The Slim Shaggys

Owner Info
Owner: Mark Olson
From: Moorhead, MN
Phone #: 701-231-4230

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Franchise History
1996The Flaming Moogles joined the league.
1997The Flaming Moogles changed there name to the Flaming Bastards. With a 8-5 record, the Flaming Bastards were Western Division Champions. They went on to beat the Greasy Weasels in Fantasy Bowl IV 79-70.
1998With a 2-11 record, the Flaming Bastards had a disappointing season and finished last in the Eastern Division. After winning it all last season, and winning the 1998 season opener their owner was dubbed "a Fuckin' Genus", but then it was all downhill from there.
1999The Flaming Bastards were out of the league.
2000The Flaming Bastards are back in the league, but with a new name. They are now known as The Slim Shaggys. The Slim Shaggys finished with a record of 4-7-2 which was good enough for third in the Central Division, but not good enough to make the playoffs.
2001The Slim Shaggys had a usual Shag type year. They had the number one pick in the draft and turned it into a 4-9 season and finished fourth in the Western Division.
2002The Slim Shaggys had their fourth loosing season in a row after winning it all back in 1997. They finished fourth in the Western Division with a 7-8-1 record.
2003The Slim Shaggys had their best regular season ever. They were the Western Divisions Champs with an 11-4-1 record and made it back to the playoffs for the first time since 1997. Unfortunately they lost their first playoff game in the second round after a first round bye to Vinny's Gang 81-124.
2004The Slim Shaggys finished with their best record yet.They finished with a 13-3 record and were back to bad Western Division Champs. They had a bye in the first round of the playoffs, beat Elvis Impersonators in the second round 66-63, then lost to Z-Squad in Fantasy Bowl XI 93-54.
2005The Slim Shaggys finished last in the Western Division with a 5-11 record and failed to make the playoffs.
2006It was the second straight year that The Slim Shaggys finished last in the Western Division with a 5-11 record.
2007The Slim Shaggys tied their record for least wins in a season with only four. They finished last in the Western Division with a 4-12 record.
2008The Slim Shaggys finished second in the Western Division with an 8-5-3 record. They broke their three year playoff drought by qualifying for a Wild Card spot, but lost their first playoff game to the Twee Twerps 92-97.
2009The Slim Shaggys were just a couple wins short of making the playoffs. They finished with a 7-9 record, which was good for fourth place in the Western Division.
2010The Slim Shaggys finished sixth in the North Division with a 6-10 record. It was their second straight season with a losing record.

Franchise Stats

1999Did notPlaythis year.---------------


YearKeeper 1 (pick given up)Keeper 2 (pick given up)Keeper 3 (pick given up)
2017Spencer Ware (8th)Mike Evans (1st)Rob Gronkowski (1st)
2016Russell Wilson (1st)Melvin Gordon (1st)Eric Decker (8th)
2015Torrey Smith (4th)Cordarrelle Patterson (6th)Eddie Royal (8th)
2014Chris Johnson (1st)Eric Decker (6th)Cordarrelle Patterson (7th)
2013Eli Manning (1st)Chris Johnson (1st)Eric Decker (7th)
2012Daniel Thomas (3rd)James Starks (4th)Eric Decker (8th)
2011Vincent Jackson (1st)Tom Brady (2nd)DeAngelo Williams (3rd)
2010Vincent Jackson (2nd)DeAngelo Williams (4th)
2009Clinton Portis (1st)DeAngelo Williams (5th)Maurice Jones-Drew (6th)
2008Clinton Portis (1st)Maurice Jones-Drew (7th)
2007Clinton Portis (1st)Chris Chambers (3rd)Maurice Jones-Drew (8th)
2006Warrick Dunn (2nd)Chris Chambers (4th)
2005Tiki Barber (1st)Donovan McNabb (2nd)
2004Tiki Barber (1st)Edgerrin James (2nd)Donovan McNabb (3rd)
2003Tiki BarberEdgerrin James
2002David BostonEdgerrin James

Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
*13 game season. 16 game seasons started in 2002. 13 game seasons started again in 2012.
Most points for team (season)15732004
Least points for team (season)769*1998
Most points against (season)13332011
Least points against (season)911*2000
Most wins (season)132004
Least wins (season)2'98 '12

Individual Season Records

Most points for a QB (season)
285Tom Brady2011
279Donovan McNabb2004
256Russell Wilson2015
249Cam Newton2017
247Philip Rivers2013
Most points for a RB (season)
237Terrell Davis1997
218Tiki Barber2004
203Edgerrin James2004
203Melvin Gordon2016
201Maurice Jones-Drew2009
Most points for a WR (season)
164Randy Moss1998
164David Boston2001
141Reggie Wayne2004
136Antonio Freeman1997
135Eric Decker2013
Most points for a TE (season)
122Rob Gronkowski2017
97Wesley Walls1997
84Ben Coates1998
82Heath Miller2009
81Heath Miller2007
Most points for a K (season)
133Stephen Gostkowski2014
130David Akers2004
130Stephen Gostkowski2015
116Jay Feely2005
116Jason Elam2008
Most points for a C (season)
33SEA Coach2013
27PHI Coach2000
27JAC Coach2005
27NO Coach2010
Most points for a Def (season)
101SF Def1997
93PHI Def2001
90CHI Def2007
89NE Def2004
89HOU Def2012

