The Hellfish

Owner Info
Owner: Wade Iverson
From: West Fargo, ND
Phone #: 701-277-8908

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Franchise History
2001The Hellfish had a pretty mediocre first year in the league. They finished 5-7-1 and in third place in the Western Division and also failed to make the playoffs.
2002The Hellfish had a very disappointing season. They finished fifth in the Western Division with a 3-13 record.
2003It was another rough year for The Hellfish. They finished fifth in the Western Division with a 4-12 record and missed the playoffs for the third consecutive year.
2004The Hellfish had their best season to date. Too bad they still finished last in the Western Division with a 7-9 record and missed the playoffs yet again.
2005The Hellfish had their very first winning season. The finished first in the Western Division with a 13-3 record and won Fantasy Bowl XII beating The Undergarments 90-67.
2006The Hellfish Failed to repeat as champions. They finished third in the Western Division with a 8-7-1 record, and failed to make the playoffs.
2007The Hellfish had their second losing season in a row after winning it all back in 2005. They finished fourth in the Western Division with a 7-9 record and failed to make the playoffs.
2008The Hellfish had their second straight losing season. They finished with a 5-11 record and in last place in the Western Division.
2009The Hellfish once again struggled in the tough Western Division. They finished with a 5-11 record and last place in the Western Division for the second straight season.
2010The Hellfish finished third in the North Division with an 8-8 record, and they just barely missed the playoffs.

Franchise Stats



YearKeeper 1 (pick given up)Keeper 2 (pick given up)Keeper 3 (pick given up)
2017Aaron Rodgers (1st)
2016Aaron Rodgers (1st)Amari Cooper (3rd)
2015Aaron Rodgers (1st)Arian Foster (1st)
2013A.J. Green (6th)Robert Turbin (8th)
2012Maurice Jones-Drew (1st)A.J. Green (7th)
2010Brandon Marshall (4th)
2008Tom Brady (1st)
2007Shaun Alexander (1st)Tom Brady (2nd)Frank Gore (3rd)
2006Shaun Alexander (1st)Terrell Owens (2nd)Tom Brady (3rd)
2004Hines Ward (1st)

Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
*13 game season. 16 game seasons started in 2002. 13 game seasons started again in 2012.
Most points for team (season)14112011
Least points for team (season)8632017
Most points against (season)12942003
Least points against (season)8852017
Most wins (season)132005
Least wins (season)32002

Individual Season Records

Most points for a QB (season)
317Tom Brady2007
288Aaron Rodgers2016
281Aaron Rodgers2014
261Blake Bortles2015
252Aaron Rodgers2015
Most points for a RB (season)
268Shaun Alexander2005
188Shaun Alexander2001
186Matt Forte2008
176Frank Gore2006
173Arian Foster2014
Most points for a WR (season)
176Marvin Harrison2001
168A.J. Green2012
157Joe Horn2004
148A.J. Green2013
142Hines Ward2003
Most points for a TE (season)
146Jimmy Graham2011
115Tony Gonzalez2012
103Greg Olsen2014
97Jason Witten2004
86Antonio Gates2013
Most points for a K (season)
137David Akers2011
132Neil Rackers2005
126Justin Tucker2013
122David Akers2010
120Justin Tucker2014
Most points for a C (season)
36IND Coach2005
30ATL Coach2010
27OAK Coach2001
27TB Coach2002
27PHI Coach2003
27PIT Coach2011
27GB Coach2014
Most points for a Def (season)
114CHI Def2012
100NE Def2007
98NYJ Def2001
89PIT Def2004
89CIN Def2013

