Squishy Fuzz

Owner Info
Owner: Scott Stanina
E-mail: sstanina@hotmail.com
From: Burnsville, MN
Cell #: 218-686-4723

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Franchise History
1996The Squishy Fuzz joined the league.
1997With a 9-4 record, the Squishy Fuzz finished second in the Eastern Division. They made the playoffs as a Wild Card team and won their first game against the Lobos De Trasero 85-69. Then they lost their second playoff game in a nail biter against the Greasy Weasels 88-87.
1998With a 6-6-1 record, the Squish Fuzz finished fifth in the Eastern Division, and failed to make the playoff for the first time.
1999With a record of 6-7, the Squishy Fuzz finished fifth in the Eastern Division, and failed to make the playoffs for the second straight time.
2000With a record of 10-3, the Squishy Fuzz were Eastern Division champs. They were back in the playoffs after a two year absence. They had a first round bye, won their second game, and made it to Fantasy Bowl VII. They lost to Elvis Impersonators in Fantasy Bowl VII 63-82.
2001Squishy Fuzz finished third in the Eastern Division with a record of 7-6. They had a pretty good season, but were haunted by two losses to the Bad Attitudes and failed to make the playoffs.
2002Squishy Fuzz finished fourth in the Eastern Division with a 6-10 record. They failed to make the playoff for the second straight year.
2003Squishy Fuzz had a repeat of last season. They finished fourth in the Eastern Division with a record of 6-10 and failed to make the playoffs again.
2004Squishy Fuzz finished third in the Eastern Division with a 7-8-1 record and failed to make the playoffs.
2005Squishy Fuzz finished third in the Eastern Division with a 5-10-1 record and failed to make the playoffs.
2006It was another tough year for the Squishy Fuzz. They finished last in the Eastern Division with a 3-12-1 record. It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since their last playoff appearance.
2007It's hard to believe it has been seven years since the Squishy Fuzz have had a winning season. They got close this year with an 8-8 record, which was only good enough for fourth place in the Eastern Division and no playoff appearence.
2008Squishy Fuzz won the Eastern Division for the second time with a 12-3-1 record. They broke their seven year playoff drought and got to the Fantasy Bowl for their second time. They fell short to the Elvis Impersonators in Fantasy Bowl XV 67-85.
2009After winning the Eastern Division last season, the Squishy Fuzz really dropped off this season. They finished with a 6-10 record, and fourth place in the Eastern Division.
2010Squishy Fuzz finished fifth in the North Division with a record of 6-10, and failed to make the playoff for the second straight year.

Franchise Stats



YearKeeper 1 (pick given up)Keeper 2 (pick given up)Keeper 3 (pick given up)
2017Carlos Hyde (5th)Jimmy Graham (8th)Jordan Howard (8th)
2016Todd Gurley (2nd)Carlos Hyde (6th)
2015Carlos Hyde (7th)Tre Mason (8th)Ben Roethlisberger (8th)
2014Jordy Nelson (3rd)DeSean Jackson (4th)C.J. Spiller (5th)
2013Arian Foster (1st)C.J. Spiller (6th)Carson Palmer (8th)
2012Dez Bryant (4th)Darren McFadden (5th)Shonn Green (6th)
2011Dez Bryant (5th)Darren McFadden (6th)Shonn Green (7th)
2010Shonn Greene (8th)
2009Drew Brees (2nd)Calvin Johnson (3rd)
2008Marshawn Lynch (1st)Calvin Johnson (4th)Marion Barber (6th)
2007Javon Walker (3rd)Marion Barber (7th)Jon Kitna (8th)
2006Jerry Porter (7th)Eli Manning (8th)Marion Barber (8th)
2005Byron Leftwich (7th)
2004Priest Holmes (1st)Byron Leftwich (8th)
2003Priest HolmesTroy Hambrick
2002Rod SmithCorey DillonDrew Bledsoe

Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
*13 game season. 16 game seasons started in 2002. 13 game seasons started again in 2012.
Most points for team (season)14522008
Least points for team (season)8772015
Most points against (season)13972006
Least points against (season)844*1999
Most wins (season)122008
Least wins (season)32006 & 2015

Individual Season Records

Most points for a QB (season)
299Drew Brees2011
279Rich Gannon2002
269Drew Brees2009
262Drew Brees2008
260Ben Roethlisberger2014
Most points for a RB (season)
266Priest Holmes2003
232Marshall Faulk2000
204Arian Foster2012
215Stephen Davis1999
192Priest Holmes2004
Most points for a WR (season)
181Antonio Brown2017
165Jordy Nelson2014
163Rod Smith2001
157DeAndre Hopkins2017
155Jeremy Maclin2014
Most points for a TE (season)
115Jimmy Graham2014
102Jimmy Graham2016
97Jimmy Graham2017
88Ben Coates1997
88Kellen Winslow Jr.2009
Most points for a K (season)
120Matt Prater2016
118Chris Boswell2017
113Mason Crosby2008
111Mason Crosby2014
110Shayne Graham2004
Most points for a C (season)
33JAC Coach1999
30PIT Coach2017
27PHI Coach2002
27LAR Coach2017
Most points for a Def (season)
99STL Def2003
94MIA Def2000
93CHI Def2011
91BUF Def2014
90OAK Def2002