Weekly Records

Most points scored team (game)
139 Week 13/2004
139 Week 6/2009
120 Week 3/2004
115 Week 5/2000
115 Week 11/2003
Least points scored team (game)
25 Week 11/2015
29 Week 10/2012
32 Week 8/1998
32 Week 7/2002
32 Week 11/2012
Most points scored by QB (game)
38Donovan McNabbWeek 13/2004
37Tom BradyWeek 1/2011
34Eli ManningWeek 2/2012
34Eli ManningWeek 1/2013
34Cam NewtonWeek 4/2017
Most points scored by RB (game)
35Maurice Jones-DrewWeek 6/2009
33Edgerrin JamesWeek 11/2003
32Eddie GeorgeWeek 12/2000
32DeAngelo WilliamsWeek 13/2008
31Melvin GordonWeek 9/2016
Most points scored by WR (game)
41Eric DeckerWeek 13/2013
36Randy MossWeek 13/1998
32Vincent JacksonWeek 9/2011
31Randy MossWeek 5/1998
30Anquan BoldinWeek 3/2007
Most points scored by TE (game)
20Todd HeapWeek 12/2005
20Rob GronkowskiWeek 6/2017
20Rob GronkowskiWeek 12/2017
19Coby FleenerWeek 6/2016
18Dustin KellerWeek 12/2011
18Jason WittenWeek 1/2015
Most points scored by K (game)
23Jeff WilkinsWeek 5/2000
21Jay FeelyWeek 8/2005
21Stephen GostkowskiWeek 5/2014
19David AkersWeek 13/2004
19Jason ElamWeek 6/2008
19Stephen GostkowskiWeek 2/2015
Most points scored by Def (game)
23SF DefWeek 11/1997
20CHI DefWeek 3/2013
19NE DefWeek 13/2004
19HOU DefWeek 4/2012
18SD DefWeek 4/2010
18SD DefWeek 12/2010

Postseason Records

Most points scored team (playoff game)
92 Round 1/2008
81 Round 2/2003
79 Fantasy Bowl IV
75 Round 2/1997
66 Round 2/2004
Least points scored team (playoff game)
54 Fantasy Bowl XI
66 Round 2/2004
75 Round 2/1997
79 Fantasy Bowl IV
81 Round 2/2003
Most points scored by QB (playoff game)
18Donovan McNabbRound 2/2003
16Donovan McNabbRound 2/2004
14Ben RoethlisbergerRound 1/2008
13Bobby HoyingRound 2/1997
12Bobby HoyingFantasy Bowl IV
Most points scored by RB (playoff game)
30DeAngelo WilliamsRound 1/2008
17Tiki BarberFantasy Bowl XI
16Tiki BarberRound 2/2004
15Terrell DavisRound 2/1997
15Maurice Jones-DrewRound 1/2008
Most points scored by WR (playoff game)
28Antonio FreemanFantasy Bowl IV
15Derrick AlexanderRound 2/1997
15Darrell JacksonRound 2/2003
13Andre JohnsonRound 1/2008
12Peter WarrickRound 2/2003
Most points scored by TE (playoff game)
6Jeremy ShockeyRound 1/2008
4L.J. SmithRound 2/2004
3Desmond ClarkRound 2/2003
1Wesley WallsRound 2/1997
Most points scored by K (playoff game)
16Adam VinatieriRound 2/1997
12David AkersRound 2/2003
5Jason ElamRound 1/2008
3Adam VinatieriFantasy Bowl IV
1David AkersFantasy Bowl XI
Most points scored by Def (playoff game)
15SF DefFantasy Bowl IV
7SF DefRound 2/1997
7NYG DefRound 1/2008
6NE DefFantasy Bowl XI
5NE DefRound 2/2004

Records vs. Other Teams

Greasy Weasels7-221-0
Elvis Impersonators10-21-12-0
Squishy Fuzz6-13
Vinny's Gang16-14-10-1
The Wondrful Gazonks10-9-1
Hot Buttered Moose Nuts9-8
The Undergarments5-12
The Hellfish11-17
Twee Twerps / Tainted Twizzlers7-11-20-1
Grid Iron Bullies6-8
Bad Attitudes6-8
October Hunters4-1
San Quentin Saints1-6-1
The Helper Monkeys0-1
Tubby Bitches2-0
Trent's Coat Mafia0-1
Palolo Valley Tide0-2
Sizzlin' Sluts0-2
Raging Alcoholics1-0
Savage Cannibals1-0
Lobos De Trasero0-1
Mighty Ballcrushers2-0
#1 Super Guys2-0