Weekly Records

Most points scored team (game)
146 Week 9/2001
136 Week 3/2012
121 Week 8/2016
119 Week 13/2004
118 Week 8/2014
Least points scored team (game)
24 Week 13/2002
29 Week 5/2003
33 Week 8/2010
33 Week 8/2013
35 Week 11/2003
Most points scored by QB (game)
37Tom BradyWeek 8/2007
35Tom BradyWeek 7/2007
35Matt CasselWeek 10/2010
34Tom BradyWeek 6/2007
33Tom BradyWeek 11/2007
33Tom BradyWeek 9/2013
33Aaron RodgersWeek 10/2014
33Aaron RodgersWeek 9/2015
Most points scored by RB (game)
44Shaun AlexanderWeek 9/2001
38Julius JonesWeek 13/2004
38Shaun AlexanderWeek 3/2005
38Shaun AlexanderWeek 6/2005
35Arian FosterWeek 8/2014
Most points scored by WR (game)
35Marvin HarrisonWeek 9/2001
32Marvin HarrisonWeek 2/2001
29T.Y. HiltonWeek 9/2017
28Joe HornWeek 13/2004
28A.J. GreenWeek 1/2013
Most points scored by TE (game)
25Jason WittenWeek 10/2004
24Tony GonzalezWeek 10/2012
23Ben WatsonWeek 5/2007
20Jimmy GrahamWeek 12/2011
19Jimmy GrahamWeek 4/2011
19Antonio GatesWeek 4/2013
19Greg OlsenWeek 5/2014
19Jason WittenWeek 9/2016
Most points scored by K (game)
19Justin TuckerWeek 13/2013
18Josh BrownWeek 7/2007
18Justin TuckerWeek 5/2013
17Stephen GostkowskiWeek 13/2016
16Paul EdingerWeek 3/2005
16Neil RackersWeek 9/2005
16Adam VinatieriWeek 8/2006
16Steven HauschkaWeek 3/2015
Most points scored by Def (game)
26NYJ DefWeek 10/2001
19NYJ DefWeek 4/2001
19CHI DefWeek 9/2012
18CHI DefWeek 4/2012
18CHI DefWeek 5/2012

Postseason Records

Most points scored team (playoff game)
111 Round 1/2011
96 Round 2/2011
91 Round 2/2005
90 Fantasy Bowl XII
90 Round 1/2014
Least points scored team (playoff game)
62 Round 1/2016
66 Round 1/2015
90 Round 1/2014
90 Fantasy Bowl XII
91 Round 2/2005
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)
27Aaron RodgersRound 1/2014
21Tom BradyRound 2/2005
21Aaron RodgersRound 1/2016
20Ben RoethlisbergerRound 1/2011
18Aaron RodgersRound 1/2015
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)
37Maurice Jones-DrewRound 1/2011
31Shaun AlexanderFantasy Bowl XII
23Shaun AlexanderRound 2/2005
22Donald BrownRound 2/2011
20Arian FosterRound 1/2014
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)
22Marques ColstonRound 1/2011
16Emmanuel SandersRound 1/2016
11A.J. GreenRound 2/2011
9Marques ColstonRound 2/2011
8Keyshawn JohnsonFantasy Bowl XII
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)
25Chris CooleyRound 2/2005
14Zach MillerRound 1/2015
13Jimmy GrahamRound 2/2011
13Greg OlsenRound 1/2014
10Chris CooleyFantasy Bowl XII
Most points scored by K (playoff game)
9Neil RackersFantasy Bowl XII
9Neil RackersRound 1/2011
8Neil RackersRound 2/2005
7Neil RackersRound 2/2011
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)
8NYG DefFantasy Bowl XII
8NYJ DefRound 1/2011
7NYJ DefRound 2/2011
5IND DefRound 2/2005
1SEA DefRound 1/2016

Record vs. Other Teams

Elvis Impersonators12-15-1
Bad Attitudes7-60-1
The Slim Shaggys17-11
Vinny's Gang7-210-1
Greasy Weasels4-210-1
Squishy Fuzz11-6
The Wondrful Gazonks12-7
The Undergarments8-61-0
Hot Buttered Moose Nuts11-5
Twee Twerps8-9
Grid Iron Bullies5-7-11-1
October Hunters2-2
San Quentin Saints5-5
Palolo Valley Tide0-1

