The Helper Monkeys

The Helper Monkeys

Owner Info
Owner: Brian Stangl

Franchise History
1998The Skittle Burn joined the league. After the draft their owner claimed "I have the best team in the league", so after finishing 5-8 and tied for third place in the Western Division, and missed the playoffs by a tiebreaker, you could say the Skittle Burn had a disappointing season.
1999With a record of 8-5, Skittle Burn finished third in the Eastern Division and just barely made the playoff by a tiebreaker. They then lost their first playoff game to the Wondrful Gazonks 86-66. The Skittle Burn franchise was then sold to Nugget the tortoise. Nugget then changed the team name to the Spam Bandits. Nugget saw the improvement of the team from a year ago, so he decided to keep Brian on as GM.
2001Nugget and Brian are back again new and improved. They are now known as The Helper Monkeys. They finished with a record of 9-4, won the Eastern Division and got a first round bye. They won their first playoff game, but lost to The Undergarments in Fantasy Bowl VIII 85-70.

Franchise Stats


Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
Most points for team (season)9892001
Least points for team (season)8711999
Most points against (season)9621998
Least points against (season)8511999
Most wins (season)92001
Least wins (season)51998

Individual Season Records

Season RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points for a QB (season)203Brett Favre1999
Most points for a RB (season)211Marshall Faulk2001
Most points for a WR (season)145Germane Crowell1999
Most points for a TE (season)48Freddie Jones1998
Most points for a K (season)95Martin Gramatica1999
Most points for a C (season)24Sea Coach1999
Most points for a Def (season)115Stl Def1999

Weekly Records

Weekly RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points scored team (game)129 week 2/1998
Least points scored team (game)29 week 8/2001
Most points scored by QB (game)37Jake Plummerweek 12/1998
Most points scored by RB (game)40Barry Sandersweek 2/1998
Most points scored by WR (game)31Eric MouldsWeek 11/2001
Most points scored by TE (game)8Frank Wycheckweek 2/1999
Most points scored by K (game)16Doug Brienweek 12/1999
Most points scored by Def (game)12Jacksonville Defweek 10/1998
 12Tampa Bay Defweek 2/1998
 12Pittsburgh Defweek 3/2001

Postseason Records

Postseason RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points scored team (playoff game)94 2001
Least points scored team (playoff game)66 1999
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)23Brett Favre1999
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)39Marshall Faulk2001
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)13Darnay Scott1999
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)3Frank Wycheck1999
Most points scored by K (playoff game)6Doug Brien1999
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)15Pittsburgh Def2001

Record vs. Other Teams

Greasy Weasels0-2 
Elvis Impersonators1-3 
Squishy Fuzz1-2 
Vinny's Gang1-2 
The Undergarments3-00-1
The Wondrful Gazonks2-10-1
Bad Attitudes2-0 
Hot Buttered Moose Nuts1-1 
San Quentin Saints1-1 
The Slim Shaggys1-0 
Tainted Twizzlers1-2 
The Something Stupids1-2 
Sizzlin' Sluts1-0 
Evil Petting Zoo0-1 
Caped Crusaders1-0 
Raging Alcoholics2-0 

2001 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBrad JohnsonTBDrafted 6th round, 82nd overall.
QBCharllie BatchDETDrafted 9th round, 115th overall. On IR week 13.
QBJeff BlakeNODrafted 13th round, 171st overall. Waived week 13.
QBChris WeinkeCARPicked up week 1.
QBMike McMahonDETPicked up week 13.
RBMarshall FaulkSTLDrafted 1st round, 3rd overall.
RBWarrick DunnTBDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall. On IR week 4, off IR week 6.
RBJames StewartDETDrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
RBOlandis GaryDENDrafted 8th round, 110th overall. On IR week 12, waived week 13.
RBTravis PrenticeCLE/MINDrafted 12th round, 166th overall. Waived week 4.
RBAaron StecklerTBPcked up week 4, waived week 6.
RBLamont WarrenDETPicked up week 7.
RBLaMont JordanNYJPicked up week 7.
WREric MouldsBUFDrafted 4th round, 54th overall.
WREd McCaffreyDENDrafted 5th round, 59th overall. On IR week 2.
WRMarcus RobinsonCHIDrafted 7th round, 87th overall. On IR week 1, off IR wk 1, on IR wk 7.
WRFreddie MitchellPHIDrafted 10th round, 138th overall. Waived week 2.
WRHerman MooreDETDrafted 17th round, 227th overall. Waived week 1.
WRHines WardPITPicked up week 1, waived week 2, picked up week 4
WREddie KennisonDEN/KCPicked up week 2, waived week 5.
WRJerome PathonINDPicked up week 2. On IR wk 7, off IR wk 10, on IR wk 11, waived wk 13.
WRLaveranues ColesNYJPicked up week 5.
WRLarry FosterDETPicked up week 7, waived week 10.
WRFrank SandersARIPicked up week 12.
TECameron CleelandNODrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
TEAnthony BechtNYJDrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
TEEd "Boo" WilliamsNOPicked up week 11.
KMike HollisJACDrafted 15th round, 199th overall. Waived week 7.
KJose CortezSFPicked up week 4.
KPhil DawsonCLEPicked up week 13.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 16th round, 222nd overall.
DefCIN DefCINDrafted 19th round, 255th overall. Waived week 1.
DefCAR DefCARPicked up week 2, waived week 4.
CNO CoachNODrafted 18th round, 250th overall.