Weekly Records

Most points scored team (game)
121Week 11/2017
116 Week 2/2001
115 Week 3/2007
114 Week 6/1997
113 Week 2/2007
113 Week 9/2014
Least points scored team (game)
28 Week 3/2009
32 Week 13/1999
40 Week 5/2007
41 Week 11/2003
41 Week 5/2012
Most points scored by QB (game)
41Peyton ManningWeek 2/2001
40Kordell StewartWeek 6/1997
36Drew BreesWeek 12/2011
35Drew BreesWeek 1/2009
34Andrew LuckWeek 1/2016
Most points scored by RB (game)
43Darren McFaddenWeek 7/2010
41Priest HolmesWeek 7/2004
40Priest HolmesWeek 8/2004
39Corey DillonWeek 8/2000
38Marshall FaulkWeek 9/2000
Most points scored by WR (game)
38Javon WalkerWeek 9/2006
34A.J. GreenWeek 3/2015
33Andre JohnsonWeek 11/2012
32Chad JohnsonWeek 2/2007
32Antonio BrownWeek 11/2017
Most points scored by TE (game)
23Jimmy GrahamWeek 2/2014
22Kellen Winslow Jr.Week 5/2009
22Jimmy GrahamWeek 9/2016
19Jay RiemersmaWeek 2/2000
19Jimmy GrahamWeek 10/2014
Most points scored by K (game)
21Jason ElamWeek 6/2002
20John CarneyWeek 3/2004
19Jason HansonWeek 13/2003
19Nick FolkWeek 5/2010
19Chris BoswellWeek 7/2017
Most points scored by Def (game)
21STL DefWeek 6/2003
19NYG DefWeek 1/1999
19CHI DefWeek 7/2008
19SEA DefWeek 5/2009
18PIT DefWeek 7/2009

Postseason Records

Most points scored team (playoff game)
121Round 1/2017
107 Round 1/2016
104 Round 1/2011
101 Round 2/2000
96 Round 2/2013
Least points scored team (playoff game)
61Round 2/2017
63 Fantasy Bowl VII
67 Fantasy Bowl XV
68 Fantasy Bowl XX
69 Round 2/2016
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)
40Kordell StewartRound 2/1997
35Drew BreesRound 2/2011
32Donovan McNabbRound 2/2000
31Ben RoethlisbergerRound 1/2017
23Drew BreesFantasy Bowl XV
23Matt RyanFantasy Bowl XX
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)
41Marshall FaulkRound 2/2000
36Marshall FaulkFantasy Bowl VII
25Carlos HydeRound 1/2016
23Shonn GreeneRound 1/2011
22Rashad JenningsRound 2/2013
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)
26DeAndre HopkinsRound 1/2017
25DeSean JacksonRound 2/2013
21Antonio BrownRound 1/2017
17Calvin JohnsonRound 2/2008
16DeSean JacksonRound 1/2016
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)
11Ben CoatesRound 2/1997
11Jake BallardRound 1/2011
11Brent CelekFantasy Bowl XX
4Ben CoatesRound 1/1997
3Dustin KellerRound 2/2008
Most points scored by K (playoff game)
19Chris BoswellRound 1/2017
10Gary AndersonRound 1/1997
10Mason CrosbyRound 2/2008
10Matt PraterRound 1/2016
8Chris BoswellRound 2/2017
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)
11CAR DefRound 2/2013
10PIT DefRound 1/1997
9CHI DefRound 2/2008
8CHI DefRound 2/2011
8CAR DefFantasy Bowl XX

Record vs. Other Teams

Greasy Weasels6-13-11-1
Elvis Impersonators10-9-11-3
Vinny's Gang10-11 0-1
The Slim Shaggys13-6
The Wondrful Gazonks13-11
Hot Buttered Moose Nuts12-5-1
The Undergarments10-15-11-1
Bad Attitudes10-161-0
Twee Twerps / Tainted Twizzlers7-11-1
The Hellfish6-11
Grid Iron Bullies18-51-0
October Hunters3-2
San Quentin Saints9-121-1
Palolo Valley Tide1-1
Skittle Burn/The Helper Monkeys2-1
Trent's Coat Mafia2-0
Tubby Bitches1-0
Sizzlin' Sluts1-2
The Something Stupids2-0
Evil Petting Zoo0-1
Caped Crusaders0-1
Savage Cannibals2-0
Lobos De Trasero1-11-0
Mighty Ballcrushers0-1
#1 Super Guys0-1

2016 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBLuck, AndrewINDDrafted 1st round, 6th overall.
QBFlacco, JoeBALDrafted 13th round, 174th overall.
RBGurley, ToddLARKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 37th overall in 2015.
RBHyde, CarlosSFKeeper. Drafted 8th round, 107th overall in 2014.
RBPowell, BilalNYJDrafted 8th round, 107th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBHoward, Jordan (R)CHIDrafted 10th round, 135th overall.
RBMcKinnon, JerickMINDrafted 11th round, 146th overall.
RBBlue, Alfred HOUDrafted 18th round, 247th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRCobb, RandallGBDrafted 3rd round, 34th overall.
WRJackson, DeSeanWASDrafted 4th round, 51st overall.
WRBrown, JohnARIDrafted 7th round, 90th overall.
WRPerriman, BreshadBALDrafted 12th round, 163rd overall. Dropped week 5.
WRDoctson, Josh (R)WASDrafted 14th round, 191st overall. Dropped week 3.
WRCoates, SammiePITDrafted 17th round, 230th overall.
WRLaFell, BrandonCINPicked up week 8. Dropped week 10.
WRRogers, EliPITPicked up week 11.
TEEifert, TylerCINDrafted 5th round, 62nd overall. On IR week 2. Off IR week 3.
TEGraham, JimmySEADrafted 9th round, 118th overall.
TEWillson, LukeSEAPicked up week 2. Dropped week 3.
TETamme, JacobATLPicked up week 5. Dropped week 8.
KPrater, MattDETDrafted 15th round, 202nd overall.
KNovak, NickHOUPicked up week 10. Dropped week 11.
DefBengals, CincinnatiCINDrafted 16th round, 219th overall. Dropped week 9.
DefGiants, New YorkNYGPicked up week 9.
CLewis, MarvinCINDrafted 19th round, 258th overall. Dropped week 9.
CMcAdoo, BenNYGPicked up week 9.