2016 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBRodgers, AaronGBKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 10th overall in 2014.
QBCutler, JayCHIDrafted 12th round, 164th overall. Dropped week 3.
QBBradford, SamMINPicked up week 3.
RBForte, MattNYJDrafted 2nd round, 24th overall.
RBBlount, LeGarretteNEDrafted 4th round, 52nd overall.
RBForsett, JustinDENDrafted 7th round, 89th overall. Dropped week 9.
RBPerkins, Paul (R)NYGDrafted 13th round, 173rd overall. Dropped week 3.
RBMurphy, MarcusNODrafted 18th round, 248th overall. Dropped week 6.
RBStarks, JamesGBPicked up week 6. Dropped week 9. Picked up week 9.
RBAsiata, MattMINPicked up week 6.
WRCooper, AmariOAKKeeper. Drafted 4th round, 47th overall in 2015.
WRWhite, KevinCHIDrafted 5th round, 61st overall. Dropped week 7.
WRSanders, EmmanuelDENDrafted 6th round, 80th overall.
WRThomas, Michael (R)NODrafted 11th round, 145th overall. Dropped week 5.
WRGinn Jr., TedCARDrafted 17th round, 229th overall.
WRGreen-Beckham, DorialPHIPicked up week 7.
TEMiller, ZachCHIDrafted 8th round, 108th overall.
TEHooper, Austin (R)ATLDrafted 14th round, 192nd overall. Dropped week 4.
TEWitten, JasonDALPicked up week 4.
KGostkowski, StephenNEDrafted 9th round, 117th overall.
KVinatieri, AdamINDDrafted 15th round, 201st overall. Dropped week 3.
KGould, RobbieNYGPicked up week 9.
DefSeahawks, SeattleSEADrafted 10th round, 136th overall.
DefBills, BuffaloBUFDrafted 19th round, 257th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefEagles, PhiladelphiaPHIPicked up week 5. Dropped week 6.
CMcCarthy, MikeGBDrafted 16th round, 220th overall.

2015 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBRodgers, AaronGBKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 10th overall in 2014.
QBBortles, BlakeJACDrafted 13th round, 178th overall.
RBFoster, ArianHOUKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 19th overall in 2014. Dropped week 9.
RBIvory, ChrisNYJDrafted 3rd round, 38th overall.
RBBlue, AlfredHOUDrafted 5th round, 66th overall.
RBSankey, BishopTENDrafted 9th round, 122nd overall.
RBDavis, Mike (R)SFDrafted 19th round, 262nd overall. Dropped week 3.
RBDraughn, ShaunCLE-SFPicked up week 12.
WRCooper, Amari (R)OAKDrafted 4th round, 47th overall.
WRBenjamin, KelvinCARDrafted 6th round, 75th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRMaclin, JeremyKCDrafted 8th round, 103rd overall.
WRHarvin, PercyBUFDrafted 12th round, 159th overall. Dropped week 11.
WRStrong, Jaelen (R)HOUDrafted 16th round, 215th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRFloyd, MichaelARIPicked up week 9.
WRAmendola, DannyNEPicked up week 9.
TERudolph, KyleMINDrafted 7th round, 94th overall.
TECook, JaredSTLDrafted 14th round, 187th overall. Dropped week 11.
TEMiller, ZachCHIPicked up week 11.
KHauschka, StevenSEADrafted 11th round, 150th overall.
KGould, RobbieCHIDrafted 17th round, 234th overall.
DefBills, BuffaloBUFDrafted 10th round, 131st overall.
Def49ers, San FranciscoSFDrafted 18th round, 243rd overall. Dropped week 9.
CMcCarthy, MikeGBDrafted 15th round, 206th overall.

2014 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBRodgers, AaronGBDrafted 1st round 10th overall.
QBManziel, Johnny (R)CLE Drafted 13th round, 178th overall. Dropped week 11.
QBHoyer, BrianCLE Picked up week 7.
QBOsweiler, BrockDENPicked up week 12. Dropped week 12.
RBFoster, ArianHOUDrafted 2nd round, 19th overall.
RBTate, BenCLE-MIN-PITDrafted 4th round, 47th overall. On IR week 2. Off IR week 4.
RBJackson, StevenATLDrafted 7th round, 94th overall.
RBGrimes, JonathanHOUDrafted 14th round, 187th overall. Dropped week 4.
RBMcCluster, DexterTENDrafted 16th round, 215th overall. Dropped week 11.
WRGarcon, PierreWASDrafted 3rd round, 38th overall.
WRWelker, WesDENDrafted 5th round, 66th overall.
WRTate, GoldenDETDrafted 6th round, 75th overall.
WRJennings, GregMINDrafted 9th round, 122nd overall.
WRBowe, DwayneKCDrafted 10th round, 131st overall.
WRBurleson, NateCLEDrafted 19th round, 262nd overall. Dropped week 3.
TEOlsen, GregCARDrafted 8th round, 103rd overall.
TEEifert, TylerCINDrafted 15th round, 206th overall. On IR week 4. Dropped week 4.
TEGresham, JermaineCINPicked up week 12.
KTucker, JustinBALDrafted 11th round, 150th overall.
KHenery, AlexDETDrafted 18th round, 243rd overall. Dropped week 3.
KSturgis, CalebMIAPicked up week 11. Dropped week 12.
CMcCarthy, MikeGBDrafted 17th round, 234th overall.
DefBengals, CincinnatiCINDrafted 12th round, 159th overall.
DefFalcons, AtlantaATLPicked up week 4. Dropped week 7.