1999 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTroy AikmanDALDrafted 9th round, 121st overall.
QBBrett FavreGBDrafted 1st round, 9th overall.
QBWarren MoonKCPicked up week 1, waived week 2.
QBJeff LewisCARPicked up week 2, waived week 2.
RBGary BrownNYGDrafted 7th round, 93rd overall. On IR wk 2, off wk 4. On IR wk 8, waived wk8.
RBTerry KirbyCLEDrafted 6th round, 76th overall.
RBNatrone MeansSDDrafted 3rd round, 37th overall. On IR week 8.
RBRicky WilliamsNODrafted 2nd round, 20th overall.
RBSean BennettNYGPicked up week 2, waived week 2. Picked up week 3, waived week3.
RBMichael PittmanARIPicked up week 2, waived week 4. Picked up week 11.
RBByron HanspardATLPicked up week 3, waived week 9.
RBRashann SheheeKCPicked up week 8, waived week 12.
RBKenny BynumSDPicked up week 8, waived week 11.
RBJonathan LintonBUFPicked up week 8.
WRGermane CrowellDETDrafted 18th round, 244th overall.
WRTroy EdwardsPITDrafted 8th round, 104th overall.
WRCarl PickensCINDrafted 10th round, 132nd overall.
WRDarnay ScottCINDrafted 5th round, 65th overall.
WRRod SmithDENDrafted 4th round, 48th overall.
WRTony SimmonsNEDrafted 13th round, 177th overall. Waived week 2.
WRMarcus PollardINDPicked up week 9.
WRTerrence WilkinsINDPicked up week 12.
TEGreg ClarkCLEDrafted 12th round, 160th overall. On IR week 8, waived week 9.
TEFrank WycheckTENDrafted 11th round, 149th overall.
KDoug BrienNODrafted 14th round, 188th overall.
KMartin GramaticaTBDrafted 17th round, 233rd overall.
DefOakland DefOAKDrafted 15th round, 205th overall.
DefChicago DefCHIDrafted 19th round, 260th overall. Waived week 1.
DefSt. Louis DefSTLPicked up week 2.
CSeattle CoachSEADrafted 16th round, 216th overall.

1998 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBlake, JeffCINDrafted 17th Round, 195th overall, Waived week 1
QBDilfer, TrentTBDrafted 11th Round, 123rd overall
QBKramer, ErikCHIDrafted 19th Round, 219th overall
QBPlummer, JakeARIDrafted 5th Round, 51st overall
RBHarris, RaymontGBDrafted 13th Round, 147th overall
RBLevens, DorseyGBDrafted 2nd Round, 22nd overall
RBMeans, NatroneSDDrafted 6th Round, 70th overall
RBSanders, BarryDETDrafted 1st Round, 3rd overall
RBHolcombe, RobertSTLDrafted 8th Round, 94th overall
RBHill, GregSTLPicked up week 3
RBZellars, RayNOPicked up week 4, Waived week 5
RBHolmes, DarickGBPicked up week 12
WRBlackwell, WillPITDrafted 15th Round, 171st overall, waived week 1
WRBruce, IsaacSTLDrafted 4th Round, 46th overall
WRConway, CurtisCHIDrafted 7th Round, 75th overall
WRShepherd, LeslieWASDrafted 12th Round, 142nd overall
WRSmith, JimmyJACDrafted 3rd Round, 27th overall
WRIsmial, RaghibCARPicked up week 5
TEGonzalez, TonyKCDrafted 9th Round, 99th overall
TEJones, FreddieSDDrafted 14th Round, 166th overall
KPeterson, ToddSEADrafted 16th Round, 190th overall
KDaluiso, BradNYGPicked up week 1, waived week 1
KBrien, DougNOPicked up week 1
DefTampa Bay DefTBDrafted 10th Round, 118th overall, Waived week 10
DefJets DefNYJPicked up week 1, Waived week 7
DefJacksonville-DefJACPicked up week 10
CAtlanta-CoachATLPicked up week 7
CGiants-CoachNYGDrafted 18th Round, 214th overall

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