2016 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBWilson, RussellSEAKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 26th overall in 2015.
QBBridgewater, TeddyMINDrafted 14th round, 185th overall. Dropped week 1.
QBHoyer, BrianCHIPicked up week 5. Dropped week 8.
RBGordon, MelvinSDKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 3rd overall in 2015.
RBFoster, ArianMIADrafted 4th round, 45th overall. Dropped week 8.
RBIvory, ChrisJACDrafted 7th round, 96th overall. Dropped week 5.
RBVereen, ShaneNYGDrafted 11th round, 152nd overall. Dropped week 4.
RBAllen, JavoriusBALDrafted 13th round, 180th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBDraughn, ShaunSFPicked up week 4.
RBKuhn, JohnNOPicked up week 8.
RBDavis, MikeSFPicked up week 8.
WREdelman, JulianNEDrafted 3rd round, 40th overall.
WRHurns, AllenJACDrafted 5th round, 68th overall.
WRDecker, EricNYJKeeper. Drafted 11th round, 143rd overall in 2015. On IR week 8.
WRWheaton, MarkusPITDrafted 12th round, 157th overall.
WRWallace, MikeBALDrafted 17th round, 236th overall.
WRSanu, MohamedATLPicked up week 8.
TEFleener, CobyNODrafted 6th round, 73rd overall.
TERodgers, RichardGBDrafted 16th round, 213th overall.
KHauschka, StevenSEADrafted 9th round, 124th overall.
KGould, RobbieNYGDrafted 19th round, 264th overall. Dropped week 3.
KJanikowski, SebastianOAKPicked up week 5.
DefPanthers, CarolinaCARDrafted 10th round, 129th overall.
DefTexans, HoustonHOUDrafted 15th round, 208th overall. Dropped week 5.
CPederson, DougPHIDrafted 18th round, 241st overall.

2015 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBWilson, RussellSEADrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
QBFoles, NickSTLDrafted 12th round, 166th overall.
RBGordon, Melvin (R)SDDrafted 1st round, 3rd overall.
RBSpiller, C.J.NODrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
RBVereen, ShaneNYGDrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
RBSproles, DarrenPHIDrafted 13th round, 171st overall.
RBRobinson, KhiryNODrafted 19th round, 255th overall.
WRSmith, TorreySFKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 59th overall in 2014.
WRPatterson, CordarrelleMINKeeper. Drafted 8th round, 101st overall in 2013. Dropped week 5.
WRRoyal, EddieCHIKeeper. Drafted 15th round, 199th overall in 2014. Dropped week 5.
WRDecker, EricNYJDrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
WRParker, DeVante (R)MIADrafted 14th round, 194th overall.
WRHurns, AllenJACPicked up week 5.
TEWitten, JasonDALDrafted 7th round, 87th overall.
TERodgers, RichardGBDrafted 17th round, 227th overall. Dropped week 5.
TEErtz, ZachPHIPicked up week 6.
KGostkowski, StephenNEDrafted 9th round, 115th overall.
KFolk, NickNYJDrafted 16th round, 222nd overall. Dropped week 5.
DefTexans, HoustonHOUDrafted 10th round, 138th overall. Dropped week 6.
DefJets, New YorkNYJDrafted 15th round, 199th overall.
CKelly, Chip PHIPHIDrafted 18th round, 250th overall.

2014 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDalton, AndyCINDrafted 3rd round, 31st overall.
QBFlacco, JoeBALDrafted 10th round, 138th overall.
RBJohnson, ChrisNYJKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 6th overall in 2012.
RBJackson, FredBUFDrafted 2nd round, 26th overall.
RBBradshaw, AhmadINDDrafted 8th round, 110th overall.
RBMcKinnon, Jerick (R)MINDrafted 13th round, 171st oveall. Dropped week 3.
RBDwyer, JonathanARIDrafted 14th round, 194th overall. Dropped week 9.
RBCarey, Ka'Deem (R)CHIDrafted 18th round, 250th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBRiddick, TheoDETPicked up week 10.
WRSmith, TorreyBALDrafted 5th round, 59th overall.
WRDecker, EricNYJKeeper. Drafted 15th round, 203rd overall in 2011.
WRPatterson, CordarrelleMINKeeper. Drafted 8th round, 101st overall in 2013.
WRJones, Marvin CINDrafted 12th round, 166th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRRoyal, Eddie SDDrafted 15th round, 199th overall.
WRAustin, Miles CLEDrafted 19th round, 255th overall. Dropped week 10.
TEDavis, VernonSFDrafted 4th round, 54th overall.
TECelek, BrentPHIDrafted 17th round, 227th overall.
KGostkowski, StephenNEDrafted 11th round, 143rd overall.
KBullock, RandyHOUPicked up week 10. Dropped week 10.
KCundiff, BillyCLEPicked up week 10.
CCarroll, PeteSEADrafted 16th round, 222nd overall.
DefSeahawks, SeattleSEADrafted 9th round, 115th overall.