2013 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTom BradyNEDrafted 2nd round, 24th overall.
QBChristian PonderMINDrafted 12th round, 164th overall.
RBRay RiceBALDrafted 1st round, 5th overall.
RBDavid WilsonNYGDrafted 3rd round, 33rd overall.
RBRobert TurbinSEAKeeper. Drafted 13th round, 180th overall in 2012.
RBAndre BrownNYGDrafted 9th round, 117th overall.
RBZac Stacy (R)STLDrafted 13th round, 173rd overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJoseph Randle (R)DALDrafted 15th round, 201st overall. Dropped week 3.
WRGreg JenningsMINDrafted 4th round, 52nd overall.
WRPierre GarconWASDrafted 5th round, 61st overall.
WRA.J. GreenCINKeeper. Drafted 8th round, 110th overall in 2011.
WRSidney RiceSEADrafted 10th round, 136th overall.
WRBrian QuickSTLDrafted 17th round, 229th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEAntonio GatesSDDrafted 7th round, 89th overall.
TERobert HouslerARIDrafted 18th round, 248th overall.
KJustin TuckerBALDrafted 11th round, 145th overall.
CCIN CoachCINDrafted 16th round, 220th overall.
DefCIN DefCINDrafted 14th round, 192nd overall.
DefDAL DefDALDrafted 19th round, 257th overall.

2012 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBMatt SchaubHOUDrafted 5th round, 68th overall.
QBSam BradfordSTLDrafted 11th round, 152nd overall. Dropped week 7. Picked up week 8. Dropped week 13.
QBJoe FlaccoBALFrom Elvis Impersonators week 7.
RBMaurice Jones-DrewJACKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 3rd overall in 2011. On IR week 8.
RBMichael TurnerATLDrafted 2nd round, 17th overall.
RBBeanie WellsARIDrafted 6th round, 73rd overall. On IR week 6. Off IR week 13.
RBRobert Turbin (R)SEADrafted 13th round, 180th overall.
RBBernard Pierce (R)BALDrafted 14th round, 185th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBLamar Miller (R)MIADrafted 19th round, 264th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJoique BellDETPicked up week 7.
WRSteve SmithCARDrafted 3rd round, 40th overall.
WRA.J. GreenCINKeeper. Drafted 8th round, 110th overall in 2011.
WRMalcom FloydSDDrafted 8th round, 101st overall.
WRLeonard HankersonWASDrafted 15th round, 208th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRMike WilliamsTBPicked up week 6.
TETony GonzalezATLDrafted 4th round, 45th overall.
TEKyle RudolphMINDrafted 12th round, 157th overall. To Elvis Impersonators week 7.
TEDennis PittaBALFrom Elvis Impersonators week 7. Dropped week 8.
KMason CrosbyGBDrafted 9th round, 124th overall.
KRob BironasTENDrafted 18th round, 241st overall.
CDAL CoachDALDrafted 17th round, 236th overall.
DefCHI DefCHIDrafted 10th round, 129th overall.
DefNYJ DefNYJDrafted 16th round, 213th overall. Dropped week 7.

2011 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBen RoethlisbergerPITDrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
QBJason CampbellOAKDrafted 13th round, 171st overall. Dropped week 11.
QBBlaine Gabbert (R)JACPicked up week 11.
RBMaurice Jones-DrewJACDrafted 1st round, 3rd overall.
RBJahvid BestDETDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
RBMichael BushOAKDrafted 7th round, 87th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBDonald BrownINDDrafted 9th round, 115th overall.
RBChristopher IvoryNODrafted 18th round, 250th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBCarnell WilliamsSTLPicked up week 9.
WRMarques ColstonNODrafted 4th round, 54th overall.
WRJohnny KnoxCHIDrafted 6th round, 82nd overall.
WRA.J, Green (R)CINDrafted 8th round, 110th overall.
WRMichael CrabtreeSFDrafted 12th round, 166th overall.
WRDuke CalhounNYGDrafted 19th round, 255th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEJimmy GrahamNODrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
TEJared CookTENDrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
KNeil RackersHOUDrafted 10th round, 138th overall.
KDavid AkersSFDrafted 16th round, 222nd overall.
CMike TomlinPITDrafted 15th round, 199th overall.
DefNYJ DefNYJDrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
DefSD DefSDDrafted 17th round, 227th overall. Dropped week 9.

