Vinny’s Gang wins Fantasy Bowl XXIV

Congratulations to Vinny’s Gang for winning Fantasy Bowl XXIV, in the closest Fantasy Bowl ever. This was the league record fifth Winkenbach Trophy for Vinny’s Gang. It was a heartbreaking loss for The Grid Iron Bullies who come up short in their second straight Fantasy Bowl appearance.

The Fantasy Bowl XXIV MVP is Melvin Gordon.

Fantasy Bowl XXIV

Fantasy Recap-Fantasy Bowl XXIV

Grid Iron Bullies(86) vs Vinny’s Gang(87)

Melvin Gordon
( Fantasy Times Sources – Dec 25, 2017) In a week 16 UFFLE showdown, Vinny’s Gang squeaked by a tough Grid Iron Bullies team by a score of 87 to 86, extending the winning streak for Vinny’s Gang to 6 games.

Vinny’s Gang were led to their 1 point victory by a 18 point effort from Melvin Gordon, who got by the New York Jets defense for 81 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD in addition to 47 receiving yards. With this performance, Gordon was the number 6 ranked running back for week 16. They also got help from a 17 point effort from Matt Ryan, who got by the New Orleans Saints defense for 288 passing yards and 1 passing TD in addition to 7 rushing yards.

“It was a workman-like effort,” Vinny’s Gang coach Jon Steffan said.

Grid Iron Bullies were helped out in a losing cause by a 26 point effort from Dion Lewis, who beat the Buffalo Bills defense for 129 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD in addition to 24 receiving yards. With this performance, Lewis was the number 4 ranked overall fantasy scorer for week 16. They also got help from a 15 point effort from the Carolina Panthers Defensive Team.

“Not to take away anything from our opponents, but we didn’t play like we’re capable of playing,” Grid Iron Bullies coach Eric Bell said.

Adding salt to the wound, Grid Iron Bullies could have scored 109 points and earned the win with their best lineup, but Eric Bell left key players like Alex Smith and his corresponding 19 points on the bench.