2013 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBEli ManningNYGKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 21st overall in 2012.
QBPhilip RiversSDDrafted 14th round, 185th overall.
RBChris JohnsonTENKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 6th overall in 2012.
RBShonn GreeneTENDrafted 3rd round, 40th overall. On IR week 3. Off IR week 6.
RBMikel LeshoureDETDrafted 5th round, 68th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBChristine Michael (R)SEADrafted 11th round, 152nd overall.
RBLeGarrette BlountNEDrafted 12th round, 157th overall.
RBMiguel Maysonet (R)CLEDrafted 18th round, 241st overall. Dropped week 8.
RBWillis McGaheeCLEDrafted 19th round, 264th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBVonta LeachBALPicked up week 3. Dropped week 6.
WRJames JonesGBDrafted 4th round, 45th overall.
WREric DeckerDENKeeper. Drafted 15th round, 203rd overall in 2011.
WRCordarrelle Patterson (R)MINDrafted 8th round, 101st overall.
WRGreg LittleCLEDrafted 13th round, 180th overall. Dropped week 8.
WRJason AvantPHIDrafted 15th round, 208th overall.
TEBrandon MyersNYGDrafted 9th round, 124th overall. Dropoped week 9.
TEMarcedes LewisJACDrafted 17th round, 236th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEJoseph Fauria (R)DETPicked up week 9.
TEDelanie WalkerTENPicked up week 9.
KBlair WalshMINDrafted 6th round, 73rd overall.
CSEA CoachSEADrafted 16th round, 213th overall.
DefCHI DefCHIDrafted 10th round, 129th overall.
DefTEN DefTENPicked up week 8. Dropped week 8.
DefIND DefINDPicked up week 8.
DefPHI DefPHIPicked up week 8. Dropped week 9.

2012 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBEli ManningNYGDrafted 2nd round, 21st overall.
QBTim TebowNYJDrafted 13th round, 176th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBChris JohnsonTENDrafted 1st round, 6th overall.
RBDaniel ThomasMIAKeeper. Drafted 4th round 50th overall in 2011.
RBJames StarksGBKeeper. From Elvis Impersonators week 1. On IR week 2. Off IR week 3.
RBShane VereenNEDrafted 11th round, 148th overall. On IR week 2. Off IR week 3.
RBVick Ballard (R)INDDrafted 15th round, 204th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBShaun DraughnKCPicked up week 2.
RBAndre BrownNYGFrom the San Quentin Saints week 3.
RBJavon RingerTENFrom the San Quentin Saints week 3.
WRRobert MeachemSDDrafted 6th round, 77th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRLance MooreNODrafted 7th round, 92nd overall.
WREric DeckerDENKeeper. Drafted 15th round, 203rd overall in 2011.
WRNate WashingtonTENDrafted 10th round, 133rd overall.
WRMarvin Jones (R)CINDrafted 18th round, 245th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEJason WittenDALDrafted 5th round, 64th overall. To San Quentin Saints week 3.
TEMartellus BennettNYGDrafted 14th round, 189th overall.
KAlex HeneryPHIDrafted 12th round, 161st overall.
KDan CarpenterMIADrafted 16th round, 217th overall. Dropped week 3.
CSF CoachSFDrafted 17th round, 232nd overall.
DefHOU DefHOUDrafted 9th round, 120th overall.
DefNO DefNODrafted 19th round, 260th overall.

2011 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTom BradyNEKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 29th overall in 2010.
QBTarvaris JacksonSEADrafted 14th round, 190th overall.
QBVince YoungPHIDrafted 19th round, 259th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBDeAngelo WilliamsCARKeeper. Drafted 6th round, 81st overall in 2008.
RBDaniel Thomas (R)MIADrafted 4th round, 50th overall.
RBBrandon JacobsNYGDrafted 7th round, 91st overall.
RBDanny WoodheadNEDrafted 11th round, 147th overall. Dropped week 5.
RBMaurice MorrisDETDrafted 13th round, 175th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJohn KuhnGBPicked up week 5.
WRVincent JacksonSDKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 42nd overall in 2009.
WRAustin CollieINDDrafted 5th round, 63rd overall.
WRBraylon EdwardsSFDrafted 9th round, 119th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRPlaxico BurressNYJDrafted 12th round, 162nd overall.
WREric DeckerDENDrafted 15th round, 203rd overall.
WRDevin HesterCHIDrafted 16th round, 218th overall.
TEDustin KellerNYJDrafted 6th round, 78th overall.
KStephen GostkowskiNEDrafted 10th round, 134th overall.
KRyan LongwellMINDrated 18th round, 246th overall.
CJim CaldwellINDDrafted 17th round, 231st overall.
DefPIT DetPITDrafted 8th round, 106th overall.

2010 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTom BradyNEDrafted 3rd round, 29th overall.
QBDavid GarrardJACDrafted 14th round, 196th overall. Dropped week 7.
RBMaurice Jones-DrewJACDrafted 1st round, 1st overall.
RBDeAngelo WilliamsCARKeeper. Drafted 6th round, 81st overall in 2008.
RBDarren SprolesSDDrafted 9th round, 113th overall.
RBTashard ChoiceDALDrafted 13th round, 169th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRVincent JacksonSDKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 42nd overall in 2009.
WRDonald DriverGBDrafted 5th round, 57th overall.
WRMario ManninghamNYGDrafted 8th round, 112th overall.
WRSteve BreastonARIDrafted 10th round, 140th overall.
WRAustin CollieINDDrafted 12th round, 168th overall.
WRDavone BessMIADrafted 19th round, 253rd overall. Dropped week 3.
WRAnthony ArmstrongWASPicked up week 7.
TEKevin BossNYGDrafted 11th round, 141st overall. Dropped week 7.
TEDonald LeeGBDrafted 18th round, 252nd overall. Dropped week 3.
TEBrandon PettigrewDETPicked up week 7.
KNate KaedingSDDrafted 6th round, 84th overall.
KJay FeelyARIDrafted 17th round, 225th overall. Dropped week 7.
KRyan SuccopKCPicked up week 7.
CSean PeytonNODrafted 15th round, 197th overall.
DefNO DefNODrafted 7th round, 85th overall.
DefSD DefSDDrafted 16th round, 224th overall.

