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Team Records

Season RecordsRecordTeamYear
*13 game season. 16 game from 2002-2011.
Most points for team:1573The Slim Shaggys2004
Least points for team:611*Elvis Impersonators1999
Most points against:1397Squishy Fuzz2006
Least points against:750*Elvis Impersonators1998
Longest winning streak:14Elvis Impersonators2006
Longest losing streak:26Hot Buttered Moose Nuts2005-2006
Most wins:15Elvis Impersonators2006
Least wins:0Bad Attitudes2000

Player Records (Season)

RecordPlayerFantasy TeamYear
Most points for a QB (season)
330Peyton ManningHot Buttered Moose Nuts2013
325Cam NewtonThe Wondrful Gazonks2011
325Aaron RodgersThe Undergarments2011
325Andrew LuckGrid Iron Bullies2014
317Tom BradyThe Hellfish2007
Most points for a RB (season)
331Ladainian TomlinsonThe Undergarments2006
319Priest HolmesElvis Impersonators2002
268Terrell DavisElvis Impersonators1998
268Shaun AlexanderThe Hellfish2005
266Priest HolmesSquishy Fuzz2003
Most points for a WR (season)
209Randy MossBad Attitudes2007
203Terrell OwensSan Quentin Saints2007
196Calvin JohnsonOctober Hunter2013
194Torry HoltHot Buttered Moose Nuts2003
194Antonio BrownTwee Twerps2014
Most points for a TE (season)
171Rob GronkowskiBad Attitudes2011
166Jimmy GrahamGreasy Weasels2013
146Jimmy GrahamThe Hellfish2011
145Antonio GatesGreasy Weasels2004
142Rob GronkowskiGreasy Weasels2015
Most points for a K (season)
167Greg ZuerleinThe Undergarments2017
137David AkersThe Hellfish2011
137Matt BryantGrid Iron Bullies2012
136Lawrence TynesTwee Twerps2012
134Jeff WilkinsGrid Iron Bullies2003
134Stephen GostkowskiBad Attitudes2013
Most points for a Def (season)
130PHI DefThe Undergarments2014
127SEA DefVinny's Gang1998
123CHI DefThe Wondrful Gazonks2006
122DEN DefVinny's Gang1997
120JAC DefZ-Squad2017
Most points for a C (season)
36GB CoachThe Wondrful Gazonks2011
36DEN CoachTainted Twizzlers1998
36IND CoachThe Hellfish2005
36NE CoachBad Attitudes2007
36IND CoachGreasy Weasels2009
36NO CoachVinny's Gang2009
36CAR CoachThe Wondrful Gazonks2015

Weekly Records

Most points team (game)
146 The HellfishWk 9/2001
143 Elvis ImpersonatorsWk 13/2001
140 Greasy WeaselsWk 12/2004
139 The Slim ShaggysWk 13/2004
139 The Slim ShaggysWk 6/2009
Least points team (game)
16 Hot Buttered Moose NutsWk 4/2004
16 Hot Buttered Moose NutsWk 4/2005
20 Bad AttitudesWk 2/2008
22 Savage CannibalsWk 8/1997
23 Bad AttitudesWk 4/2000
Most points by player (game)
52Shaun AlexanderBad AttitudesWk 4/2002
51Doug MartinGreasy WeaselsWk 9/2012
48Priest HolmesElvis ImpersonatorsWk 12/2002
48Fred TaylorThe UndergarmentsWk 12/2000
48Adrian PetersonVinny's GangWk 9/2007
48Michael VickZ-SquadWk 10/2010
Most points by QB (game)
48Michael VickZ-SquadWk 10/2010
47Aaron RodgersThe UndergarmentsWk 4/2011
46Drew BreesVinny's GangWk 8/2015
44Peyton ManningHot Buttered Moose NutsWk 1/2013
41Steve YoungZ-SquadWk 7/1998
41Peyton ManningSquishy FuzzWk 2/2001
Most points by RB (game)
52Shaun AlexanderBad AttitudesWk 4/2002
51Doug MartinGreasy WeaselsWk 9/2012
48Priest HolmesElvis ImpersonatorsWk 12/2002
48Fred TaylorThe UndergarmentsWk 12/2000
48Adrian PetersonVinny's GangWk 9/2007
Most points by WR (game)
47Jimmy SmithTainted TwizzlersWk 2/2000
41Terrell OwensSan Quentin SaintsWk 11/2007
41Eric DeckerThe Slim ShaggysWk 13/2013
38Javon WalkerSan Quentin SaintsWk 3/2004
38Javon WalkerSquishy FuzzWk 9/2006
38Calvin JohnsonOctober HunterWk 8/2013
38Josh GordonGrid Iron BulliesWk 13/2013
38Julio JonesThe Wondrful GazonksWk 12/2017
Most points by TE (game)
33Shannon SharpeHot Buttered Moose NutsWk 7/2002
32Tony GonzalezZ-SquadWk 4/2002
32Antonio GatesGreasy WeaselsWk 8/2005
30Vernon DavisZ-SquadWk 6/2013
29Alge CrumplerElvis ImpersonatorsWk 7/2006
Most point by K (game)
27Greg ZuerleinThe UndergarmentsWk 4/2017
24Olindo MareZ-SquadWk 6/1999
24Kai ForbathHot Buttered Moose NutsWk 7/2017
23Jeff WilkinsThe Slim ShaggysWk 5/2000
23John KasayBad AttitudesWk 13/2004
23Kris BrownZ-SquadWk 5/2007
23Sebastian JanikowskiHot Buttered Moose NutsWk 12/2011
23Adam VinatieriGreasy WeaselsWk 5/2016
Most points by Def (game)
32DEN DefVinny's GangWk 11/1997
32SF DefElvis ImpersonatorsWk 4/2009
26NYJ DefThe HellfishWk 10/2001
26PHI DefThe UndergarmentsWk 10/2014
25MIN DefHot Buttered Moose NutsWk 10/2005
25MIN DefThe UndergarmentsWk 12/2007