2010 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BreesNODrafted 1st round, 7th overall.
QBMatt CasselKCDrafted 13th round, 175th overall.
RBMatt ForteCHIDrafted 2nd round, 22nd overall.
RBJustin ForsettSEADrafted 5th round, 63rd overall.
RBCarnell WilliamsTBDrafted 6th round, 78th overall.
RBDonald BrownINDDrafted 8th round, 106th overall.
WRSteve SmithNYGDrafted 3rd round, 35th overall.
WRBrandon MarshallMIAKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 64th overall in 2010.
WRHines WardPITDrafted 7th round, 91st overall.
WRDemaryius Thomas (R)DENDrafted 12th round, 162nd overall.
WRMohamed MassaquoiCLEDrafted 15th round, 203rd overall.
TEKellen WinslowTBDrafted 9th round, 119th overall.
TEFred DavisWASDrafted 14th round, 190th overall. Dropped week 3.
KDavid AkersPHIDrafted 11th round, 147th overall.
KAdam VinatieriINDDrafted 18th round, 246th overall.
CJosh McDanielsDENDrafted 17th round, 231st overall. Dropped week 3.
CMike SmithATLDrafted 19th round, 259th overall.
DefMIN DefMINDrafted 10th round, 134th overall.
DefTEN DefTENDrafted 16th round, 218th overall. Dropped week 3.

2009 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPhilip RiversSDDrafted 1st round, 8th overall.
QBJason CampbellWASDrafted 12th round, 161st overall.
RBReggie BushNODrafted 2nd round, 21st overall.
RBChris Wells (R) ARIDrafted 3rd round, 36th overall.
RBDonald Brown (R) INDDrafted 4th round, 49th overall.
RBMichael BushOAKDrafted 13th round, 176th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBMewelde MoorePITDrafted 17th round, 232th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRBrandon MarshallDENDrafted 5th round, 64th overall.
WRHines WardPITDrafted 6th round, 77th overall.
WRLaveranues ColesCINDrafted 7th round, 92nd overall.
WRDerrick MasonBALDrafted 10th round, 133rd overall. Dropped week 3.
WRJohnny Knox (R)CHIPicked up week 3.
TEDustin KellerNYJDrafted 8th round, 105th overall.
TETony SchefflerDENDrafted 14th round, 189th overall.
KStephen GostkowskiNEDrafted 9th round, 120th overall.
KNick FolkDALDrafted 15th round, 204th overall.
CMike SmithATLDrafted 18th round, 245th overall.
CJohn FoxCARDrafted 19th round, 260th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefTEN DefTENDrafted 11th round, 148th overall.
DefWAS DefWASDrafted 16th round, 217th overall.

2008 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTom BradyNEKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 31st overall in 2005. On IR week 2.
QBJake DelhommeCARDrafted 10th round, 131st overall.
QBMatt CasselNEPicked up week 2.
RBMatt Forte (R)CHIDrafted 3rd round, 38th overall.
RBFred TaylorJACDrafted 4th round, 47th overall.
RBDominic RhodesINDDrafted 9th round, 122nd overall. Dropped week 3.
RBAhmad BradshawNYGDrafted 13th round, 178th overall.
WRTerrell OwensDALDrafted 2nd round, 19th overall.
WRChris ChambersSDDrafted 5th round, 66th overall.
WRDonald DriverGBDrafted 7th round, 94th overall.
WRJames Hardy (R)BUFDrafted 12th round, 159th overall.
WRSteve SmithNYGDrafted 15th round, 206th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRRonald CurryOAKDrafted 19th round, 262nd overall. Dropped week 2.
TEKevin BossNYGDrafted 6th round, 75th overall.
TEBen UtechtCINDrafted 14th round, 187th overall.
KStephen GostkowskiNEDrafted 8th round, 103rd overall.
KShaun SuishamWASDrafted 17th round, 234th overall.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 16th round, 215th overall.
DefDAL DefDALDrafted 11th round, 150th overall.
DefNYJ DefNYJDrafted 18th round, 243rd overall.