2009 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBJay CutlerCHIDrafted 4th round, 43rd overall.
QBJoe FlaccoBALDrafted 12th round, 155th overall.
RBClinton PortisWASKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall in 2006. On IR week 12.
RBDeAngelo WilliamsCARKeeper. Drafted 6th round, 81st overall in 2008.
RBMaurice Jones-DrewJACKeeper. Drafted 17th round, 225th overall in 2006.
RBDominic RhodesBufDrafted 9th round, 126th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBJustin ForsettSEADrafted 14th round, 183rd overall. Dropped week 9.
WRTerrell OwensBUFDrafted 2nd round, 15th overall.
WRVincent JacksonSDDrafted 3rd round, 42nd overall.
WRBernard BerrianMINDrafted 8th round, 99th overall.
WRMichael JenkinsATLDrafted 13th round, 182nd overall. Dropped week 3.
WRAmani ToomerKCDrafted 15th round, 210th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRNate WashingtonTENPicked up week 9.
TEHeath MillerPITDrafted 7th round, 98th overall.
TETodd HeapBALDrafted 16th round, 211th overall.
KJason ElamATLDrafted 10th round, 127th overall.
KRian LindellBUFDrafted 18th round, 239th overall.
CTom CoughlinNYGDrafted 17th round, 238th overall.
DefIND DefINDDrafted 11th round, 154th overall.
DefTB DefTBDrafted 19th round, 266th overall.

2008 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBen RoethlisbergerPITDrafted 5th round, 60th overall.
QBTroy SmithBALDrafted 13th round, 172nd overall. Dropped week 3.
QBJoe Flacco (R)BALPicked up week 6. Dropped week 7.
RBClinton PortisWASKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall in 2006.
RBDeAngelo WilliamsCARDrafted 6th round, 81st overall.
RBMaurice Jones-DrewJACKeeper. Drafted 17th round, 225th overall in 2006.
RBTatum BellDET/DENDrafted 11th round, 144th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBAdrian PetersonCHIDrafted 15th round, 200th overall. Dropped week 4.
RBThomas Brown (R)ATLDrafted 19th round, 256th overall. Dropped week 3.
WRAndre JohnsonHOUDrafted 2nd round, 25th overall.
WRPlaxico BurressNYGDrafted 3rd round, 32nd overall. On IR week 5. Off IR week 6.
WRBobby EngramSEADrafted 8th round, 109th overall. Dropped week 6.
WRDonte' StallworthCLEDrafted 12th round, 165th overall.
WRJabar GaffneyNEDrafted 16th round, 221st overall. Dropped week 6.
WRIke HilliardTBPicked up week 4.
WRMiles AustinDALPicked up week 5. Dropped week 14.
WRAmani ToomerNYGPicked up week 14.
TEJeremy ShockeyNODrafted 4th round, 53rd overall. On IR week 5. Off IR week 6.
TERandy McMichaelSTLDrafted 14th round, 193rd overall. Dropped week 4.
TEZach MillerOAKPicked up week 5. Dropped week 5.
TEBo ScaifeTENPicked up week 5. Dropped week 6.
TEDavid MartinMIAPicked up week 6.
KJosh BrownSTLDrafted 9th round, 116th overall. Dropped week 6.
KJason ElamATLDrafted 18th round, 249th overall.
KJoe NedneySFPicked up week 7.
CJAC CoachJACDrafted 17th round, 228th overall.
DefIND DefINDDrafted 10th round, 137th overall.
DefNYG DefNYGPicked up week 4.

2007 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDrew BreesNODrafted 2nd round, 18th overall.
QBJ.P. LosmanBUFDrafted 12th round, 158th overall. Dropped week 4.
QBJoey HarringtonATLPicked up week 4. Dropped week 6.
RBClinton PortisWASKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall in 2006.
RBMaurice Jones-DrewJACKeeper. Drafted 17th round, 225th overall in 2006.
RBChris Henry (R)TENDrafted 9th round, 123rd overall. Dropped week 6.
RBMike BellDENDrafted 10th round, 130th overall. Dropped week 3.
RBRon DayneHOUDrafted 13th round, 179th overall.
RBDeShawn WynnGBPicked up week 3. On IR week 9.
WRChris ChambersMIAKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 70th overall in 2005.
WRAnquan BoldinARIDrafted 4th round, 46th overall.
WRSantana MossWASDrafted 5th round, 67th overall.
WRDrew BennettSTLDrafted 14th round, 186th overall.
WRDerrick MasonBALDrafted 18th round, 242nd overall.
TEHeath MillerPITDrafted 7th round, 95th overall.
TEDavid MartinMIADrafted 15th round, 207th overall. Dropped week 3.
TEBubba FranksGBPicked up week 6. On IR week 11.
KJason ElamDENDrafted 11th round, 151st overall.
KJay FeelyMIADrafted 16th round, 214th overall. Dropped week 3.
KJohn KasayCARPicked up week 6.
CJAC CoachJACDrafted 19th round, 263rd overall.
DefCHI DefCHIDrafted 6th round, 74th overall.
DefSTL DefSTLDrafted 17th round, 235th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefJAC DefJACPicked up week 9.

