Vinny’s Gang wins Fantasy Bowl XXIV

Congratulations to Vinny’s Gang for winning Fantasy Bowl XXIV, in the closest Fantasy Bowl ever. This was the league record fifth Winkenbach Trophy for Vinny’s Gang. It was a heartbreaking loss for The Grid Iron Bullies who come up short in their second straight Fantasy Bowl appearance.

The Fantasy Bowl XXIV MVP is Melvin Gordon.

2017 MVP and ROY

This year’s MVP is Antonio Brown of the Squishy Fuzz. He is the first wide receiver ever to win the award. This year’s Rookie of the Year is Alvin Kamara of the Vinny’s Gang. He is probably a big part of Vinny’s Gang making it to Fantasy Bowl XXIV.

The Undergarments Win Fantasy Bowl XXIII

Congratulations to The Undergarments for winning Fantasy Bowl XXIII. After coming up short last year, they won their fourth Winkenbach Trophy this year. They are the second team to win four Winkenbach Trophies. The Undergarments are now 4-3 in Fantasy Bowl games. This was the first Fantasy Bowl appearance for the Grid Iron Bullies.

The Fantasy Bowl XXIII MVP is Blake Bortles.

2016 MVP and ROY

This year’s Rookie of the Year is Ezekiel Elliott of The Undergarments and this year’s MVP is David Johnson of the Twee Twerps.
Ezekiel Elliott ROYDavid Johnson MVP

Vinny’s Gang wins Fantasy Bowl XXII

Congratulations to Vinny’s Gang for winning Fantasy Bowl XXII. Vinny’s Gang won their fourth Winkenbach Trophy. They are the first team to win four, and are now 4-2 in Fantasy Bowl games. The Undergarments fall to 3-3 in Fantasy Bowl games. This was actually the third meeting of these two teams in the Fantasy Bowl. The Undergarments won the 2012 matchup while Vinny’s Gang won the 2006 matchup.

The Co-Fantasy Bowl MVPs are Allen Robinson and Jameis Winston.
Allen Robinson Fantasy Bowl MVP

Jameis Winston Fantasy Bowl MVP

MVP, ROY, and New Rules For 2013

Well the votes are in and this year’s MVP is Tom Brady of the Elvis Impersonators and this year’s Rooking of the year is Robert Griffin III of the Twee Twerps.

New Rules
A couple of new rules were voted on for next season too.

1. If a team trades out of a round that would be required for a certain keeper, and they have no higher round picks to give up, they will not be able to keep that keeper.

2. Teams will now be penalized for starting players that are on a bye. You will lose a draft pick each time it happens starting with your fourth round pick, then fifth, sixth, and so on. TEs, Coaches, and Defenses are exempt. You will also get one warning since mistakes do happen.

2011 MVP & ROY

Congratulations to Rob Gronkowski for winning this year’s MVP and Cam Newton for winning this year’s Rookie of the Year.