual Season Records

Most points for a QB (season)
198Brian Griese2001
172Mark Brunell2001
158Drew Brees2002
141Tim Couch2002
15Drew Brees2001
Most points for a RB (season)
197Ahman Green2001
174Ahman Green2002
133Jerome Bettis2001
123Antowain Smith2002
100Maurice Smith2001
Most points for a WR (season)
142Joe Horn2001
119Randy Moss2002
98Jeff Graham2001
86Tim Brown2002
77Raghib Ismail2001
Most points for a TE (season)
69Bubba Franks2002
46Anthony Becht2002
31Kyle Brady2001
22Jermaine Wiggins2001
Most points for a K (season)
103Jeff Wilkins2001
95Paul Edinger2002
93Adam Vinatieri2001
72Jeff Wilkins2002
Most points for a C (season)
24SD Coach2002
21DEN Coach2001
Most points for a Def (season)
85NO Def2002
83BAL Def2002
75TB Def2001
73OAK Def2001
62PIT Def2002

Weekly Records

Most points scored team (game)
103 Week 7/2002
96 Week 2/2001
96 Week 13/2001
95 Week 6/2002
94 Week 11/2002
Least points scored team (game)
31 Week 4/2002
43 Week 3/2002
46 Week 5/2002
48 Week 10/2001
53 Week 4/2001
Most points scored by QB (game)
25Brian GrieseWeek 1/2001
23Drew BreesWeek 6/2002
22Brian GrieseWeek 2/2001
22Tim CouchWeek 8/2002
21Tim CouchWeek 11/2002
Most points scored by RB (game)
32Antowain SmithWeek 9/2002
29Ahman GreenWeek 1/2001
27Ahman GreenWeek 6/2002
27Ahman GreenWeek 7/2002
26Ahman GreenWeek 8 & 11/2001
Most points scored by WR (game)
23Jeff GrahamWeek 13/2001
22Jeff GrahamWeek 6/2001
21Joe HornWeek 9/2001
21Joe HornWeek 12/2001
19Joe HornWeek 13/2001
Most points scored by TE (game)
11Bubba FranksWeek 10/2002
9Bubba FranksWeek 13/2002
9Anthony BechtWeek 2/2002
8Anthony BechtWeek 9/2002
8Bubba FranksWeek 11/2002
Most points scored by K (game)
15Jeff WilkinsWeek 7/2002
13Paul EdingerWeek 10/2002
13Paul EdingerWeek 11/2002
12Jeff WilkinsWeek 1/2002
12Jeff WilkinsWeek 2/2001
Most points scored by Def (game)
24NO DefWeek 6/2002
16OAK DefWeek 3/2001
11NO DefWeek 2/2002
10NO DefWeek 10/2002
9OAK DefWeek 2/2001

Postseason Records

Most points scored team (playoff game)
57 Round 1/2001
Least points scored team (playoff game)
57 Round 1/2001
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)
14Mark BrunellRound 1/2001
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)
6Maurice SmithRound 1/2001
2Ahman GreenRound 1/2001
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)
9Joe HornRound 1/2001
7Jeff GrahamRound 1/2001
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)
4Kyle BradyRound 1/2001
Most points scored by K (playoff game)
11Jeff WilikinsRound 1/2001
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)
4TB DefRound 1/2001

Record vs. Other Teams

The Wondrful Gazonks3-1 
Hot Buttered Moose Nuts2-2 
The Slim Shaggys2-0 
Squishy Fuzz1-1 
Bad Attitudes1-1 
The Undergarments1-0-1 
Greasy Weasels1-1 
Vinny's Gang1-1 
San Quentin Saints0-2 
The Hellfish1-0 
Elvis Impersonators0-1 
Grid Iron Bullies1-0 

2002 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BreesSDKeeper. Drafted 18th round, 242nd overall 2001.
QBTim CouchCLEDrafted 4th round, 53rd overall.
RBAhman GreenGBKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 11th overall 2001.
RBJerome BettisPITKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 39th overall 2001.
RBAntowain SmithNEDrafted 1st round, 4th overall.
RBJamel WhiteCLEDrafted 11th round, 144th overall. Traded to Elvis Impersonators week 8.
WRTim BrownOAKDrafted 2nd round, 25th overall.
WRAntonio FreemanPHIDrafted 3rd round, 32nd overall.
WRAntonio BryantDALDrafted 9th round, 116th overall.
WRD'Wayne BatesMINDrafted 10th round, 137th overall.
WRTim DwightATLDrafted 13th round, 172nd overall.
WRRandy MossMINFrom Elvis Impersonators week 8.
TEBubba FranksGBDrafted 5th round, 60th overall.
TEAnthony BechtNYJDrafted 8th round, 109th overall.
KJeff WilkinsSTLDrafted 6th round, 81st overall.
KDoug BrienMINDrafted 16th round, 221st overall. Dropped week 9.
KPaul EdingerCHIPicked up week 9.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 7th round, 88th overall.
DefBAL DefBALDrafted 14th round, 193rd overall.
DefNO DefNODrafted 15th round, 200th overall.
CSTL CoachSTLDrafted 12th round, 165th overall. Dropped week 8.
CSD CoachSDPicked up week 8.

2001 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBrian GrieseDENDrafted 2nd round, 18th overall.
QBMark BrunellJACDrafted 7th round, 95th overall.
QBDrew BreesSDDrafted 18th round, 242nd overall.
RBAhman GreenGBDrafted 1st round, 11th overall.
RBJerome BettisPITDrafted 3rd round, 39th overall.
RBThomas JonesARIDrafted 5th round, 67th overall.
RBKi-Jana CarterWASDrafted 19th round, 263rd overall. Waived week 7.
RBMaurice SmithATLPicked up week 4.
WRJoe HornNODrafted 4th round, 46th overall.
WRTravis TaylorBALDrafted 6th round, 74th overall.
WRJames McKnightMIADrafted 11th round, 151st overall.
WRRaghib IsmailDALDrafted 12th round, 158th overall. On IR week 4, off IR week 7.
WRJeff GrahamSDDrafted 13th round, 179th overall.
TEKyle BradyJACDrafted 8th round, 102nd overall.
TEJermaine WigginsNEDrafted 14th round, 186th overall.
KJeff WilkinsSTLDrafted 10th round, 130th overall.
KAdam VinatieriNEDrafted 17th round, 235th overall.
DefTB DefTBDrafted 9th round, 123rd overall.
DefOAK DefOAKDrafted 15th round, 207th overall.
CDEN CoachDENDrafted 16th round, 214th overall.

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