2006 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDaunte CulpepperMIADrafted 3rd round, 29th overall.
QBRex GrossmanCHIDrafted 12th round, 168th overall.
QBJoey HarringtonMIAPicked up week 7.
RBClinton PortisWASDrafted 1st round, 1st overall.
RBWarrick DunnATLKeeper. Drafted 3rd round, 42nd overall 2005.
RBMewelde MooreMINDrafted 7th round, 85th overall.
RBT.J. DuckettWASDrafted 9th round, 113th overall.
RBMichael TurnerSDDrafted 15th round, 196th overall.
RBMaurice Jones-Drew (R)JACDrafted 17th round, 225th overall.
WRChris ChambersMIAKeeper. Drafted 5th round, 70th overall 2005.
WRMuhsin MuhammadCHIDrafted 6th round, 84th overall.
WRBrandon StokleyINDDrafted 8th round, 112th overall.
WRBrandon LloydWASDrafted 13th round, 169th overall.
WRCharles RogersFADrafted 14th round, 196th overall. Dropped week 5.
WRMarcus RobinsonMINDrafted 16th round, 224th overall.
TEJason WittenDALDrafted 5th round, 57th overall.
TEDaniel GrahamNEDrafted 19th round, 253rd overall.
KShayne GrahamCINDrafted 10th round, 140th overall. Dropped week 7.
KJosh ScobeeJACPicked up week 5.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 11th round, 141st overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 18th round, 252nd overall.

2005 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDonovan McNabbPHIKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall 2003.
QBKyle BollerBALDrafted 11th round, 154th overall. On IR week 4. Off IR week 8. Dropped week 11.
QBAnthony WrightBALPicked up week 4. Dropped week 8.
QBMike McMahonPHIPicked up week 11.
RBTiki BarberNYGKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 15th overall 2002.
RBWarrick DunnATLDrafted 3rd round, 42nd overall.
RBNick GoingsCARDrafted 7th round, 98th overall. Dropped week 9.
RBQuentin GriffinDEDrafted 12th round, 155th overall.
RBMaurice HicksSFDrafted 15th round, 210th overall. Dropped week 6.
RBShawn BrysonDETPicked up week 6.
WRMark ClaytonBALDrafted 4th round, 43rd overall.
WRChris ChambersMIADrafted 5th round, 70th overall.
WRGreg LewisPHIDrafted 8th round, 99th overall.
WRJustin McCareinsNYJDrafted 13th round, 182nd overall.
WRRobert FergusonGBDrafted 14th round, 183rd overall.
TETodd HeapBALDrafted 6th round, 71st overall.
TEDesmond ClarkCHIDrafted 16th round, 211th overall.
KDavid AkersPHIDrafted 10th round, 127th overall. On IR week 4. Off IR week 6.
KJohn HallWASDrafted 17th round, 238th overall. Dropped week 6.
KJay FeelyNYGPicked up week 4.
CDAL CoachDALDrafted 19th round, 266th overall.
CJAC CoachJACPicked up week 9.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 9th round, 126th overall.
DefNYJ DefNYJDrafted 18th round, 239th overall.

2004 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDonovan McNabbPHIKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall 2003.
QBVinny TestaverdeDALDrafted 13th round, 149th overall.
RBTiki BarberNYGKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 15th overall 2002.
RBEdgerrin JamesINDKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall 2001.
RBEmmitt SmithARIDrafted 9th round, 93rd overall.
RBOnterrio SmithMINDrafted 11th round, 121st overall.
RBKevin FaulkNEDrafted 18th round, 206th overall. On IR week 3. Off IR week 6.
RBJustin GriffithATLPicked up week 3.
RBBryan JohnsonCHIPicked up week 6.
WRDerrick MasonTENDrafted 4th round, 24th overall.
WRJohnnie MortonKCDrafted 5th round, 50th overall.
WRReggie WayneINDDrafted 10th round, 94th overall.
WRDarnerien McCantsWASDrafted 12th round, 122nd overall. Dropped week 6.
WRFreddie MitchellPHIDrafted 19th round, 233rd overall.
TEL.J. SmithPHIDrafted 6th round, 51st overall.
TEBilly MillerHOUDrafted 15th round, 177th overall. Dropped week 10.
TEDoug JolleyOAKPicked up week 10.
KDavid AkersPHIDrafted 8th round, 75th overall.
KJohn HallWASDrafted 14th round, 150th overall.
CWAS CoachWASDrafted 17th round, 205th overall.
DefNE DefNEDrafted 7th round, 74th overall.
DefBUF DefBUFDrafted 16th round, 178th overall. Dropped week 3.
DefCHI DefCHIPicked up week 3. Dropped week 3.
DefNYJ DefNYJPicked up week 3. Dropped week 3.
DefJAC DefJACPicked up week 3. Dropped week 6.