2015 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBRoethlisberger, BenPITKeeper. Picked up week 4 in 2014. On IR week 4. Off IR week 7.
QBBradford, SamPHIDrafted 11th round, 149th overall. Dropped week 10.
QBVick, MichaelPITPicked up week 4. Dropped week 7.
QBTannehill, RyanMIAPicked up week 10.
RBGurley, Todd (R)STLDrafted 3rd round, 37th overall.
RBCobb, David (R)TENDrafted 5th round, 65th overall. On IR week 3. Off IR week 10.
RBHyde, Carlos SFKeeper. Drafted 8th round, 107th overall in 2014.
RBMason, TreSTLKeeper. Drafted 12th round, 163rd overall in 2014. Dropped week 10.
RBCarey, Ka'DeemCHIDrafted 12th round, 160th overall. Dropped week 4.
RBWhittaker, FozzyCARDrafted 19th round, 261st overall. Dropped week 3.
RBMcCluster, DexterTENPicked up week 3.
WRNelson, JordyGBDrafted 1st round, 9th overall. On IR week 1.
WRGreen, A.J.CINDrafted 2nd round, 20th overall.
WRWatkins, SammyBUFDrafted 4th round, 48th overall. On IR week 7. Off IR week 8.
WRAgholor, Nelson (R)PHIDrafted 9th round, 121st overall. Dropped week 10.
WRJones, MarvinCINDrafted 14th round, 188th overall.
WRMontgomery, TyGBPicked up week 1. Dropped week 3.
WRDiggs, StefonMINPicked up week 7.
TEWilliams, Maxx (R)BALDrafted 10th round, 132nd overall. Dropped week 3.
TEFleener, CobyINDDrafted 13th round, 177th overall.
TEDavis, VernonSF-DENDrafted 15th round, 205th overall. Dropped week 10.
KBrown, JoshNYGDrafted 17th round, 233rd overall. Dropped week 1.
KBullock, RandyNYJ-HOUPicked up week 1. Dropped week 4.
KBrindza, KyleTBPicked up week 4. Dropped week 5.
KHopkins, DustinWASPicked up week 5. Dropped week 8.
KFolk, NickNYJ Picked up week 8. On IR week 10.
KZuerlein, GregSTLPicked up week 10.
DefPatriots, New EnglandNEDrafted 16th round, 216th overall.
DefRaiders, OaklandOAKPicked up week 4. Dropped week 5.
CTomlin, MikePITDrafted 18th round, 244th overall.
CReid, AndyKCPicked up week 10.

2014 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBrady, TomNEDrafted 2nd round, 23rd overall.
QBBradford, SamSTLDrafted 11th round, 146th overall. On IR week 1.
QBHill, ShaunSTLPicked up week 1. Dropped week 3.
QBRoethlisberger, BenPITPicked up week 4.
RBSpiller, C.J.BUFKeeper. Drafted 7th round, 95th overall in 2012. On IR week 8.
RBFreeman, Devonta (R)ATLDrafted 6th round, 79th overall.
RBHyde, Carlos (R)SFDrafted 8th round, 107th overall.
RBThomas, PierreNODrafted 9th round, 118th overall. On IR week 8. Off IR week 11.
RBMason, Tre (R)STLDrafted 12th round, 163rd overall. On IR week 2. Off IR week 3.
RBSims, Charles (R)TBDrafted 17th round, 230th overall. On IR week 2. Off IR week 10.
RBCadet, TravarisNOPicked up week 8.
WRNelson, JordyGBKeeper. Drafted 4th round, 48th overall in 2013.
WRJackson, DeSeanWASKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 65th overall in 2013.
WRMaclin, JeremyPHIDrafted 7th round, 90th overall.
WRAustin, TavonSTLDrafted 10th round, 135th overall. Dropped week 9.
TEGraham, JimmyNODrafted 1st round, 6th overall.
TEToilolo, LevineATLDrafted 13th round, 174th overall. Dropped week 7.
TEHill, JoshNOPicked up week 7. Dropped week 11.
KCrosby, MasonGBDrafted 15th round, 202nd overall.
KForbath, KaiWASDrafted 19th round, 258th overall. Dropped week 3.
KDawson, PhilSFPicked up week 9. Dropped week 10.
CPayton, SeanNODrafted 16th round, 219th overall. Dropped week 6.
CGarrett, JasonDALPicked up week 6. Dropped week 11.
CHarbaugh, JimSFPicked up week 11.
DefBills, BuffaloBUFDrafted 14th round, 191st overall.
DefTexans, HoustonHOUDrafted 18th round, 247th oveall. Dropped week 4. Picked up week 9.