Postseason Records

Most points scored team (playoff game)
159 Elvis ImpersonatorsRound 2/2013
137 Elvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2014
136 Greasy WeaselsRound 1/2009
136 Elvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2013
132 The UndergarmentsFantasy Bowl XIX
Least points scored team (playoff game)
40 Hot Buttered Moose NutsRound 2/2007
41 Elvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2016
42 Elvis ImpersonatorsFantasy Bowl V
46 San Quentin SaintsRound 1/2005
46 San Quentin SaintsFantasy Bowl XVIII
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)
40Kordell StewartSquishy FuzzRound 2/1997
40Michael VickZ-SquadRound 2/2010
39Jeff GarciaGrid Iron BulliesRound 1/2003
37Josh McCownElvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2013
35Billy VolekGreasy WeaselsRound 1/2004
35Drew BreesSquishy FuzzRound 2/2011
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)
54Clinton PortisVinny's GangRound 1/2003
51Jamaal CharlesElvis ImpersonatorsRound 2/2013
49Mike AndersonElvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2000
41Marshall FaulkSquishy FuzzRound 2/2000
39Marshall FaulkThe Helper MonkeysFantasy Bowl VIII
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)
37Joe HornVinny's GangRound 2/2003
33Calvin JohnsonSan Quentin SaintsRound 2/2011
32Jerry PorterZ-SquadRound 2/2004
32Odell BeckhamBad AttitudesRound 2/2014
31Andre JohnsonGreasy WeaselsRound 1/2009
31Julio JonesElvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2014
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)
28Rob GronkowskiBad AttitudesRound 1/2011
25Chris CooleyThe HellfishRound 2/2005
24Jordan ReedThe UndergarmentsFantasy Bowl XXII
21Dallas ClarkElvis ImpersonatorsRound 2/2009
20Jordan ReedThe UndergarmentsRound 2/2015
Most points scored by K (playoff game)
25Blair WalshThe UndergarmentsRound 2/2012
23Gary AndersonThe Wondrful GazonksRound 2/1998
19Chris BoswellSquishy FuzzRound 1/2017
18Gary AndersonThe Wondrful GazonksFantasy Bowl V
18Shayne GrahamVinny's GangRound 2/2012
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)
21SEA DefSan Quentin SaintsRound 2/2011
21STL DefElvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2014
20KC DefElvis ImpersonatorsRound 1/2013
19BUF DefElvis ImpersonatorsRound 2/2004
19SD DefThe UndergarmentsFantasy Bowl XIX

