Tubby Bitches

Tubby Bitches

Owner Info
Owner: Brandon Dahl

Franchise History
2000Their first year in the league was not a good one. With a record of 1-12 they finished fourth in the Central Division and out of the playoffs.

Franchise Stats


Team Season Records

Season RecordsRecordYear
Most points for team (season)7672000
Least points for team (season)7672000
Most points against (season)11402000
Least points against (season)11402000
Most wins (season)12000
Least wins (season)12000

Individual Season Records

Season RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points for a QB (season)144Brad Johnson2000
Most points for a RB (season)155Tiki Barber2000
Most points for a WR (season)130Cris Carter2000
Most points for a TE (season)36Dave Moore2000
Most points for a K (season)127Matt Stover2000
Most points for a C (season)30MIN Coach2000
Most points for a Def (season)81PIT Def2000

Weekly Records

Weekly RecordsRecordPlayerYear
Most points scored team (game)92 week 2/2000
Least points scored team (game)44 week 10/2000
Most points scored by QB (game)22Brad Johnsonweek 8/2000
Most points scored by RB (game)19Tiki Barberweek 3/2000
Most points scored by WR (game)22Cris Carterweek 8/2000
Most points scored by TE (game)8Dave Mooreweek 9/2000
Most points scored by K (game)14Mike Vanderjagtweek 7/2000
Most points scored by Def (game)18STL Defweek 4/2000

Record vs. Other Teams

The Slim Shaggys0-2 
Tainted Twizzlers0-2 
Squishy Fuzz0-1 
Bad Attitudes1-0 
Vinny's Gang0-1 
Greasy Weasels0-1 
The Wondrful Gazonks0-1 
The Undergarments0-2 

2000 Roster

PosPlayerTeamHow Acquired
QBBrad JohnsonWASDrafted 3rd round, 36th overall.
QBTrent DilferBALDrafted 16th round, 217th overall.
RBMike AlstottTBDrafted 1st round, 8th overall.
RBMario BatesARI/DETDrafted 8th round, 105th overall.
RBMo WilliamsMINDrafted 9th round, 120th overall.
RBTiki BarberNYGDrafted 11th round, 148th overall.
RBLeroy HoardFADrafted 14th round, 189th overall.
RBWilliam FloydCARDrafted 19th round, 260th overall.
WRCris CarterMINDrafted 2nd round, 21st overall.
WRKevin JohnsonCLEDrafted 5th round, 64th overall.
WRJake ReedNODrafted 7th round, 92nd overall.
WRRob MooreARIDrafted 12th round, 161st overall.
TEDave MooreTBDrafted 4th round, 49th overall.
TETyrone DavisGBDrafted 17th round, 232nd overall.
KMike VanderjagtINDDrafted 6th round, 77th overall.
KMatt StoverBALDrafted 13th round, 176th overall.
DefSTL DefSTLDrafted 10th round, 133rd overall.
DefPIT DefPITDrafted 18th round, 245th overall.
CMIN CoachMINDrafted 15th round, 204th overall.

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