2013 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBMatt RyanATLDrafted 2nd round, 20th overall.
QBCarson PalmerARIKeeper. Drafted 9th round, 123rd overall in 2012.
RBArian FosterHOUKeeper. From Elvis Impersonators week 7 in 2012. On IR week 11.
RBC.J. SpillerBUFKeeper. Drafted 7th round, 95th overall in 2012.
RBJonathan StewartCARDraffted 9th round, 121st overall. Dropped week 1.
RBBryce BrownPHIDrafted 10th round, 132nd overall.
RBKendall HunterSFDrafted 11th round, 149th overall.
RBLatavius Murray (R)OAKDrafted 16th round, 216th overall. Dropped week 1.
RBMike TolbertCARDrafted 19th round, 261st overall. Dropped week 3.
RBRashad JenningsOAKPicked up week 1.
RBArmond SmithCARPicked up week 1. Dropped week 3.
RBJames StarksGBPicked up week 3.
RBDonald BrownINDPicked up weeek 11.
WRAndre JohnsonHOUDrafted 3rd round, 37th overall.
WRJordy NelsonGBDrafted 4th round, 48th overall.
WRDeSean JacksonPHIDrafted 5th round, 65th overall.
WRBrandon LaFellCARDrafted 12th round, 160th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRSantonio HolmesNYJDrafted 15th round, 205th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEJermichael FinleyGBDrafted 7th round, 93rd overall. On IR week 8.
TEBrent CelekPHIDrafted 17th round, 233rd overall.
TEAndrew QuarlessGBPicked up week 8. Dropped week 11.
TEGarrett GrahamHOUPicked up week 11.
KDavid AkersDETDrafted 13th round, 177th overall. Dropped week 9. Picked up week 10.
KRyan SuccopKCPicked up week 9. Dropped week 10.
CBAL CoachBALDrafted 18th round, 244th overall. Dropped week 8.
CWAS CoachWASPicked up week 8.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 14th round, 188th overall. Dropped week 5.
DefCAR DefCARPicked up week 5.

2012 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTony RomoDALDrafted 3rd round, 39th overall.
QBCarson PalmerOAKDrafted 9th round, 123rd overall.
QBMatt CasselKCPicked up week 6. Dropped week 6.
RBDarren McFaddenOAKKeeper. Drafted 7th round, 86th overall in 2010. To Elvis Impersonators week 7.
RBShonn GreeneNYJKeeper. Drafted 10th round, 128th overall in 2009.
RBC.J. SpillerBUFDrafted 7th round, 95th overall.
RBJonathan DwyerPITDrafted 12th round, 158th overall. Dropped week 6. Picked up week 8.
RBLeGarrette BlountTBDrafted 13th round, 179th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJason SnellingATLDrafted 14th round, 186th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBDelone CarterINDDrafted 18th round, 242nd overall. Dropped week 3.
RBTaiwan JonesOAKDrafted 19th round, 263rd overall.
RBArian FosterHOUFrom Elvis Impersonators week 7.
WRLarry FitzgeraldARIDrafted 1st round, 11th overall.
WRAndre JohnsonHOUDrafted 2nd round, 18th overall.
WRDez BryantDALKeeper. Drafted 6th round, 83rd overall in 2010. To Elvis Impersonators week 7.
WRDarrius Heyward-BeyOAKDrafted 10th round, 130th overall.
TEJared CookTENDrafted 8th round, 102nd overall.
TEDustin KellerNYJDrafted 11th round, 151st overall.
KRobbie GouldCHIDrafted 16th round, 214th overall.
KConnor BarthTBPicked up week 6. Dropped week 8.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 17th round, 235th overall. Dropped week 7.
CCIN CoachCINPicked up week 7. Dropped week 8.
CSEA CoachSEAPicked up week 8.
DefBUF DefBUFDrafted 15th round, 207th overall.
DefTEN DefTENPicked up week 8.

2011 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BreesNODrafted 2nd round, 25th overall.
QBDonovan McNabbMINDrafted 10th round, 137th overall. Dropped week 7.
QBAndy Dalton (R)CINPicked up week 7.
RBSteven JacksonSTLDrafted 1st round, 4th overall.
RBKnowshon MorenoDENDrafted 3rd round, 32nd overall.
RBDarren McFaddenOAKKeeper. Drafted 7th round, 86th overall in 2010.
RBShonn GreeneNYJKeeper. Drafted 10th round, 128th overall in 2009.
RBBernard ScottCINDrafted 13th round, 172nd overall.
RBVonta LeachBALDrafted 17th round, 228th overall. Dropped week 1.
WRSantonio HolmesNYJDrafted 4th round, 53rd overall.
WRDez BryantDALKeeper. Drafted 6th round, 83rd overall in 2010.
WRHines WardPITDrafted 8th round, 109th overall.
WRRobert MeachemNODrafted 11th round, 144th overall.
WRAntonio BrownPITDrafted 14th round, 193rd overall. Dropped week 3.
WRMohamed MassaquoiCLEPicked up week 1. Dropped week 6.
TEZach MillerSEADrafted 9th round, 116th overall. Dropped week 8.
TEKyle Rudolph (R)MINDrafted 18th round, 249th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEJake BallardNYGPicked up week 6.
KNick FolkNYJDrafted 15th round, 200th overall.
KOlindo MareCARPicked up week 8. Dropped week 11.
CMike SmithATLDrafted 16th round, 221st overall. Dropped week 8.
CMarvin LewisCINPicked up week 8.
DefATL DefATLDrafted 12th round, 165th overall. Dropped week 8.
DefSTL DefSTLDrafted 19th round, 256th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefNO DefNOPicked up week .
DefCHI DefCHIPicked up week 11.

2010 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBEli ManningNYGDrafted 4th round, 55th overall.
QBBen RoethlisbergerPITDrafted 10th round, 139th overall.
RBRyan Mathews (R)SDDrafted 1st round, 2nd overall.
RBDarren McFaddenOAKDrafted 7th round, 86th overall.
RBShonn GreeneNYJKeeper. Drafted 10th round, 128th overall in 2009.
RBClinton PortisWASDrafted 9th round, 121st overall. On IR Week 5. Off IR week 9.
RBScott BernardCINDrafted 12th round, 167th overall. Dropped week 7.
RBDerrick WardHOUDrafted 15th round, 198th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBBrandon JacobsNYGPicked up week 5.
WRLarry FitzgeraldARIDrafted 2nd round, 20th overall.
WRJeremy MaclinPHIDrafted 5th round, 65th overall.
WRDez Bryant (R)DALDrafted 6th round, 83rd overall.
WRSantonio HolmesNYJDrafted 11th round, 142nd overall.
WRJordan Shipley (R)CINDrafted 17th round, 226th overall. Dropped week 7.
TEDallas ClarkINDDrafted 3rd round, 30th overall. On IR week 8.
TEMarcedes LewisJACDrafted 18th round, 251st overall. Dropped week 3.
TEAnthony FasanoMIAPicked up week 7.
KNick FolkNYJDrafted 14th round, 195th overall.
KJoe NedneySFDrafted 19th round, 254th overall. Dropped week 3.
KJosh BrownSTLPicked up week 7. Dropped week 8.
CJohn HarbaughBALDrafted 16th round, 223rd overall.
CMike ShanahanWASPicked up week 8. Dropped week 9.
DefBAL DefBALDrafted 13th round, 170th overall.
DefSF DefSFPicked up week 8.