Franchise Win/Loss Records*

FranchiseRegular Season%Post Season%Years
*note records only go back to the 1997 season.
Greasy Weasels189-111-2.62912-14.46294-17
Elvis Impersonators179-117-6.60314-12.53894-17
Squishy Fuzz147-150-5.4957-7.50096-17
The Slim Shaggys111-171-7.3963-3.50096-98, 00-17
Vinny's Gang154-145-3.51514-5.73797-17
The Wondrful Gazonks117-169-3.4106-1.85798-17
The Undergarments160-113-3.58515-7.68299-17
Hot Buttered Moose Nuts98-175-3.3611-5.16799-17
Bad Attitudes121-140-2.4643-5.37500-17
The Hellfish118-130-2.4763-4.42901-17
Twee Twerps143-113-4.5583-9.25098-00, 03-17
Grid Iron Bullies96-139-2.4095-5.50002-17
October Hunters28-36.4381-1.50013-17
San Quentin Saints117-63-6.6456-9.40001-12
Palolo Valley Tide15-13-1.5340-1.00001-02
Skittle Burn\Spam Bandits\The Helper Monkeys22-17.5641-2.33398-99, 2001
The Stupids7-19.2691-1.50098-99
Biznatchers7-6.538 2000
Tubby Bitches1-12.077 2000
Trent's Coat Mafia4-9.308 2000
Sizzlin' Sluts10-16.385 98-99
Caped Crusaders9-4.6920-1.0001999
Evil Petting Zoo11-2.8460-1.0001999
Raging Alcoholics1-12.077 1998
Savage Cannibals6-7.462 94-97
Lobos De Trasero8-5.6150-1.0001997
Broncos2-11.154 1997
Mighty Ballcrushers6-7.4620-1.00094-97
#1 Super Guys4-9.308 96-97
Terry's Teamn/a n/a 1996
Top Scorersn/a n/a 94-95
The Then/a n/a 94-95

Past Champions

YearBowlLeague ChampionEasternWesternCentral
1994IGreasy Weaselsn/an/an/a
1995IIGreasy Weaselsn/an/an/a
1996IIISavage Cannibalsn/an/an/a
1997IVFlaming BastardsGreasy WeaselsFlaming Bastardsn/a
1998VThe Wondrful GazonksZ SquadElvis Impersonatorsn/a
1999VIThe Wondrful GazonksEvil Petting ZooTainted TwizzlersThe Wondrful Gazonks
2000VIIElvis ImpersonatorsSquishy FuzzGreasy WeaselsTainted Twizzlers
2001VIIIThe UndergarmentsThe Helper MonkeysElvis ImpersonatorsZ-Squad
2002IXZ-SquadSan Quentin SaintsGreasy WeaselsZ-Squad
2003XTwee TwerpsGrid Iron BulliesThe Slim ShaggysTwee Twerps
2004XIZ-SquadSan Quentin SaintsThe Slim ShaggysTwee Twerps
2005XIIThe HellfishThe UndergarmentsThe HellfishTwee Twerps
2006XIIIVinny's GangThe UndergarmentsElvis ImpersonatorsZ-Squad
2007XIVThe UndergarmentsThe UndergarmentsGreasy WeaselsZ-Squad
2008XVElvis ImpersonatorsSquishy FuzzElvis ImpersonatorsTwee Twerps
2009XVIGreasy WeaselsSan Quentin SaintsElvis ImpersonatorsThe Wondrful Gazonks
YearBowlLeague ChampionNorthSouth
2010XVIIVinny's GangVinny's GangZ-Squad
2011XVIIIVinny's GangVinny's GangSan Quentin Saints
2012XIXThe UndergarmentsVinny's GangGreasy Weasels
2013XXElvis ImpersonatorsSquishy FuzzHot Buttered Moose Nuts
2014XXIBad AttitudesTwee TwerpsGreasy Weasels
2015XXIIVinny's GangVinny's GangThe Undergarments
2016XXIIIThe UndergarmentsTwee TwerpsThe Undergarments
2017XXIVVinny's GangVinny's GangGrid Iron Bullies

Fantasy Bowls

1994IGreasy Weaselsn/an/an/a
1995IIGreasy Weaselsn/an/an/a
1996IIISavage Cannibalsn/an/an/a
1997IVFlaming Bastards79Greasy Weasels70
1998VThe Wondrful Gazonks80Elvis Impersonators42
1999VIThe Wondrful Gazonks117Greasy Weasels64
2000VIIElvis Impersonators82Squishy Fuzz63
2001VIIIThe Undergarments85The Helper Monkeys70
2002IXZ-Squad76San Quentin Saints73
2003XTwee Twerps110Vinny's Gang77
2004XIZ-Squad93The Slim Shaggys54
2005XIIThe Hellfish90The Undergarments67
2006XIIIVinny's Gang97The Undergarments57
2007XIVThe Undergarments78Greasy Weasels68
2008XVElvis Impersonators85Squishy Fuzz67
2009XVIGreasy Weasels85San Quentin Saints78
2010XVIIVinny's Gang95Z-Squad92
2011XVIIIVinny's Gang63San Quentin Saints46
2012XIXThe Undergarments132Vinny's Gang92
2013XXElvis Impersonators101Squishy Fuzz68
2014XXIBad Attitudes110Greasy Weasels70
2015XXIIVinny's Gang108The Undergarments96
2016XXIIIThe Undergarments78Grid Iron Bulles63
2017XXIVVinny's Gang87Grid Iron Bullies86

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