2007 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTom BradyNEKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 31st overall in 2005.
QBRex GrossmanCHIDrafted 11th round, 145th overall.
RBShaun AlexanderSEAKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 4th overall in 2005.
RBFrank GoreSFKeeper. Drafted 4th round, 45th overall in 2006.
RBChris BrownTENDrafted 8th round, 108th overall.
RBT.J. DuckettDETDrafted 16th round, 220th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRLarry FitzgeraldARIDrafted 4th round, 52nd overall.
WRReggie BrownPHIDrafted 5th round, 61st overall.
WRBethel JohnsonHOUDrafted 7th round, 89th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRIsaac BruceSRLDrafted 12th round, 164th overall.
TEBen WatsonNEDrafted 6th round, 80th overall.
TEBo ScaifeTENDrafted 13th round, 173rd overall.
KNate KaedingSDDrafted 10th round, 136th overall.
KJosh BrownSEADrafted 15th round, 201st overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 17th round, 229th overall.
CCAR CoachCARDrafted 19th round, 257th overall.
DefNE DefNEDrafted 9th round, 117th overall.
DefJAC DefJACDrafted 14th round, 192nd overall. Dropped week 3.
DefSF DefSFDrafted 18th round, 248th overall.

2006 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTom BradyNEKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 31st overall 2005.
QBJake PlummerDENDrafted 9th round, 124th overall.
QBCharlie BatchPITDrafted 19th round, 264th overall.
RBShaun AlexanderSEAKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 4th overall 2005. On IR week 7. Off IR week 9.
RBFrank GoreSFDrafted 4th round, 45th overall.
RBFred TaylorJACDrafted 7th round, 96th overall.
RBKevin FaulkNEDrafted 12th round, 157th overall.
RBMike AlstottTBDrafted 18th round, 241st overall.
WRTerrell OwensDALKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 26th overall 2005.
WRDerrick MasonBALDrafted 5th round, 68th overall.
WRDrew BennettTENDrafted 8th round, 101st overall.
WRRobert FergusonGBDrafted 14th round, 185th overall. On IR week 7.
TEChris CooleyWASDrafted 6th round, 73rd overall.
TEZach HiltonNYJDrafted 13th round, 180th overall.
KAdam VinatieriINDDrafted 10th round, 129th overall.
KJohn CarneyNODrafted 16th round, 213th overall.
DefJAC DefJACDrafted 11th round, 152nd overall.
DefNYJ DefNYJDrafted 17th round, 236th overall.
CPIT CoachPITDrafted 15th round, 208th overall.

2005 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTom BradyNEDrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
QBBrett FavreGBDrafted 8th round, 110th overall.
RBShaun AlexanderSEADrafted 1st round, 4th overall.
RBTravis HenryTENDrafted 4th round, 54th overall.
RBMoe WilliamsMINDrafted 7th round, 87th overall. On IR week 16.
RBStephen DavisCARDrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
RBNick GoingsCARPicked up week 16.
WRTerrell OwensPHIDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
WRJimmy SmithJACDrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
WRKeary ColbertCARDrafted 12th round, 166th overall.
WRKeyshawn JohnsonDALDrafted 13th round, 171st overall.
TEJeb PutzierDENDrafted 6th round, 82nd overall.
TEChris CooleyWASDrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
TEJoe ZelenkaJACDrafted 19th round, 255th overall. Dropped week 16.
KPaul EdingerMINDrafted 10th round, 138th overall.
KNeil RackersARIDrafted 17th round, 227th overall.
CIND CoachINDDrafted 15th round, 199th overall.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 9th round, 115th overall.
DefIND DefINDDrafted 16th round, 222nd overall.
DefNYG DefNYGDrafted 18th round, 250th overall.

2004 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBJake DelhommeCARDrafted 6th round, 57th overall.
QBBrad JohnsonTBDrafted 9th round, 86th overall.
RBThomas JonesCHIDrafted 2nd round, 9th overall.
RBJulius JonesDALDrafted 4th round, 30th overall.
RBTatum BellDENDrafted 7th round, 67th overall.
RBWilliam GreenCLEDrafted 12th round, 129th overall.
WRHines WardPITKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 8th overall 2003.
WRJoe HornNODrafted 3rd round, 17th overall.
WRDavid BostonMIADrafted 8th round, 77th overall.
WRTerry GlennDALDrafted 15th round, 170th overall.
WRReggie WilliamsJACDrafted 18th round, 213th overall.
TEKellen WinslowCLEDrafted 5th round, 43rd overall.
TEJason WittenDALDrafted 13th round, 142nd overall.
KJason ElamDENDrafted 10th round, 101st overall.
KAaron EllingMINDrafted 14th round, 157th overall.
CKC CoachKCDrafted 16th round, 185th overall.
CNO CoachNODrafted 19th round, 226th overall.
DefTB DefTBDrafted 11th round, 114th overall.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 17th round, 198th overall.