2009 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BreesNOKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 39th overall in 2008.
QBMatt CasselKCDrafted 7th round, 97th overall. Dropped week 3.
QBJaMarcus RussellOAKDrafted 19th round, 265th overall. Dropped week 5.
QBDerek AndersonCLEPicked up week 5. Dropped week 8.
RBDerrick WardTBDrafted 1st round, 13th overall.
RBLarry JohnsonKC-CINDrafted 4th round, 44th overall.
RBJulius JonesSEADrafted 6th round, 72nd overall.
RBJames Davis (R) CLEDrafted 9th round, 125th overall. On IR week 5.
RBShonn Greene (R)NYJDrafted 10th round, 128th overall.
RBMewelde MoorePITPicked up week 5. Dropped week 8.
WRCalvin JohnsonDETKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 60th overall in 2007.
WRLance MooreNODrafted 5th round, 69th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRDarrius Heyward-Bey (R) OAKDrafted 11th round, 153rd overall. Dropped week 4.
WRBrian Robiskie (R) CLEDrafted 13th round, 181st overall. Dropped week 2. Picked up week 5. Dropped week 8.
WRMark ClaytonBALDrafted 16th round, 212th overall. Dropped week 1. Picked up week 2.
WRLouis MurphyOAKPicked up week 1.
WRMohamed Massaquoi (R)CLEPicked up week 8.
TEKellen WinslowTBDrafted 8th round, 100th overall.
TEAnthony FasanoMIADrafted 14th round, 184th overall. Dropped week 4.
TEJeff KingCARPicked up week 8.
KJohn KasayCARDrafted 15th round, 209th overall.
KOlindo MareSEAPicked up week 4. Dropped week 7.
KKris BrownHOUPicked up week 8.
CAndy ReidPHIDrafted 17th round, 237th overall.
CWade PhillipsDALPicked up week 4. Dropped week 5.
DefCAR DefCARDrafted 12th round, 156th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefSEA DefSEADrafted 18th round, 240th overall.
DefPIT DefPITPicked up week 7.

2008 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BreesNODrafted 3rd round, 39th overall.
QBMarc BulgerSTLDrafted 8th round, 102nd overall. Dropped week 8.
QBTrent EdwardsBUFDrafted 18th round, 242nd overall.
RBMarshawn LynchBUFKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 25th overall in 2007.
RBDarren McFadden (R)OAKDrafted 2nd round, 18th overall.
RBMarion BarberDALKeeper. Picked up week 8 in 2005.
RBChris BrownHOUDrafted 10th round, 130th overall. On IR week 1.
RBT.J. DuckettSEAPicked up week 2.
RBDeuce McAllisterNOPicked up week 10.
WRCalvin JohnsonDETKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 60th overall in 2007.
WRKevin CurtisPHIDrafted 5th round, 67th overall. On IR week 1. Off IR week 8.
WRSantana MossWASDrafted 7th round, 95th overall.
WRVincent JacksonSDDrafted 13th round, 179th overall.
WRDarrell JacksonDENDrafted 19th round, 263rd overall. Dropped week 6.
TEHeath MillerPITDrafted 9th round, 123rd overall. Dropped week 8.
TEDustin Keller (R)NYJDrafted 14th round, 186th overall.
KMason CrosbyGBDrafted 11th round, 151st overall.
KMike NugentNYJDrafted 17th round, 235th overall. On IR week 3.
KJeff ReedPITPicked up week 8. Dropped week 10.
CDAL CoachDALDrafted 15th round, 207th overall. Dropped week 10.
CCHI CoachCHIPicked up week 10.
DefCHI DefCHIDrafted 12th round, 158th overall.
DefTB DefTBDrafted 16th round, 214th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefNO DefNOPicked up week 8.

2007 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBJon KitnaDETKeeper. Drafted 11th round, 143rd overall in 2006.
QBMatt SchaubHOUDrafted 9th round, 116th overall. On IR week 9.
QBKellen ClemensNYJPicked up week 10.
RBMarshawn Lynch (R)BUFDrafted 2nd round, 25th overall.
RBLenDale WhiteTENDrafted 6th round, 81st overall.
RBMarion BarberDALKeeper. Free Agent pickup week 8 2005.
RBWali LundyHOUDrafted 11th round, 144th overall. Dropped week 2.
RBJ.J. ArringtonARIDrafted 16th round, 221st overall. Dropped week 3.
RBGarrett Wolfe (R)CHIDrafted 18th round, 249th overall. Dropped week 3. Picked up week 12.
RBDerrick WardNYGPicked up week 2.
WRChad JohnsonCINDrafted 1st round, 4th overall.
WRJavon WalkerDENKeeper. Drafted 4th round, 54th overall in 2006. On IR week 8.
WRCalvin Johnson (R)DETDrafted 5th round, 60th overall.
WRMatt JonesJACDrafted 10th round, 137th overall. Dropped week 5.
WRRonald CurryOAKDrafted 14th round, 193rd overall.
WRMaurice StovallTBDrafted 19th round, 256th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRMichael JenkinsATLPicked up week 5.
TERandy McMichaelSTLDrafted 4th round, 53rd overall.
TEVishante ShiancoeMINDrafted 15th round, 200th overall. Dropped week 5. Picked up week 9.
KNeil RackersARIDrafted 12th round, 165th overall.
KMike NugentNYJPicked up week 8. Dropped week 9.
CDEN CoachDENDrafted 17th round, 228th overall. Dropped week 6.
CWAS CoachWASPicked up week 6.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 13th round, 172nd overall.
DefMIA DefMIAPicked up week 5. Dropped week 10.