2003 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBDonovan McNabbPHIDrafted 1st round, 1st overall.
QBJon KitnaCINDrafted 9th round, 113th overall.
RBEdgerrin JamesINDKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall 2001.
RBTiki BarberNYGKeeper. Drafted 2nd round, 15th overall 2002.
RBMarcel ShippARIDrafted 6th round, 84th overall.
RBZack CrockettOAKDrafted 10th round, 140th overall. Waived week 3.
RBAdrian MurrellDALDrafted 11th round, 141st overall. Waived week 3.
RBShawn BrysonDETDrafted 17th round, 225th overall.
WRKoren RobinsonSEADrafted 2nd round, 28th overall.
WRDarrell JacksonSEADrafted 4th round, 56th overall.
WRMuhsin MuhammadCARDrafted 7th round, 85th overall.
WRDavid PattenNEDrafted 13th round, 169th overall.
WRPeter WarrickCINPicked up week 3.
TEBubba FranksGBDrafted 3rd round, 29th overall.
TEDesmond ClarkCHIDrafted 12th round, 168th overall.
KDavid AkersPHIDrafted 5th round, 57th overall.
KRian LindellBUFDrafted 14th round, 196th overall.
KShayne GrahamCINPicked up week 3.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 8th round, 112th overall.
DefCHI DefCHIDrafted 16th round, 224th overall.
CSF CoachSFDrafted 15th round, 197th overall.

2002 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBrett FavreGBDrafted 1st round, 14th overall.
QBDoug FlutieSDDrafted 7th round, 98th overall. Dropped week 6.
QBKelly HolcombCLEPicked up week 6. Dropped week 8.
QBJon KitnaCINPicked up week 8.
RBEdgerrin JamesINDKeeper. Drafted 1st round, 1st overall 2001.
RBTiki BarberNYGDrafted 2nd round, 15th overall.
RBStacey MackJACDrafted 3rd round, 42nd overall.
RBRichard HuntleyBUFDrafted 9th round, 126th overall.
RBLarry CentersBUFDrafted 17th round, 238th overall.
WRDavid BostonARIKeeper. Drafted 4th round, 56th overall 2001.
WRTroy BrownNEDrafted 4th round, 43rd overall.
WRCurtis ConwaySDDrafted 6th round, 71st overall.
WRWillie JacksonATLDrafted 10th round, 127th overall.
WRJeff GrahamATLDrafted 11th round, 154th overall. Dropped week 6.
WRDennis NorthcuttCLEPicked up week 6.
TEChad LewisPHIDrafted 5th round, 70th overall.
TEDesmond ClarkDENDrafted 14th round 183rd overall. Dropped week 6.
TEDave MooreBUFPicked up week 6.
KDavid AkersPHIDrafted 8th round, 99th overall.
KTodd PetersonPITDrafted 13th round, 182nd overall.
DefSF DefSFDrafted 12th round, 155th overall.
DefCAR DefCARDrafted 15th round, 210th overall.
CKC CoachKCDrafted 16th round, 211th overall.

2001 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBRich GannonOAKDrafted 3rd round, 29th overall.
QBJake PlummerARIDrafted 8th round, 112th overall.
RBEdgerrin JamesINDDrafted 1st round, 1st overall.
RBTravis HenryBUFDrafted 6th round, 84th overall.
RBJ.R. RedmondNEDrafted 7th round, 85th overall.
RBKevin FaulkNEDrafted 12th round, 168th overall.
RBJamel WhiteCLEDrafted 15th round, 197th overall.
RBRonney JenkinsSDDrafted 17th round, 225th overall.
WRTorry HoltSTLDrafted 2nd round, 28th overall.
WRDavid BostonARIDrafted 4th round, 56th overall.
WRJames ThrashPHIDrafted 11th round, 141st overall.
WRDonald HayesCARDrafted 13th round, 169th overall.
TEChad LewisPHIDrafted 5th round, 57th overall.
TETodd HeapBALDrafted 14th round, 196th overall.
KMike VanderjagtINDDrafted 9th round, 113th overall.
KPaul EdingerCHIDrafted 19th round, 253rd overall.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 10th round, 140th overall.
DefGB DefGBDrafted 16th round, 224th overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 18th round, 252nd overall.

2000 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBrett FavreGBDrafted 2nd round, 24th overall.
QBTony BanksBALDrafted 11th round, 145th overall.
RBEddie GeorgeTENDrafted 1st round, 5th overall.
RBJerome BettisPITDrafted 4th round, 52nd overall.
RBPriest HolmesBALDrafted 7th round, 89th overall.
RBStanley PritchettPHIDrafted 12th round, 164th overall.
RBRob KonradMIADrafted 18th round, 248th overall.
WRTerance MathisATLDrafted 5th round, 61st overall.
WRTony MartinMIADrafted 6th round, 80th overall.
WRChris CallowayFADrafted 9th round, 117th overall.
WRAz-Zahir HakimSTLDrafted 13th round, 173rd overall.
WRJames JettOAKDrafted 19th round, 257th overall.
TEWesley WallsCARDrafted 3rd round, 33rd overall.
TEByron ChamberlainDENDrafted 15th round, 201st overall.
KJeff WilkinsSTLDrafted 8th round, 108th overall.
KTodd PetersonSEADrafted 14th round, 192nd overall. Dropped week 1.
KKris HeppnerWAS/SEAPicked up week 1.
DefJac DefJACDrafted 10th round, 136th overall.
DefGB DefGBDrafted 16th round, 220th overall.
CPhi CoachPHIDrafted 17th round, 229th overall.