2003 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTommy MaddoxPITDrafted 3rd round, 36th overall.
QBBrad JohnsonTBDrafted 8th round, 105th overall.
RBDuce StaleyPHIDrafted 2nd round, 21st overall.
RBMike AlstottTBDrafted 4th round, 49th overall.
RBLamont JordanNYJDrafted 7th round, 92nd overall.
RBTyrone WheatleyOAKDrafted 17th round, 232nd overall.
WRHines WardPITDrafted 1st round, 8th overall.
WRChris ChambersMIADrafted 6th round, 77th overall.
WRReggie WayneINDDrafted 9th round, 120th overall.
WRTyrone CalicoTENDrafted 15th round, 204th overall.
TEMarcus PollardINDDrafted 5th round, 64th overall.
TEJay RiemersmaPITDrafted 12th round, 161st overall.
TEKen DilgerTBDrafted 16th round, 217th overall.
KRyan LongwellGBDrafted 10th round, 133rd overall.
KHayden EpsteinMINDrafted 13th round, 176th overall.
DefBAL DefBALDrafted 11th round, 148th overall.
DefCIN DefCINDrafted 18th round, 245th overall.
CDET CoachDETDrafted 19th round, 260th overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 14th round, 189th overall.

2002 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBPeyton ManningINDDrafted 1st round, 2nd overall.
QBKerry CollinsNYGDrafted 6th round, 83rd overall.
RBLamar SmithCARDrafted 2nd round, 27th overall.
RBTyrone WheatleyOAKDrafted 5th round, 58th overall.
RBChris Fuamatu-MaafalaPITDrafted 9th round, 114 overall.
WRDerrick MasonTENDrafted 3rd round, 30th overall.
WRKeenan McCardellTBDrafted 4th round, 55th overall.
WRCorey BradfordHOUDrafted 10th round, 139th overall.
WRDavid PattenNEDrafted 11th round, 142nd overall.
WRTerrence WilkinsSTLDrafted 16th round, 223rd overall.
WRGermane CrowellDETDrafted 18th round, 251st overall.
WRBrandon StokleyBALDrafted 19th round, 254th overall.
TEErnie ConwellSTLDrafted 7th round, 86th overall.
TEKen DilgerTBDrafted 8th round, 111 overall.
KMatt StoverBALDrafted 12th round, 167th overall.
KJohn HallNYJDrafted 15th round, 198th overall.
DefNYJ DefNYJDrafted 13th round, 170th overall.
DefBUF DefBUFDrafted 17th round, 226th overall.
CTB CoachTBDrafted 14th round, 195th overall.

2001 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDonovan McNabbPHIDrafted 2nd round, 16th overall.
QBKerry CollinsNYGDrafted 7th round, 97th overall.
RBTiki BarberNYGDrafted 4th round, 44th overall.
RBRon DayneNYGDrafted 6th round, 72nd overall.
RBMichael PittmanARIDrafted 8th round, 100th overall.
RBShaun AlexanderSEADrafted 9th round, 125th overall.
RBFred BeasleySFDrafted 15th round, 209th overall.
RBCorrell BuckhalterPHIDrafted 18th round, 240th overall.
WRMarvin HarrisonINDDrafted 1st round, 13th overall.
WRKeyshawn JohnsonTBDrafted 3rd round, 41st overall.
WROronde GadsdenMIADrafted 10th round, 128th overall.
WRJacquez GreenTBDrafted 11th round, 153rd overall.
WRPatrick JeffersCARDrafted 13th round, 181st overall.
TEDesmond ClarkDENDrafted 5th round, 69th overall.
TEGreg ClarkSFDrafted 12th round, 156th overall.
KOlindo MareMIADrafted 14th round, 184th overall.
KBill GramaticaARIDrafted 19th round, 265th overall.
DefNYJ DefNYJDrafted 16th round, 212th overall.
COAK CoachOAKDrafted 17th round, 237th overall.

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