2006 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBEli ManningNYGKeeper. Drafted 11th round, 152nd overall 2005.
QBJon KitnaDETDrafted 11th round, 143rd overal.
RBReuben DroughnsCLEDrafted 1st round, 3rd overall.
RBJamal LewisBALDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
RBDeuce McAllisterNODrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
RBMarion BarberDALKeeper. Picked up week 8 2005.
WRJoe HornNODrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
WRJavon WalkerDENDrafted 4th round, 54th overall.
WRJerry PorterOAKKeeper. Drafted 8th round, 101st overall 2005.
WRReggie BrownPHIDrafted 10th round, 138th overall.
WRIsaac BruceSTLDrafted 12th round, 166th overall.
WRSantonio Holmes (R)PITDrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
TEKellen Winslow Jr.CLEDrafted 9th round, 115th overall.
TETony SchefflerDENDrafted 16th round, 222nd overall.
KRyan LongwellMINDrafted 13th round, 171st overall.
KSebastian JanikowskiOAKDrafted 17th round, 227th overall.
DefDAL DefDETDrafted 15th round, 199th overall.
DefDET DefDetDrafted 19th round, 255th overall.
CJim Mora Jr.ATLDrafted 18th round, 250th overall.

2005 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBByron LeftwichJACKeeper. Drafted 17th round, 231st overall 2003.
QBJ.P. LosmanBUFDrafted 6th round, 73rd overall. Dropped week 7.
QBEli ManningNYGDrafted 11th round, 152nd overall.
RBJulius JonesDALDrafted 1st round, 12th overall.
RBMichael BennettMINDrafted 4th round, 45th overall.
RBLee SuggsCLEDrafted 5th round, 68th overall. On IR week 6. Off IR week 11.
RBMike SellersWASPicked up week 6.
RBMarion BarberDALPicked up week 8.
WRMichael ClaytonTBDrafted 3rd round, 40th overall.
WRJerry PorterOAKDrafted 8th round, 101st overall.
WREric MouldsBUFDrafted 9th round, 124th overall.
WRKevin CurtisSTLDrafted 10th round, 129th overall.
WRTyrone CalicoTENDrafted 13th round, 180th overall.
WRD.J. HackettSEAPicked up week 5. Dropped week 8.
TETeyo JohnsonARIDrafted 12th round, 157th overall. Dropped week 1.
TERoland WilliamsSTLDrafted 16th round, 213th overall. On IR week 5.
TEDavid MartinGBPicked up week 5.
TEKris MangumCARPicked up week 6. Dropped week 10.
KShayne GrahamCINDrafted 14th round, 185th overall.
KJason HansonDETDrafted 15th round, 208th overall. Dropped week 6.
KPhil DawsonCLEPicked up week 10.
CATL CoachATLDrafted 19th round, 264th overall.
CTB CoachTBPicked up week 8. Dropped week 11.
DefJAC DefJACDrafted 17th round, 236th overall.
DefSEA DefSEADrafted 18th round, 241st overall.

2004 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBByron LeftwichJACKeeper. Drafted 17th round, 231st overall 2003.
QBBrett FavreGBDrafted 5th round, 44th overall.
QBCraig KrenzelCHIPicked up week 9.
RBPriest HolmesKCKeeper. From Elvis Impersonators in 2003.
RBTyrone WheatleyOAKDrafted 4th round, 29th overall.
RBAmani ToomerNYGDrafted 6th round, 56th overall.
RBAntowain SmithTENDrafted 7th round, 68th overall.
RBAnthony ThomasCHIDrafted 10th round, 100th overall.
RBJosh ScobeyARIDrafted 19th round, 227th overall. Dropped week 4.
RBArtrose PinnerDETPicked up week 4. Dropped week 4.
RBAmos ZereoueOAKPicked up week 5.
WRTorry HoltSTLDrafted 2nd round, 8th overall.
WRAndre JohnsonHOUDrafted 3rd round, 18th overall.
WRRobert FergusonGBDrafted 9th round, 87th overall.
WRDavid TerrellCHIDrafted 12th round, 128th overall. Dropped week 9.
TEFreddie JonesARIDrafted 11th round, 115th overall.
TEAnthony BechtNYJDrafted 13th round, 143rd overall.
KShayne GrahamCINDrafted 14th round, 156th overall.
KJohn CarneyNODrafted 15th round, 171st overall.
CBUF CoachBUFDrafted 18th round, 212th overall.
DefCIN DefCINDrafted 16th round, 184th overall.
DefOAK DefOAKDrafted 17th round, 199th overall.