1998 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBobby HoyingPHIDrafted 9th Round, 106th overall.
QBStan HumphriesSDDrafted 19th Round, 226th overall, Waived week 3
QBWarren MoonSEADrafted 4th Round, 39th overall.
RBTerry KirbySFDrafted 11th Round, 130th overall.
RBTerry AllenWASDrafted 1st Round, 10th overall.
RBRashaan SheheeKCDrafted 16th Round, 183rd overall.
RBJames StewartJACDrafted 3rd Round, 34th overall.
RBLeroy HoardMINPicked up week 4
WRQuinn EarlyBUFDrafted 6th Round, 63rd overall.
WROJ McDuffieMIADrafted 7th Round, 82nd overall.
WRRandy MossMINDrafted 5th Round, 58th overall.
WRChris PennCHIDrafted 15th Round, 178th overall.
WRBryan StillSDPicked up week 4
TEJamie AsherWASDrafted 12th Round, 135th overall.
TEBen CoatesNEDrafted 2nd Round, 15th overall.
KMorton AndersenATLDrafted 14th Round, 159th overall.
KCary BlanchardINDDrafted 10th Round, 111th overall.
KSteve ChristieBUFPicked up week 3
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 13th Round, 154th overall.
DefSF DefSFDrafted 8th Round, 87th overall.
CNO CoachNODrafted 18th Round, 207th overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 17th Round, 202nd overall.

1997 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBTy DetmerPHIDrafted 9th Round, 82nd overall.
QBVinny TestaverdeBALDrafted 3rd Round, 22nd overall.
QBRodney PeetePHIPicked up week 2.
RBMike AlstottTBDrafted 12th Round, 119th overall.
RBLarry CentersARIDrafted 5th Round, 42nd overall.
RBTerrell DavisDENDrafted 1st Round, 2nd overall.
RBLeShon JohnsonARIDrafted 17th Round, 162nd overall. Waived week 2.
RBRashaan SalaamCHIDrafted 7th Round, 62nd overall. On IR week 4.
RBTiki BarberNYGPicked up week 4. On IR week 6.
RBAntowain SmithBUFPicked up week 7.
WRDerrick AlexanderBALDrafted 6th Round, 59th overall.
WRAntonio FreemanGBDrafted 2nd Round, 19th overall.
WRJeff GrahamNYJDrafted 18th Round, 179th overall.
WRTerance MathisATLDrafted 13th Round, 122nd overall. Waived week 6.
WRAndre ReedBUFDrafted 8th Round, 79th overall.
WRJermaine LewisBALPicked up week 6.
TELonnie JohnsonBUFDrafted 15th Round, 142nd overall.
TEWesley WallsCARDrafted 4th Round, 39th overall.
KAl Del GrecoTENDrafted 10th Round, 99th overall.
KAdam VinatieriNEDrafted 16th Round, 159th overall.
DefSF DefSFDrafted 11th Round, 102nd overall.
DefSTL DefSTLDrafted 19th Round, 182nd overall.
DefCHI DefCHIPicked up week 6, waived week 7.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 14th Round, 139th overall.

1996 Roster*

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
*This is only the drafted roster. Records of transactions for 1996 are not available.
QBBrett FavreGBDrafted 1st Round, 3rd overall.
QBJeff HostetlerOAKDrafted 5th Round, 35th overall.
QBRodney PeetePHIDrafted 16th Round, 126th overall.
RBRicky WattersPHIDrafted 2nd Round, 14th overall.
RBKeith ByarsMIADrafted 7th Round, 51st overall.
RBRobert SmithMINDrafted 8th Round, 62nd overall.
RBEdgar BennettGBDrafted 10th Round, 78th overall.
RBLarry CentersARIDrafted 21st Round, 163rd overall.
WRFred BarnettMIADrafted 4th Round, 30th overall.
WRJake ReedMINDrafted 6th Round, 46th overall.
WRIrving FryarPHIDrafted 9th Round, 67th overall.
WRJeff GrahamNYJDrafted 14th Round, 110th overall.
WRBill BrooksWASDrafted 22nd Round, 174th overall.
TEMark ChmuraGBDrafted 3rd Round, 19th overall.
TEKeith JenningsCHIDrafted 15th Round, 115th overall.
TETim McGeeCINDrafted 20th Round, 158th overall.
KAl Del GrecoHOUDrafted 13th Round, 99th overall.
KMichael HustedTBDrafted 18th Round, 142nd overall.
DefPHI DefPHIDrafted 11th Round, 83rd overall.
DefSTL DefSTLDrafted 17th Round, 131st overall.
CSF CoachSFDrafted 12th Round, 94th overall.
CPHI CoachPHIDrafted 19th Round, 147th overall.

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