Draft Date

Well, I haven’t had any complaints about August 12th for a draft date, so I will make that date official. The draft will be August 12th at noon central time.

If something comes up last minute and you are unable to draft, you have two options. You can either find someone who is not in the league to draft for you from a list of players and a list of what positions to draft each round, or you can let the draft system draft for you. You can enter your draft list and list of what position to draft each round and the system will draft for you.

Also, my wife Alison is still looking for 5 more members for her league.

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2007 MFL Site

The 2007 MFL site is setup. You can find it at http://2007.uffle.com. The schedule isn’t set up yet though. To get our bye weeks set up right, I am waiting for the NFL schedule to come out in mid-April before I set up the schedule.

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Rule Changes

Just as a reminder of the rule changes for next year I though I would post them here:

1. “Doubtful” players will be allowed to be put on IR along with “Out” players.
2. Dropped players will only be locked for 24 hours before being able to be picked up again.
3. Roster size will be shrunk down to 16.
4. We will still draft 19 players and have to cut rosters to 16 after week 2.

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New Site Design

Yeah, another site redesign. Last year I was using Wiki software to update the site. It was simple and easy and I really liked it. I was updating the main page a lot though, so I switched to blogging software. It should hopefully make it even easier for me. The site now has comments and RSS feeds. I am also able to embed modules from myfantasyleague.com now. So I now have the League Standings and Live Scoring in the right sidebar. As always, I am open for suggestions to make the site better.

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