2003 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBSteve McNairTENDrafted 2nd round, 22nd overall.
QBDrew BreesSDDrafted 6th round, 78th overall.
QBByron LeftwichJACDrafted 17th round, 231st overall.
RBPriest HolmesKCKeeper. From Elvis Impersonators for Michael Westbrook and third round pick in 2003.
RBTroy HambrickDALKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 59th overall 2003.
RBEddie GeorgeTENDrafted 1st round, 7th overall.
RBKenny WatsonWASDrafted 9th round, 119th overall. Waived week 3.
RBWilliam HendersonGBPicked up week 9.
WRJerry PorterOAKDrafted 4th round, 50th overall.
WRTroy BrownNEDrafted 5th round, 63rd overall.
WRJoey GallowayDALDrafted 8th round, 106th overall.
WRDavid TerrellCHIDrafted 11th round, 147th overall.
WRTim DwightATLPicked up week 1. Waived week 5.
WRNate BurlesonMINPicked up week 5.
TEEric JohnsonSFDrafted 7th round, 91st overall. Waived week 1.
TEChad LewisPHIDrafted 12th round, 162nd overall.
TEKris MangumCARPicked up week 1.
TEGeorge WrighsterJACPicked up week 3. Waived week 9.
KAdam VinatieriNEDrafted 10th round, 134th overall.
KJason HansonDETDrafted 13th round, 175th overall.
DefGB DefGBDrafted 14th round, 190th overall.
DefSTL DefSTLDrafted 15th round, 203rd overall.
CGB CoachGBDrafted 16th round, 218th overall.

2002 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BledsoeBUFKeeper. Drafted 7th round, 96th overall 2001.
QBRich GannonOAKDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
RBCorey DillonCINKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 17th overall 2001.
RBCurtis MartinNYJDrafted 1st round, 3rd overall.
RBOlandis GaryDENDrafted 4th round, 54th overall.
RBTroy HambrickDALDrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
WRRod SmithDENKeeper. Drafted 4th round, 45th overall 2001.
WRKevin JohnsonCLEDrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
WRMarcus RobinsonCHIDrafted 7th round, 87th overall.
WRMichael WestbrookCINDrafted 8th round, 110th overall.
WRJabar GaffneyHOUDrafted 9th round, 115th overall.
TEAlge CrumplerATLDrafted 6th round, 82nd overall.
TEJerramy StevensSEADrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
KJason ElamDENDrafted 10th round, 138th overall.
KJason HansonDETDrafted 13th round, 171st overall.
DefMIA DefMIADrafted 12th round, 166th overall.
DefOAK DefOAKDrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 15th round, 199th overall.
CNO CoachNODrafted 16th round, 222nd overall.

2001 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPeyton ManningINDDrafted 1st round, 12th overall.
QBDrew BledsoeNEDrafted 7th round, 96th overall. On IR week 3, off IR week 10.
QBJim MillerCHIPicked up week 3.
RBCorey DillonCINDrafted 2nd round, 17th overall.
RBEmmitt SmithDALDrafted 3rd round, 40th overall.
RBSammy MorrisBUFDrafted 5th round, 68th overall.
RBRichard HuntleyCARDrafted 10th round, 129th overall.
RBShawn BrysonBUFDrafted 15th round, 208th overall.
WRRod SmithDENDrafted 4th round, 45th overall.
WRDerrick MasonTENDrafted 6th round, 73rd overall.
WRJ.J. StokesSFDrafted 9th round, 124th overall.
WRAlbert ConnellNODrafted 11th round, 152nd overall.
WRSantana MossNYJDrafted 13th round, 180th overall.
TEJay RiemersmaBUFDrafted 8th round, 101st overall.
TEBubba FranksGBDrafted 12th round, 157th overall.
KWade RicheySDDrafted 14th round, 185th overall.
KSteve ChristieBUFDrafted 18th round, 241st overall. On IR week 2.
KJohn KasayCARPicked up week 2, waived week 10.
DefNYG DefNYGDrafted 16th round, 213th overall.
DefSF DefSFDrafted 19th round, 264th overall.
CIND CoachINDDrafted 17th round, 236th overall.

2000 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDonovan McNabbPHIDrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
QBRob JohnsonBUFDrafted 10th round, 138th overall.
RBMarshall FaulkSTLDrafted 1st round, 3rd overall. On IR week 11. Off IR week 12.
RBCorey DillonCINDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
RBJ.J. JohnsonMIADrafted 6th round, 82nd overall.
RBJonathan LintonBUFDrafted 12th round, 166th overall.
RBRonney JenkinsSDPicked up week 2.
RBDarnell AutryPHIPicked up week 7.
RBJustin WatsonSTLPicked up week 11. Dropped week 12.
WREric MouldsBUFDrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
WRJoey GallowayDALDrafted 4th round, 54th overall. On IR week 4.
WRTravis TaylorBALDrafted 8th round, 110th overall.
WRJohnnie MortonDETDrafted 9th round, 115th overall.
WRJerry RiceSFDrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
WRDedrick WardNYJDrafted 18th round, 250th overall. Dropped week 2.
WRSylvester MorrisKCPicked up week 4. Dropped week 7.
TEJay RiemersmaBUFDrafted 7th round, 87th overall. On IR week 5. Off IR week 7.
TETony McGeeCINDrafted 15th round, 199th overall. Dropped week 7.
TEJackie HarrisDALPicked up week 5.
KOlindo MareMIADrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
KWade RicheySFDrafted 16th round, 222nd overall.
DefMIA DefMIADrafted 13th round, 171st overall.
DefCLE DefCLEDrafted 19th round, 255th overall.
CSTL CoachSTLDrafted 17th round, 227th overall.

1999 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BledsoeNEDrafted 3rd round, 34th overall.
QBTrent GreenSTLDrafted 8th round, 107th overall.
QBChris MillerDENDrafted 19th round, 258th overall.
QBKurt WarnerSTLPicked up week 2, Traded to The Something Stupids for S.Davis wk 9.
QBPaul JustinSTLPicked up week 2, Waived week 2.
QBDamon HuardMIAPicked up week 9.
RBWarrick DunnTBDrafted 4th round, 51st overall.
RBAhman GreenSEADrafted 10th round, 135th overall. Waived week 9.
RBNapoleon KaufmanOAKDrafted 5th round, 62nd overall.
RBDorsey LevensGBDrafted 1st round, 6th overall.
RBStephen DavisWASFrom The Something Stupids for Kurt Warner week 9.
WRTorry HoltSTLDrafted 7th round, 90th overall.
WRJames JettOAKDrafted 12th round, 163rd overall.
WRJermaine LewisBALDrafted 6th round, 79th overall
WREric MouldsBUFDrafted 2nd round, 23rd overall. On IR week 7, off IR week 9.
WRMarcus RobinsonCHIPicked up week 7.
TEKen DilgerINDDrafted 11th round, 146th overall.
TEEric GreenNYJDrafted 9th round, 118th overall. Waived week 9.
KJohn CarneySDDrafted 16th round, 219th overall.
KTodd PetersonSEADrafted 13th round, 174th overall.
DefNYG DefNYGDrafted 15th round, 202nd overall.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 17th round, 230th overall.
CJAC CoachJACDrafted 14th round, 191st overall.
CPIT CoachPITDrafted 18th round, 247th overall.

1998 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBJim HarbaughBALDrafted 11th Round, 126th overall, Waived week 3
QBRob JohnsonBUFDrafted 8th Round, 91st overall
QBDanny KanellNYGPicked up week 3
QBDrew BledsoeNEFrom Something Stupids for Corey Dillion week 8
RBCorey DillonCINDrafted 1st Round, 6th overall, Traded to Something Stupids for Drew Bledsoe in week 8
RBGarrison HearstSFDrafted 4th Round, 43rd overall
RBNapolean KaufmanOAKDrafted 2nd Round, 19th overall
RBTavian BanksJACDrafted 9th Round, 102nd overall
RBBam MorrisKCPicked up week 7
WRDerrick AlexanderKCDrafted 6th Round, 67th overall.
WRIrving FryarPHIDrafted 5th Round, 54th overall.
WRShawn JeffersonNEDrafted 18th Round, 211th overall
WRTerance MathisATLDrafted 10th Round, 115th overall
WRJohnnie MortonDETDrafted 7th Round, 78th overall
TEKyle BradyNYJDrafted 13th Round, 150th overall
TERicky DudleyOAKDrafted 3rd Round, 30th overall
KJohn CarneySDDrafted 14th Round, 163rd overall
KJeff WilkinsSTLDrafted 15th Round, 174th overall
DefJAC DefJACDrafted 17th Round, 198th overall, Waived week 7
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 12th Round, 139th overall
DefSTL DefSTLDrafted 19th Round, 222nd overall
CPIT CoachPITDrafted 16th Round, 187th overall

1997 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBHeath SchulerNODrafted 19th Round, 187th overall. Waived week 3.
QBKordell StewartPITDrafted 4th Round, 34th overall.
QBWarren MoonSEAPicked up week 3.
RBTim BiakabutukaCARDrafted 8th Round, 74th overall. Waived week 2.
RBNapolean KaufmanOAKDrafted 12th Round, 114th overall.
RBLawrence PhillipsSTLDrafted 6th Round, 54th overall.
RBChris WarrenSEADrafted 5th Round, 47th overall.
RBRaymont HarrisCHIPicked up week 2.
WRBobby EngramCHIDrafted 11th Round, 107th overall.
WRKeyshawn JohnsonNYJDrafted 7th Round, 67th overall.
WRTony MartinSDDrafted 3rd Round, 27th overall.
WRHerman MooreDETDrafted 1st Round, 7th overall.
WRJohnnie MortonDETDrafted 10th Round, 94th overall.
TEJamie AsherWASDrafted 13th Round, 127th overall.
TEBen CoatesNEDrafted 2nd Round, 14th overall.
KGary AndersonSFDrafted 18th Round, 174th overall.
KJeff JaegerCHIDrafted 17th Round, 167th overall.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 9th Round, 87th overall.
DefSEA DefSEADrafted 15th Round, 147th overall.
CNE CoachNEDrafted 14th Round, 134th overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 16th Round, 154th overall.

1996 Roster*

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
*This is only the drafted roster. Records of transactions for 1996 are not available.
QBJeff BlakeCINDrafted 3rd Round, 17th overall.
QBJim KellyBUFDrafted 8th Round, 64th overall.
QBStan HumphriesSDDrafted 22nd Round, 176th overall.
RBEmmitt SmithDALDrafted 1st Round, 1st overall.
RBRashaan SalaamCHIDrafted 2nd Round, 16th overall.
RBKi-Jana CarterCINDrafted 9th Round, 65th overall.
RBJerome BettisPITDrafted 14th Round, 112th overall.
WROJ McDuffleMIADrafted 4th Round, 32nd overall.
WRJoey GallowaySEADrafted 5th Round, 33rd overall.
WRTerry GlennNEDrafted 6th Round, 48th overall.
WRMike WestbrookWASDrafted 11th Round, 81st overall.
WRLake DawsonKCDrafted 16th Round, 128th overall.
WRMichael TimpsonCHIDrafted 20th Round, 160th overall.
TEJackie HarrisTBDrafted 7th Round, 49th overall.
TEKeith JacksonGBDrafted 10th Round, 80th overall.
TEMark BruenerPITDrafted 21st Round, 161st overall.
KJohn CarneySDDrafted 12th Round, 96th overall.
KKevin ButlerCHIDrafted 18th Round, 144th overall.
DefKC DefKCDrafted 15th Round, 113th overall.
DefBUF DefBUFDrafted 17th Round, 129th overall.
CBUF CoachBUFDrafted 13th Round, 97th overall.
CCHI CoachCHIDrafted 19th Round, 145th overall.

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